July 9, 2020

Shopfox W1745W 6″ Jointer with Mobile Base Review [UPDATED]

Are you considering purchasing the Shopfox W1745W 6″ Jointer with a mobile base? It features an imposing fence with great control when edging wide boards. The handwheel for fine adjustment of the outfeed table changes the position of the table to the top dead center of the cutter. The lever-adjustable feed table moves quickly and precisely. It is made of cast iron and is very robust. This post will give you a detailed account of what you can expect from the W1745W.

The motor on this machine is 1 HP which is much less than other jointers. But this does not make it any less powerful.  This is a relatively smaller jointer, especially when comparing it to the 8-inch versions. 

Shopfox W1745W


The W1745W Jointer is made of rugged cast iron, as with most jointers from Shop Fox. The fence is noticeably larger than what you would see on other jointers. It measures 5 inches in height and 35 inches in length.  The cutter head has a diameter of 2 1/2 inches.

The entire machine is smaller in stature than the 8-inch jointers. The table measures  7-1/2inches by 46-1/2inches. From the floor, the table is 32-1/2inches. It also has a pedestal switch which is very convenient and easy to use.

It has a control panel that stands out. This is where you find the “on” and “off” easily accessible button. You will also find the power indicator light here. This light will switch on when the machine is on.

Performance Review

This jointer is made for smaller projects than the 8-inch versions. The cutter head will make 14 700 cuts per minute, which is decent for a jointer of this size. 

This jointer has a built-in dust port to ensure that you have a free workspace uncluttered with chips or dust. A quick-adjusting infeed lever makes your job more accessible too.

The maximum width of the cut you will get with this jointer is 6 inches, while the maximum depth of cut is 1/8inchs. It has a maximum rabbeting capacity of 1/2inches. 

This jointer has a depth scale that will help you know the depth of the cart you are making. You can adjust the fence accordingly, which is possible by the adjustment knob.


Before using this jointer, make sure that you understand how to do so. Make use of the manual and take precautions. Always make sure that you are wearing the right protective gear that will not get caught in the machinery and keep you safe, such as gloves to protect your hands. 

You also want to make sure that you follow the instructions on wood dimensions so you can work through this jointer.

Who is this product ideal for?

Trained professionals best use this jointer. It is a technical machine that needs the necessary skill level, both for safety and for you to get the desired result.


  • It has a mobile base.
  • The depth scale lets you know the depth of the cuts you are making
  • You can easily adjust and lock the fence in place
  • You can disable the on and off switch so that no one who is not meant to be using the machine can use it.


  • It is small and can be ill-suited for larger jointing projects

Our Verdict

Having the right tools is essential, and if you are doing any edge jointing, this machine will make your job easier and smoother. Happy shopping!

David D. Hughes

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