July 25, 2020

Shop Fox W1745 6″ Jointer with Mobile Base Review [UPDATED]

Are you thinking of getting the Shop Fox W1745 6-inch jointer with a mobile base? This durable and efficient jointer will help you get the cuts you need. Most jointers are pretty heavy, and getting one that you can easily move around, is a great advantage. The wheels on this jointer will make moving it around the workshop much easier.

Shop fox W1745 Aesthetics

The W1745 6-inch jointer is made of heavy cast iron, and the powdered coating finish makes for a clean look. This jointer measure 46 inches long by 27-1/2 inches wide and  37-1/4high. While it may not be the lightest machine weighing a staggering 315 pounds, the wheels on the mobile base make it easy to move around the room when you need to. 

The table is 6 inches by 46 inches, and this is where this jointer gets its classification of being a 6-inch jointer.

Shop Fox W1745

Performance Review

This jointer will make an impressive 14 400 cuts per minute, more than other jointers in its range. Its top performance is thanks to its 1 HP, 120V, single-phase, 13A motor. However, Shop Fox makes it a point to make the most competitive machines, which is top of that list. 

It will take stock that is 6inches wide and has a depth of cut that is 1/8inches. The cutter head has a diameter of 2-1/2inches. Its maximum rabbeting capacity is 1/2inches while its cutter head speed is 4 800 RPM.

You can easily adjust the infeed table and the outfeed table using the levers ad handwheel dials.


It is important always to take the necessary safety precautions when buying a jointer or any heavy-duty machinery that pulls as much power as these machines do—the more influential the machine, the greater the risk of injury when improperly used. 

Make sure that you only use the recommended width of stock. The Shopfox W1745-6inch jointer is to be used with 6-inch stock. Stick to this guideline.

Also, make sure that there arent any potential risks of kickback. You can do this by ensuring, amongst other things, that you are pushing the wood in the right direction. A level of expertise is needed in this regard.

Who is this product ideal for?

It would help if you had a certain skill level, which will prevent you from having an accident such as kickbacks that can cause injuries to the users. Shop Fox recommends that this jointer only be used by trained people who have sufficient knowledge to operate the jointer safely and efficiently.


  • It has a mobile base
  • Makes 14 400 cuts per minute
  • It has a large fence
  • It has a fine adjust handwheel to dial the outfeed table relative to the cutter head top dead center.


  • Some users complain about this jointer being rusty on arrival from shipping.

Our Verdict

The Shop Fox W1745 – 6-inch jointer with a mobile base is a handy machine that is powerful, and it will not take up so much floor space in your workshop. The fence is much larger than you will find on most jointers.

Like the W1745W, this jointer has an enormous fence for added support and guidance as you push the stock through it. This jointer gives you fantastic control, especially when edge jointing. Happy shopping! It is worth buying and getting the genuine Shop Fox product. 

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