Whittling, Woodworking, and Carving

Dear Whittler or Woodworker. Welcome to the Whittling Guide! Our goal is that this becomes every visitor’s home. We are an ever-growing repository of knowledge and resources for those who love creating amazing things with wood. Whether you are considering a new tool or looking at a new technique, this should be the place to find it. If for whatever reason you cannot find it GET IN TOUCH with us. 

We will be sure to work on creating the resource that you need or pointing you in the right direction. Both big & small projects need the right knowledge and the right tools to execute. The beauty of it all is that we need you! We are keen to learn and improve. Our knowledge and resources will never be enough, without adding what YOU know.

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  • American made wood lathes

    American made wood lathes are a good investment for anyone wanting to get into woodworking. There are many different woodturning lathes on the market. American woodturning lathes are among the best. They are built to last and can handle a wide variety of projects. When looking for an American lathe, make sure it is the…

  • How to level a lathe

    To level a lathe, you need to do a few things. First, you need to find a level surface to place the lathe. Ensure the lathe is stable and secure before you start working. Level the bed of the lathe with shims or other means. Once the lathe is level, you can start working. Finding…

  • How to make a wood lathe chuck

    A wood lathe chuck is a device that helps hold pieces of wood in place while they are being turned on a wood lathe. This is an important tool for anyone who wants to make things out of wood, as it allows them to create precise and consistent cuts. In this article, we will show…