July 29, 2019

Best Whittling Knife for Child

On the market for a brand new whittling knife? 

Looking for a whittling knife for a child? Chances are, safety is of prime concern to you, as it should be.

As beautiful as whittling is as a hobby, most mothers would be mortified at the idea of their child using sharp objects, be it in a creative endeavor. When done right, you can mitigate the risks. The first step to this is making sure that you have picked the right knife for your child. 

We have taken time to search the web and have spoken to experienced whittlers as well as manufacturers. Our goal was to find the best whittling knife for kids.

It had to be one that offered satisfactory performance paired with reasonable safety. As most children are just beginners in this art, we wanted a knife that wouldn’t be too pricy. There is a fickle balance between pricing and quality.

We chose to tread on it. After hours of research, we are happy to tell you that we have found some good knives for young whittlers. 

Here are our 5 picks for the best whittling knife for a child :

  1. BeaverCraft Chip Carving Knife C6
  2. Morakniv Rookie Fixed Blade Safe Knife
  3. The Beaver Craft C4
  4. Flexcut Whittlin’ Jack
  5. BeaverCraft C2
  6. Flexcut Right-Handed Carvin’ Jack, Folding Multi-Tool JKN91
  7. Morakniv Wood Carving Junior 73/164 Knife
  8. Opinel Outdoor Junior No.7
  9. Opinel My First No.7 Stainless Steel Children’s Folding Pocket Knife

Depending on what you are working on, whittling requires different tools. Having the wrong type of knife will only serve to complicate matters. Most people get into whittling as a hobby that relaxes them.

The last thing that you need is to start getting worked up about something that you got into for the sake of chilling out. That defeats the purpose, doesn’t it. There are many ways that you can go about picking your new whittling knife.

We have tested some of the best knives on the market. Hours of research were spent researching to get information about other people’s experiences with these knives. This is done with an understanding that we will all have different experiences, all of which are relevant. 

Our Top Pick

Top Pick

If I had to choose one, it would have to be the Flexcut JKN91. The safety features are key. It also offers a versatile option that has all sorts of useful features and tools included. It comes with a case to carry it in as well as other accessories. You will find a more detailed review below.

Flexcut Right-Handed Carvin' Jack, Folding Multi-Tool JKN91

Top 5 best whittling knife for child

For our top five, we wanted knives that would be suitable for both beginners and seasoned whittlers alike. We chose ones that didn’t stretch our pricing point too far off, whether on the cheaper or more expensive side. 

Versatility was also to be considered. We asked ourselves the question if this was the only knife I had, how much whittling would I be able to do? This is not necessarily limited to volume. We considered this in the sense of the type of end products that you would be able to produce.

Durability is important. The worst knives I have used were the ones where the blade snaps. In cases where the handle falls apart, there is room for repair. We, whittlers love to tinker. We could carve ourselves a new handle. However, when the blade is gone, that is the end of the road. If it is a blade that was performing well, this can be absolutely shattering. 

Lastly seeing as we are looking for a knife, it had to be singular. We did not consider any knives that come as part of a set.

BeaverCraft Chip Carving Knife C6

beavercraft c6 carving knife

The B6 is a wood carving knife that is built for geometric carving. This includes detailing and making delicate touches such as sculpturing. It allows you to cut small bits of wood at a time. The results that is produces are both smooth and well curved in geometric shapes. This makes it a versatile option for carrying out all sort of whittling projects with one knife. For your child, you will be happy to know that this knife makes it easier to create shapes and lines as well as letters. If they are a better whittler than most of us are, they can also use it for caricatures. If they do, I would certainly love to see the work.

It has a very ergonomic design on the handle which will allow your child to use it for long periods without cramping or excessive fatigue. This handles are made out of ash wood and finished off with natural linseed oil.

You will need to be mindful the fact that the knife is very sharp. Making sure that your child is trained or supervised at all times while using the knife, at least for a while is advisable. It comes sharpened and ready to get to work right out of the box. 

Most beginners would agree that this is a great knife to learn to whittle with. They will love how easy it is to get used to working with it. The more advanced users will find these features useful as well. It is a very simple design that works. There is no need to complicated it unnecessarily. You will also be able to use it with either the right or left hand with no problem. 

Where the environment is concerned, you will be pleased to note that the knife is both eco-friendly and chemical-free. 


  1. Beginner and child-friendly.
  2. It is effortless to use.
  3. Very comfortable handle.
  4. Ready to go straight out of the box.
  5. Good quality blade and handle.
  6. Does not have a pointed edge.


  1. It may need to be sharpened when new.
  2. There are no safety features of note included.

Beaver Craft C4

Beaver Craft C4

Here is another one from Beaver Craft. It is sold as a general sloyd knife that was designed specifically for wood carving, green woodworking, WHITTLING and roughing wood out. This one has a thin pointed tip that will allow you to work on adding fine detail to confined areas. It curves around from the tip, creating an edge that can be used for making slicing cuts across any surface.

Like other Beaver Craft products, this is sharpened and polished before being boxed and shipped to you. The blade is made out of high carbon steel that makes it firm. It is hardened to RC 58-60. 

The edge we mentioned earlier is very sharp. It would be ideal for cutting through soft pieces of wood in an easy motion. You can cut through oak and through walnut.

This also has a hand made of hardwood oak. You will not be snapping this bad boy! Even with its hardness, it is designed to be ergonomic. For a finishing touch, it is processed with natural linseed oil.   

The handle is so comfortable that you will use it for long periods without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable. It is manufactured in Ukraine.


