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  • Surface Planer vs Thickness Planer | What You Should Know When Choosing

    Two of the most commonly confused devices are surface planers and thickness planers when it comes to woodworking. Even though they look similar and both have the task of shaping and calibrating wood, there are some important differences between the two that every professional should know. Below is a detailed overview and comparison of the…

  • How many amps does a lathe use? + Other Key Questions

    Lathe machines have enormous appetites. They use their fair share of electricity the instant you switch them on. As a result, while feeding your power equipment, you may have tripped a few circuit breakers in your shop. It’s better to check the wiring to ensure you have enough electricity for your hungry power tools. Check…

  • Difference between Powermatic 64a and 64b | A Detailed Contractor Table Saw Comparison

    Choosing between the Powermatic 64a and 64b isn’t as straightforward as you think. They share some core features and functions. The average user may not be able to tell the difference between them. This article looks at each of these two contractor table saws. Understanding what each one offers will help you match the right…