October 14, 2020

HUTSULS Sloyd Whittling Knife Review | Is it Worth Buying?

Considering getting the HUTSULS Sloyd Whittling knife? If you are not sure what to expect from it, this article will help. We will consider various aspects of it.


Whittling is a craft that needs accurate tools, and HUTSULS seems to be offering just that. The Sloyd knife has a bold and modern design with an ergonomic wooden handle designed for good grip and comfort even after prolonged use. The design is comfortable for the hand and looks good as well. The packaging is also beautifully designed, which will make this a perfect gift for that male figure, especially on father’s day. 

HUTSULS Sloyd Whittling knife
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It is easy to use and suitable for those first-timers looking to venture into detail whittling and woodcraft. The blade is made from high-quality, high carbon steel, forged uniquely and especially; it is hardened first and then tempered in its forging. The tempering is done so to make the backside of the blade softer. The hardening makes the blade durable and, most of all, makes it retain a sharp edge for longer.


  • Pre-sharpened 
  • Designer packaging suitable for gifting
  • Blade resists corrosion 
  • Works with a lot of accessories 
  • Ergonomic handle


  • It cannot be used for chip carving
  • Not the best for beginners


This is the tool you need in hand, from whittling to detailed carving. This is the tool for you for craftsmen who work long hours and need a comfortable tool that will not make their work strenuous. This is a tool you need to add to your collection for professional whittlers. It is also quite suitable for those armatures and beginners who are still trying to get their feet wet with detailed carving. All in all, I can say the HUTSULS Sloyd whittling knife is suitable for anyone.


The blade comes at 2.2 inches to ensure those details come out the best way possible. The blade is made from high carbon steel. In the process of forging the carbon steel, it is raised to a critical temperature, which helps refine the grain structure inside the blade and remove any stress from the metal. Next comes the hardening process that will make the blade extremely durable and able to hold a sharp edge. 

The blade is then exposed to an extreme temperature of nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for a proper time. After the exposure, the blade is rapidly cooled, transforming the steel from a relatively soft state to a hard state with an excellent, strong grain structure. In the third and final step, the blade is placed back into another specialized hardening furnace, this time, the back of the blade facing toward the heat. After the extreme heat and ultimate cold, the characteristics of the blade are balanced among strength, hardness, stain resistance, and most of all, the ability to hold a sharp edge. On top of it, all the blade is resistant to corrosion.


Before we talk about durability, HUTSULS has a 30-day money-back guarantee if their product doesn’t meet your expectations. This shows how confident they are about their product. The knife has a straightforward yet durable ergonomic wooden handle. The blade itself is amongst the most robust blades I have ever come across. The blade will stay sharp for the longest time, which is a relief. All in all, this is a tool you will probably have for life due to its durability.


The knife is purchased on its own but has a lot of accessories to go with it. To all that wish to produce a lot of work, I strongly advise that you get the HUTSULS wood carving knives set, which includes in it the Sloyd knife.

Our Verdict

I give this product 4 stars out of 5. It feels comfortable in hand, and I would strongly recommend it to those in the whittling industry, but not so much to those who have no idea.  

David D. Hughes

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