Whittling, Woodworking, and Carving

Dear Whittler or Woodworker. Welcome to the Whittling Guide! Our goal is that this becomes every visitor’s home. We are an ever-growing repository of knowledge and resources for those who love creating amazing things with wood. Whether you are considering a new tool or looking at a new technique, this should be the place to find it. If for whatever reason you cannot find it GET IN TOUCH with us. 

We will be sure to work on creating the resource that you need or pointing you in the right direction. Both big & small projects need the right knowledge and the right tools to execute. The beauty of it all is that we need you! We are keen to learn and improve. Our knowledge and resources will never be enough, without adding what YOU know.

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  • 6 Tips To Craft The Perfect DIY Woodworking Project

    Woodworking is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. But what makes woodworking so special? For many people, it’s the sense of satisfaction that comes from crafting something with your hands. There’s that feeling of accomplishment when you see that piece of furniture or a wooden structure in your home. Not to mention,…

  • Six Reasons You Need an Air Filter In Your Wood Workshop

    An air filter is a valuable addition to any workshop that requires mechanical production and materials that produce sediments or dust. It is a machine with filters made of fibrous or sponge-like materials that remove solid particulates from the air. Usually, these particulate matters include dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria. Some air filters may contain…

  • Skill saw vs Table saw

    When choosing between a skill saw and a table saw, start by noting that a skill saw is not a circular saw although they are almost the same. A skill saw is an earlier version of the circular saw. A table and a skill saw have some features in common, but the focus goes on…