June 7, 2020

Shop Fox W1770 5 HP 21″ Bandsaw Review [UPDATED]

Are you on the lookout for a new band saw that will be sure to do the job? Considering the Shop Fox W1770? Bandsaws are a fixture in many workshops, where accurate cuts are necessary for plastic, wood, and metal. A good band saw will help you get uniform cutting action, whether working wood or metal. 

ShopFox W1770

Especially for industrial processes. The bandsaw that you choose depends on where you want to use it. Some versions are more suitable for home use, such as portable versions. Then some are more suited for commercial use. 

The W1770 5HP 21-inch saw is a powerful bandsaw that easily handles various work. You can get more out of your bandsaw when you have a specific use. This way, you also know what blades you will need to get and fit on it. 

The 5-horsepower motor packs enough punch to b able to cut through some of the toughest wood. It is important to look at the saw’s capacity and ensure that this particular saw can handle the work you intend to do. With the W1770, you can cut through wood that goes up to 14 inches tall.  

You need to know what size blades the saw can power. Thanks to the rigid construction of the saw, the saw can tension some of the widest blades on the market today. This article looks at the W1770 5hp 21-inch band saw and what it can do for you.


The Shop Fox w1770 5hp 21 inches saw is a vertical saw. It is mainly white and red and is quite compact. Its vertical nature means that you can fit it in almost any room. Space will not be a problem with the w1770 5 HP 21inch saw. The blades are sharp, and they make for great cutting whether you are cutting wood, plastic, or metal. 

If looks alone mattered, this would not be such a bad idea. The table itself is cast iron, and it is precision ground. It looks like a cabinet, with everything neatly packed away.

It measures 29-1/2nches x 20-3/4 inches x 1-7/8 inches thick. It has a good height off the ground, of 35-1/2inches. The entire saw sits on computer-balanced cast-iron with polyurethane tires.

Performance Review

The way that a saw performs is essential for influencing your decision. This bandsaw can perform different cuts such as miters and angles, compound angles, rip and crosscuts, curves, and circles. It can also make stacked cuts for duplicate parts. 

 The w1770 from shop fox has a 5HP motor, which can power up to 1-3/8 inches wide. It is designed in a way that can tension some of the widest blades and is extremely sharp. It gives you the sharp, clean cuts that you need. 

This saw has a micro-adjusting rack and pinion 45 degrees right and 5 degrees left table tilt. It also has ball-bearing guide blades, tension indicators, and a precision ground cast iron table. It also has a foot brake, and a deluxe fence with a two-position resaw fence attachment. Its cutting capacity is 20inches, and its maximum cutting height is 14 inches. The blade itself is 165 inches long, has a range of 1/4 inch – 1-3/8inches, and has a blade speed of 4600 FPM.

It has a 5-horsepower motor, 230V, single-phase, TEFC capacitor start induction, 1725 RPM, 22A. The bearings are sealed and well lubricated permanently. The saw is also fitted with a blade tension indicator.

This is an important feature used to measure the tension of the saw and, in turn, give you the best performance from the saw. The indicator does this without interfering with the actual work at hand. 

The blade on this saw is flexible and has a band of teeth on one edge. This band fits around two aligned wheels with rubber tires. This helps the blade track the center of the wheels as you work.

One of the wheels remains stationary while the other rotates as you work. This is all thanks to the motor. You can easily adjust the wheel to what is comfortable for you. 


Safety has to be at the forefront when you use any bandsaw. The blades have guards on them. It also comes with a foot brake stop. The blade guide is there to give support when you are cutting. They must be as close as possible to the blade as you work.

Putting it as close as possible helps to cover the part of the blade that is not being used and could be dangerous. 

The foot brake on the saw helps stop the machine with your foot quickly. It cuts the power to the motor. Always make sure to use the machine in a well-lit area and dry it.

If you need to shift anything or adjust the blade, ensure that the saw is unplugged from the power source to avoid accidents. Also, make sure to wear the right protective gear for your eyes and hands. Make sure to read the manual carefully. 

Who is this product ideal for?

This is not a machine to be used by amateurs. Only trained operators should use it, as it requires skill. You should also make sure that you are of a sober mind. 


  • It is an accurate saw that is great at making precision cuts. 
  • It has blade guards, and this increases safety when using the saw.
  • It is compact
  • It also has a foot brake stop to give you some control when your hands are full. 
  • It has a powerful motor. 
  • It comes with a tension indicator, which some bandsaws don’t come with, and getting it on its own, is an additional cost. 


  • It is a bit of a learning curve for beginners.

Our Verdict

This is a powerful bandsaw from Shop Fox. It comes at a reasonable price for its performance. It is well worth this. Happy shopping! Check the Shop Fox W1849 – 14″ Resaw Bandsaw Review.

David D. Hughes

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