June 13, 2020

Shop Fox W1752 Bench-Top Wood Lathe Review [UPDATED]

To buy or not to buy the Shop Fox W1752? Woodturning is a craft that has continued to develop over time. It has been refined in more ways as the demand for carvings continues to grow. Are you looking for the best 10 by 15-inch wood lathe? 

Woodturning involves carving symmetrical shapes out of a wood block between two points and rotating it around an axis. This is how you get cylindrical bowls, cups, and a variety of shapes. 

Shop Fox W1752 lathe

When you make bowls, you use a similar principle only with clay, and you have to mold the clay with your hands. Woodturning has a more precise outcome and instead works with wood. It requires a significant amount of skill. 

A good lathe will give you precise shapes. However, you must know what you are doing. The old saying rings true. A bad carpenter blames his tools. On the other hand, bad tools can make a living hell for your life as a woodworker. 

This is why it is essential to make sure that you choose the right tools to work with and avoid the wrong ones. The Shop Fox W1752 is a great lathe that will allow you to carve bowls 10 inches wide and rotate spindles up to 15 inches. 

This is a powerful lathe with a 1/2 HP motor, which is the right horsepower for 10-inch diameter carvings. Anything within this range should be easy to curve. Let us look at the W1752 10-inch by 15-inch benchtop wood lathe. 

The features of this lathe make it a great buy when you need a portable wood lathe to carve wood with these dimensions.


As with all benchtop saws, this is a portable tool, which means that you can place it on a workbench. But this does not mean that it is lightweight.

It is made of cast iron, and this makes it extremely heavy. You will not be moving this lathe around in a hurry. Its approximate shipping weight is 98 pounds. 

The cast iron makes for a solid machine, but it also means that even the paint job on the machine looks different from regular metal paint jobs. It is mostly white, with some components being black and some being silver.

The paint job is made of enamel. It has a tool rest across the bed, which allows you to place the tools you are not using at any given time. The tool rest is versatile, and you can swing it over the bed. 

The Shop Fox logo is very present on the lathe, and you can not miss it. Neither can you miss the on and off button? This is a good thing because you need to know where the button to stop power in emergencies.

The live center and the faceplate are black and look clean (at least until you start using the lathe).

The lathe also has feet that help keep it in place as you work for added stability. There is also a list of clear warning signs on the side.

While these may not be all the precautions you need to take when using the lathe, you need to remember what you need to remember as you work.

One of the features you will see on the top of the lathe is the quill lock handle above the tailstock. 

Performance Review

The Shop Fox W1752 10-inch by 15-inch benchtop wood lathe is designed for woodturning purposes. It has a 1/2HP motor, and it is wired for 110-volt operation. Users are happy with the power that it packs.

The rotating centers are precise and will give you the desired result. It has six speeds that add to the lathe’s efficiency as a whole.


It is crucial that you take the necessary precautions when dealing with electrics and connecting them. Always make sure to use a dedicated outlet for the lathe. 

Do not use an extension cord that is longer than 50 meters, and this means that you will need to make sure that the bench you will be placing the lathe on is close to a power source. Ensure that you use the recommended power circuit and plugs to save the lathe and your safety.

When you need to do any assembly or adjustments, ensure that the lathe is unplugged at the source. Simply switching it off will not cut it. You would rather be safe than sorry. This lathe has six speeds that make it very effective in its performance. Ranging from  480, 1270, 1960, 2730, 3327, to 4023 RPM. 

Make sure always to switch off the machine when you need to leave the room. If you have children or pets, then it would be best to lock the room that the lathe is in. This will help you keep any unauthorized users who could easily get injured using the machine unmonitored. 

When you use this mini-lathe, use only the recommended accessories. Ensure that all the necessary guards are in place before you start to use the machine.

Reading the manual will help you work safely on the lathe and avoid injuries or fatalities. If it is not used properly, this lathe can be very harmful. 

Who is this product ideal for?

If you are new to woodturning, get some form of training on using the lathe. The Shop Fox W1752 is ideal for trained people who know how to use it. It is not advisable for untrained operators to use this lathe. 


  • It is versatile. 
  • You can mount it on a workbench and use it from there
  • It is stable
  • It is a precise lathe
  • It has a powerful motor.


  • You need a stable workbench to support it. 

Our Verdict

The Shop Fox W1752, 10 inches by 15 inches, is also a mini lathe. Its motor is perfect for turning wood with a 10-inch diameter. This is a great addition to any woodturners workshop. It helps you deliver accurate shapes that are smooth and symmetrical. Happy shopping! This lathe is also part of our best mini lathe round-up.

David D. Hughes

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