July 25, 2020

Shop Fox W1829 6″ Benchtop Jointer Review [UPDATED]

Are you looking for a jointer that you can mount on a workbench rather than have on your floor? The market can seem overwhelming when you are not sure where to look. The Shop Fox W1829 6-inch benchtop jointer brings a new world of options. It is portable and can be used in smaller spaces than the floor versions. It weighs only 67 pounds which is considerably lighter than other jointers. As small as it is, it packs quite a punch, making 20 000 cuts per minute.

Shop Fox W1829 6" Benchtop Jointer

Shop Fox W1829 Aesthetics

It is a portable-looking jointer that can comfortably sit on your workbench. The fence is made of aluminum and has a quick adjustment knife design. The on-off switch is on the front and easy to access. Meanwhile, the cutter head guard is red, and you can not miss it. 

The depth of the cut adjustment knob is just below the infeed table. It can handle bevels up to 45 degrees, while the adjustable fence has 90 degrees and 45 degrees to stop. The fence tilting handle, the fence sliding handle, and the fence bracket assembly are all on the back of the jointer, where you will find the electric cable to connect the jointer.

Shop Fox W1829 6" Benchtop Jointer

Performance Review

This jointer may be small but can make an impressive 20 000 cuts per minute. It also has a cutter head speed of 10 000 RPM. The maximum cut width is  6-1/8inches and a minimum workpiece length of 8 inches. 

The table is 28-1/2 inches by 6-1/4 inches, while the fence is 22-7/8inches by 4-1/4inches. It has a 2-1/2inch dust port, which helps collect the dust as you work and make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your work.


The W1829-6 INCH benchtop jointer has safety and warning labels on it. Shop Fox makes sure that these are visible to remind you as you work.

The rotating cutter head is dangerous when not handled properly. Make sure to use the cutter head guards when you are working. The jointer comes with a guard that is pushed away as it comes in contact with the workpiece. 

Follow the cutting limitations provided. The Shop fox W1829-6-inch benchtop jointer has a minimum workpiece length of 8 inches. The maximum width of the cut is  6-1/8 inches. Make sure that the wood you are working on adheres to these dimensions. Also, make sure that you use protective gear such as gloves and goggles to protect yourself.

Who is this product ideal for?

It is essential to ensure that you are adequately trained to use this machine. Untrained operators run the risk of injury, even death. Be sure not to leave the machine on or in the reach of anyone who does not know how to use it.


  • It is portable
  • It has a fully adjustable fence
  • It has a built-in impeller that sucks the chips away as you work. 
  • It has a dust connection chute that can fit most galvanized trash cans.
  • It is precise and sturdy


  • Setting it up can be hard

Our Verdict

The W1829-6-inch benchtop jointer is packed full of features that give you precise cuts and planing. It will also make bevel cutting and edge jointing an absolute breeze. The variety of angles that the fence gives you means that you can work at whatever angle you are comfortable with. This is a jointer that we recommend. Happy shopping!

David D. Hughes

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