Are you looking for the best resaw band saw on the market today? Perhaps considering the Shop Fox W1849? Resawing refers to splitting wood that you have already worked on, along its grain into thinner slices, across the thickness of the wood.  For example, if you need to saw logs into lumber, you would need to resaw them. 

To do this, there are certain features that you will need to look for in a saw to make sure that you get the cuts that you need. Precision is key, in the same breath, so is capacity.

Shop Fox W1849

You want to make sure that you do not ruin the piece of wood that you have already cut, and this means that you will need to get a blade and a saw that are accurate, stable, and steady. 

Resawing is a type of rip cut, however, ripping and resawing are different even though they are similar, which means that not all saws that are meant for rip cuts are the best for resawing.  

The W1849 14 inch resaw band saw, is very versatile, and is built to last. It has an amazing capacity that is sure to get you the cuts that you want when you need to resaw. It is a middleweight saw, with roller disc blade guides, meaning that you can not use it for the heavier jobs. Let us take a look at all that this saw can offer you and why you can consider it. 


One look at this saw, and you can tell that it is quite compact. The computer balanced cast iron wheels are not visible at first, they are safely and neatly hidden away. You will not need to worry about an ugly looking band saw imposing in your workspace. It is mostly white, with some black components and of course a red switch that you can not miss. 

It has a 14-inch maximum cutting height. This is an important feature to look for or ask about because it tells you the maximum thickness of the wood that you can feed through the saw. With this saw, for example, you have a maximum cutting height of 14 inches. 

In total it is 76 inches high, which is a decent height for a band saw. The table you will be working on is cast iron and clean silver color. The blade guides are visible and are fashioned after a European design. 

The levers to tilt the table are also visible, however, they are neatly placed under the table so they will not be in your way at all. Instead, you only see them when they are needed. They are a deep charcoal grey color, which blends in perfectly with the cast iron table. 

The bottom part of the saw has a cabinet where you can store extra blades. This helps you keep them within reach and also keep them safely locked up and out of the reach of any unauthorised users. This cabinet also keeps things neat and compact. Also, you want this when you are working so that there aren’t any bits hanging out that could potentially hurt you or trip you.

Performance Review

The table has a table tilt of up to 45 degrees. You will not need to guess the degree to which the table is tilted, as there is a clear scale to measure. It is easy to read, so tilting the table will not have to be too much of a headache. 

It has a 2 horsepower motor, which is effective for the medium resaws. It will not do the heavy-duty work like some of the other saws by Shopfox. You may be disappointed and think that it is not doing a great job, but on the contrary, it does what it is meant to do, so you will need to make sure that you do not overload its capacity. 

You get cool dust-free smooth operation, thanks to the motor on this bandsaw. The paddle stop switch is big enough, for you to stop the power without having to concentrate on finding the switch. You also get dual 4-inch dust ports and a precision fence scale. 

The fence is easily adjustable and has a quick-release option. The table itself can tilt up to 45 degrees, giving you more range to resaw the way that you need to. And then when it comes to the blade, it has a blade tension quick release system. This will help you easily change the blade when you need to. 

These features help you be more accurate, more efficient and get the cuts that you need


When operating this saw, as with other heavy machinery with the potential to cause fatal injury if not operated properly, you must read the manual first and follow it. Remember to always make sure that the saw is unplugged from the power source before you make any adjustments or changes. It is also important to ensure that you put the machine in a space that is dry and uncluttered. 

Also, make sure to protect yourself when you use the saw. Protective clothing such as the approved eyewear, gloves, and dust masks can make a world of difference. It is important that you also consider protection for your ears as you work. 

Also, make sure that you do not place the machine on an unstable surface. Any instability as you work can be the cause of serious injury, and this is what you want to avoid at all costs.

Who is this product ideal for?

This saw is best suited for the professional woodworker. Only people who are trained to use this saw should use it. This is to avoid fatalities and possible injuries. 


  • It is durable
  • It is versatile
  • It has storage space for extra blades
  • It has great capacity. 


  • It can not handle heavy-duty work

Our Verdict

It comes with a guarantee of 2 years. This is a durable band saw that you will not regret spending on. Happy shopping!

David D. Hughes
Shop Fox W1849 - 14" Resaw Bandsaw - The Whittling Guide

Are you looking for the best resaw band saw on the market today? Perhaps considering the Shop Fox W1849? Resawing refers to splitting wood that you have

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