July 8, 2020

Shopfox W1741 8″ Jointer with Adjustable Beds Review [UPDATED]

The Shopfox W1741 boasts a 3 HP motor and a 4 knife cutterhead. It has an extra long infeed table providing a wide working surface area. A two-year warranty cover is a vote of confidence from the manufacturer. If you are considering buying it, this post will give a detailed account of what you can expect.

It has a parallelogram table design, a large fence, and a four knife cutter head. It also has a pedestal-mounted magnetic switch. The motor on this jointer is 3 HP, 240V, single-phase, TEFC, 3450 RPM. 

Shopfox W1741


This sturdy machine is well put together. Made mostly of cast iron as most Shop Fox machines are, its table measures 8inches by 76-3/8inches. The infeed table and outfeed table are the most imposing. It also has a red cutter head guard, which is visible and noticeable when you first look at the jointer. 

The control panel is raised, and this makes it easier to operate and reach. The fence has its levers on the other side, which helps control them and makes operating the jointer easier.

Performance Review

The motor on this jointer is powerful and makes for precise cuts. You can make up to 21 400 cuts per minute, while this may not be as much as others. The infeed table is 8 inches by 43-3/8inches.

The cutter head diameter is 3-3/16inches. These features make the jointer even more efficient, and it is a very solid jointer with excellent power.


The jointer comes with guards and covers that you need to make sure you use. These are put in place to ensure that you do not have accidental contact with the machine that can lead to injuries. 

Make sure that you maintain the power cords. For instance, when you need to unplug the machine, pull the plug and not the cord. You want to make sure that everything electric is in good shape and will not cause potential electric shocks. 

Know the cutting limitations. Take extra caution also to make sure that you only use wood with the specified dimensions. If it is too small, it can cause problems. You also want to ensure that all the parts are working properly before starting the machine up.

Who is this product ideal for?

Shop Fox is careful to warn that trained operators should only use this machine. It would help if you had a level of expertise to operate it safely and get the best from the jointer.


  • it has adjustable beds
  • the control panel is elevated and easy to access
  • assembly is easy
  • it has a 4 knife cutter head for greater precision


  • While set up is easy, you will need help because it is a heavy machine.

Our Verdict

Precision and smooth planing and jointing are not a coincidence. You need the right tools, and the Shopfox W1741—8″ Jointer with Adjustable Beds is a great buy with the right power to deliver this. For extra security, the mobile base can be locked in place. Happy shopping!

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