February 6, 2021

Things to whittle out of a stick

Looking at the world of crafting and designing, the possibilities for what you can create are almost endless. Many crafters enjoy doing more precise and detailed projects such as making beautiful dresses or weaving blankets. If you feel that you are more hands-on creative than others, you may want to get your hands dirty. 

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Out of this need is where woodworking was born. In this article, we will discuss the different things you can craft with a knife out of any ordinary wood you have, such as a stick. Stick whittling has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and for a good reason too. 

When out in the wilderness, it can come in very handy to craft the tools you might need for survival. You may just be taking it up as a hobby, but one day it could even save your life. Survival aside, you will also be able to make beautiful wooden sculptures that your guests will examine in awe when you show them. 


A whistle is an important survival tool for notifying people around you of your location. It is also useful to inform people that are over a distance of any impending danger. The good thing about whistles is that they can be easily made from almost any wood you have available. 

The process involved is not very complicated, and therefore I would recommend this for anyone who is just starting with wood crafting. Although the project is simple enough to achieve with just a knife and drill, you will require some sanding equipment if you want something of quality. If this is the product you want, then you can follow this link for a full tutorial. 


I am sure that many men reading this article skipped everything else to get to this part. This is understandable because who would not want to be able to make a cool wooden knife. As exciting as it is, this is less of a beginner project than you think. Instead, we could classify it as an intermediate wood crafting project. 

To achieve this, you will need a power drill, sanding bits, a knife, and some super glue. Understandably, you would not have all of this in the wild to work with, but this can be quite exciting for our home project. If your heart is set on this, then here is the link you can follow for a full tutorial. 

Letter Openers

Letter openers are among the simplest of wood-crafting projects that one can undertake. I rate this as a beginner project because it does not require any power tools or bits to manufacture. Rather, what you are going to need are a utility knife and a handsaw. 

In case it is not apparent, you will also need a piece of wood. The entire process should not take you longer than an hour to complete. It is a great project that will get you focused on achieving the finer details when carving. They are not the coolest and most useful products you can make, but I am sure you will enjoy them. I have provided the link here if you wish to get started.  

Character Figures

Not to discourage you but character figures are very difficult to make well. They require a significant number of tools to create as well as an ambitious amount of creativity. The inner artist in you will shine in this project. This is because you will first be required to draw or trace the character you want to create. 

After doing so, you will have to translate that drawing into a wooden carving. Yeah, a bit difficult. To perform this task, you shall need glue, tracing paper, a chisel set, and a piece of wood.

Essentially, you will be gluing your traced out character onto the wood piece to allow you to cut it into the general shape. After this, you shall use the chisel set to carve in any of the finer details, such as face, nose, or hands. For the link to a full tutorial on this, you can click here. 

Chess Pieces

When we talk about things you can carve out of wood, I believe there is a range between beginner and advanced. In this case, we could consider this project to be triple advanced. This is one of the most time-consuming projects that you can undertake. 

If you want to build a quality chess set with all the pieces and the board, it will take you a minimum of five hours. Depending on the quality you expect to achieve, it can even go up to five days. To achieve this, you will require a drill, a chisel set, sanding paper, glue, and paint. 

To put this into perspective, a chess set comes with 16 pieces per player. This means to build a full chest set. You shall require 32 pieces. Therefore, I have said it can be quite a taxing project. If you have the time, then click on this link. 


In conclusion, there are several things that you can create from any piece of wood you find in the garden or the trash. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. The moral of wood-crafting is that it teaches you that anything can be restored to a thing of beauty. When choosing a piece, you would like to start by ensuring that you do not pick something out of your range. 

Items such as chess pieces and character figures should be left for the more advanced wood crafters. I recommend avoiding these because if you are not good at it may frustrate you to the point you give up. If you are just starting, start with something you would like to have, such as a knife or a whistle. These options require much less skill as well as equipment to start working on them. 

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