Whittling, Woodworking, and Carving

Dear Whittler or Woodworker. Welcome to the Whittling Guide! Our goal is that this becomes every visitor’s home. We are an ever-growing repository of knowledge and resources for those who love creating amazing things with wood. Whether you are considering a new tool or looking at a new technique, this should be the place to find it. If for whatever reason you cannot find it GET IN TOUCH with us. 

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  • Pyrography Techniques for Beginners: Textures and Shading

    Pyrography, commonly called wood burning, is a time-honoured artistic practice that embellishes wooden surfaces with elaborate patterns and designs using a heated pen or metal tip. This ancient technique has been employed for centuries to craft various decorative objects, including wooden boxes, picture frames, and cutting boards. For individuals new to pyrography, it is crucial…

  • Grain and Sheen: Teak Oil versus Danish Oil Uncovered

    Choosing the right finish for woodworking projects is crucial, and the decision between teak oil and Danish oil significantly affects the appearance and durability of the piece. This blog post explores the characteristics, applications, and effects of these finishes on wood’s grain and sheen. Teak oil and Danish oil are versatile for various wood types,…

  • The Cherry on Top: Crafting the Perfect Cutting Board

    In my woodworking experience, cherry wood stands out for crafting cutting boards. This blog post will explore why cherry is an ideal choice. Cherry wood’s durability and resistance to warping and moisture make it a practical option for kitchen use. Beyond its functionality, cherry’s appearance enhances kitchen aesthetics, elevating a cutting board beyond a mere…