  1. Great value for money. As good as some better-known brands for a portion of the price.
  2. Easy to maintain, strop, and sharpen.
  3. Very sharp-edged blade.
  4. It is beginner-friendly.
  5. The shape of the blade is convenient. It gives it versatility.


  1. The Oak handle discolors your hands when used for long periods. It is a plight of the trade, really.
  2. It does not come with a sheaf, which is worrying for such a sharp knife.

BeaverCraft C2

The Beaver Craft BC C2

Most people would not want their child to have access to all sorts of knives. If you can help it, you’d rather they have that one whittling knife that can do all sorts of work. This is what the BeaverCraft C2 provides you with. It is for all intents and purposes a utility knife. They designed it to be bale to tackle general wood carving, green woodworking and fine cutting wood. This makes it a great pick for most beginners. 

The blade is a high carbon steel one that has been hardened to ensure firmness. It is sharpened and finished with a polishing. You can take it out of the box and put it right to work. Those whittling projects do not have to wait for you to sharpen the knife.

The cutting edge is designed to be sharp enough for cutting softwood. The miner’s sides of it are smooth and shiny. The sharpness is such that it must always be handled with caution. 

The handle is ergonomic. It is easy to hold and use for a long period of time. Keen whittlers tend to get stuck into their project. No one needs to be stopping due to hand cramps. The handle is made out of hardwood oak and finished off with natural linseed oil. This gives it a fine look and a polished finish.


  1. Ready to use right out of the box.
  2. The ergonomic handle makes it kinder to your hands.
  3. Well crafted and well-finished exterior
  4. Durable.


  1. No safety features are included on this.

Flexcut Right-Handed Carvin’ Jack, Folding Multi-Tool JKN91

Flexcut Right-Handed Carvin' Jack, Folding Multi-Tool JKN91

If you are looking to push it a little further, as far as versatility is concerned, this may be the one for you. It is a multi-tool. Based on our goal to find a one size fits all knife, this could possibly be the closest that we will get to doing so.

This jackknife has 6 carving specific tools on it. It has a chisel, a carving knife, a hook knife, a v scorp, a gouge scorp and the straight gouge. All of these knives compliment extremely well to give you an amazing tool. 

For maintaining it, you get a sharpening strop and a Flexcut Gold polishing compound. The two will cover all your stropping and polishing needs. It does come sharpened and ready to be used straight out of the package. 

This is another product that is manufactured in the US. The icing on the cake is the leather case that you can store the knife in. It is worth mentioning that this tool is priced much higher than other similar ones.

If you are on a budget, you may want to look elsewhere. There is an argument to be made for buying a knife and getting the extras separately. The wisdom is that you would probably save some money. That being said, no one can argue with the quality of the product.


  1. Provides good safety features.
  2. Easy to use and to store away.
  3. It comes with a strop, polish, and a leather case to carry it in.
  4. Easy to maintain with the provided tools.
  5. Evidently well made and durable. 


  1. It isn’t easy to justify the price in comparison to others on the market.
  2. I could not find a left-handed option.

Flexcut Whittlin’ Jack


Our final pick is a two-blade combo. Both blades are designed specifically for whittling. There is a 1 and a half-inch blade and a 1 and 3 quarter blade. The entire device is a little over four inches long when the blades are folded back in. This makes it a great companion for those looking to whittle on the go. This is not something that I would recommend for a child. 

The actual blade is made out of hard carbon steel. It is ready to use straight out of the box. This is an American product through and through.

It weighs about 3 ounces. The two knives can be used as a detailing and a roughing knife. The bigger one is the roughing one. The handle has a walnut inlay that allows the knife to sit in quite comfortably. This is a great safety feature.

The only concern that we had was with the sharpness of the blades. If stored away, this should not be an issue.


  1. Has a great fold-in safety feature.
  2. Highly regarded among beginners and seasoned users alike.
  3. A portable knife that fits in your pocket.
  4. American made if that matters to you.


  1. The blades are quite sharp and pointed.
  2. Can be difficult to open.

The Buyer’s Guide for Best Whittling Knife for Child

Buying anything for your child can be a very difficult process. Some if not most of the things that we think matter are things that the kids do not even factor in their decision-making process. We are still responsible for their wellbeing. It is up to us to ensure that they do not fall victim to the folly of youth.


There are a few things that are can check to make sure that the whittling knife is safe for a child. We can start by considering the knife itself. The less pointed ends and sharp edges there are the better it is for all of us.

We also need to consider its storage. A lot of knife accidents occur when the knife is not in use. Getting a knife that has a sheaf to store it away when it is not being used is important.

The best way to ensure safety is to provide training and guidance. No matter how safe a knife is, it is still a knife. If used by untrained individuals, it can cause a lot of harm. Make sure that your child understands the danger that is involved if a knife is not used correctly.

Laying down some ground rules will go a long way. One key one would be that the knife is not taken out of the home or working area. Another one would be to ensure that they know not to use the knife when they are around friends or other children.


Kids are notorious for keeping at something that they get stuck into. This may be in the form of a game or some sort of entertainment. It will usually make it very difficult to secure their wellbeing.

Beyond safety, there is cramping and hand fatigue involved in whittling. Getting a knife that has an ergonomic design will go a long way.


Our top 5 picks will have provided you with a good whittling knife for your child. The pricier one is the safest one that we could find. There is no price that can be put on keeping your child safe. If you get a versatile knife that is safe, they can use it for a long time as well.

Enjoy Whittling!

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