July 28, 2020

Shopfox W1864 20″ Planer Review [REVISITED]

Are you looking for a planer with a powerful motor? The Shopfox W1864-20 inch planer, 5HP, has a 5-horsepower motor, alongside other features to compliment it. It has 3 v belts to ensure efficient power transfer. 

Most planers have solid ground cast iron extension tables as the infeed and outfeed tables. This planer has rollers instead. If you are looking for a heavy-duty planer, this will do the trick for you. Its superior quality assures you that your work is in safe hands. You will find that planing becomes more enjoyable with the four knife cutter head and anti-kickback fingers.

Shopfox W1864 20


The first thing that will jump out at you is the roller extension beds. These allow you to feed in the material much easier. The magnetic on and off switch is mounted on the left side of the machine for easy access.

This is where you will find the on and off switch. It is easily accessible, a good feature in a machine that you may need to use in a hurry. It looks compact and enclosed as the cast iron body keeps everything in its place. 

Shopfox W1864 Performance Review

The Shop Fox W1864 20″ 5 Hp Planer has features that work together to ensure that you get a powerful and efficient planer. It has a 4-knife cutter head and offers 2 feed speeds, 16 FPM, and 28 FPM. It is important that you set the knives properly to get the best result, and the knife setting jig that comes with this planer will do this for you. 

It also has a chip deflector that will direct the chips away from the cutter head, using the dust port. This allows you to keep on working without too much disturbance.


Considering safety when using a machine like a planer means that you need to consider what the machine itself also comes with in terms of safety features. One of these safety features is the locks that will lock the table in place as you work. 

The W1864-20inch planer also has anti-kickback fingers that hang from a rod that sits across the head casting. The feature will let you push the wood through whilst reducing the risk of kickback, and it does this by digging into the wood if it moves back.

Who is this product ideal for?

An experienced woodworker should use this product. The machine is complex and needs technical know-how; otherwise, you risk injuring yourself.


  • It has a powerful motor
  • The roller infeed and outfeed table, make it easy to move the material in and out of the planer
  • It has kickback fingers that help prevent kickback and any resultant injury
  • It is a durable machine


  • It is a large planer and needs adequate space.

Our Verdict

The Shopfox W1864 with features that make it a great buy. You will soon want to use nothing else once you experience the convenience and efficiency of such a powerful planer. This is a machine that you will not regret buying. Happy shopping!

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