Whittling, Woodworking, and Carving

Dear Whittler or Woodworker. Welcome to the Whittling Guide! Our goal is that this becomes every visitor’s home. We are an ever-growing repository of knowledge and resources for those who love creating amazing things with wood. Whether you are considering a new tool or looking at a new technique, this should be the place to find it. If for whatever reason you cannot find it GET IN TOUCH with us. 

We will be sure to work on creating the resource that you need or pointing you in the right direction. Both big & small projects need the right knowledge and the right tools to execute. The beauty of it all is that we need you! We are keen to learn and improve. Our knowledge and resources will never be enough, without adding what YOU know.

Art is shaped by our surroundings and our background. Yours is not the same as ours. There is value in each one of us. Don’t be afraid to say “Hello!”


  • Dead Blow Hammer vs Rubber Mallet: Which One is Best for Your Project?

    Plan to have a dead blow hammer or a rubber mallet: Which has the right striking power? Both tools allow you to hit objects with force without damaging them as a traditional hammer would, but that does not mean they are the same. They have many things in common, but some differences make them special….

  • Rabbet Plane vs Shoulder Plane: Which One to Choose?

    Do you love working with wood and want to improve your craft skills? Two important hand tools that every woodworker should know about are the rabbet and shoulder planes. These tools cut edge to edge but differ significantly in construction and purpose. A rabbet plane is a woodworking hand tool designed to cut rabbets and…

  • Mastering the Art of Engraving Letters into Wood: A Step-by-Step Guide

    What is engraving letters into wood Wood engraving is a relief printmaking, whereby an artist uses engraving tools to make incisions on the surface of an end-grain woodblock. There are three types of engraving: CNC Engraving, rotary engraving, and diamond drag engraving.  Engraving letters into wood is done when smaller, although some techniques will take…