May 10, 2021

Grizzly G0899 vs Laguna F2 | What Differentiates These Table Saws?

Choices…Choices…Choice. When trying to decide between the Grizzly g0899 vs Laguna F2, you can rack your brains for a while. Should you choose the speed, the power, or the dust collection system? These two devices have some similar features. This makes it difficult for users to choose the better brand. Rest assured, I have gathered information that adds value to this conversation. When matching the differences with your needs, I recommend you look at design, weight, and cost. You can find detailed reviews of the devices in this article.

Grizzly g0899

The Grizzly g0899 is a hybrid table saw that has a 2hp motor. It comes with a 10-inch carbide tipped blade with 40 teeth. The maximum cutting height at 90 degrees is 3-1/8inch and 2-1/8inch at 45 degrees. The maximum ripping capacity is 31-1/2inch to the right, and the table is a precision–ground cast iron. It adds stability and sturdiness. It weighs up to 449 lbs. The weight of a contractor saw is easy to transport. 

The dust control system makes sure your working environment is clean. The quick-change blade guard feature allows quick and easy changing of the blade. The transparent blade guard system increases visibility. The chances of getting hurt with the saw blade or damaging your materials are slim. It comes with a riving knife that prevents the wood material from kicking back.  The pulley system allows an efficient power transfer. It gets rid of the noise, and it is two-positioned. That makes it easy to adjust. 

The user manual is easy to understand and follow. The 2hp motor produces 4,000 rotations per minute. The 4-inch dust port ensures a healthy working environment. The blade guard and dust port are enclosed, increasing its life. Cast-iron handwheels make the table saw mobile. Micro-adjustments keep the material sturdy. IDado table inserts are supported.  


  • Solid
  • Clear instructions
  • Powerful
  • Quiet 
  • Smooth
  • Precise
  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable


  • The fence moves when locking down
  • A small dust collection system

Key Features of the Grizzly g0899

Power switch

The power switch is convenient to use. It is safe and easy to access. It is not the standard switch system but uses the pull feature. It has a thigh bump that makes the operation safe and quick.

Miter gauge

The build quality is impressive, and it is durable. The T-slot allows you to make adjustments. It adjusts from 90 or 45-degree cuts. The miter gauge does not have holes in the face to add a sacrificial fence. That means successful cuts on the long stock are not guaranteed. 

Dust collection system

The table saw comes with a 4-inch dust port and a small hose that connects to a plastic blade guard. That minimizes dust. The hose is ideal for a small shop. I advise you to disconnect the hose when not for an effective dust extraction system. 

Fence and Rails 

The sturdy steel rails balance the table saw. The fence comes triangular. It has a flat face that is rotational. 


It is for 110Valthough you are allowed to switch to 230V. The 10 Amp motor has to accommodate a circuit breaker for 230V power. 

Blade guard

The blade guard is a safety feature of the Grizzly g0899. It increases visibility and ensures your safety. It attaches to the dust collection system. The quick-release system makes the change of blades easy and quick. 

Overview of the Laguna Fusion F2

1-3/4HP 1PH 110V Fusion F2 Table Saw

The Laguna f2 has a built-in wheel kit that makes it mobile. It has a trunnion mounted to one of the cabinets. The tabletop is made of cast iron as well as wings. That makes it durable. It has an upgraded fence system that allows you to loosen the lock knobs and slide it back for off-cuts or adjusting the fence. 

It has storage for your tools, such as the push stick, miter gauge, and blade guard. The dust port is at the back of the saw.  You feel vibrations from the saw as the size of the motor increases. However, there is a balance between the motor and the machine. That is where the noise comes from, although it is minimal. The saw motor has a cooling system that keeps it going. 

The locking mechanism makes you change the blade without getting hurt. As you change the saw blade, you only use one tool, which is a single lever. The dust collection port makes the working environment clean. It wraps the top and bottom, giving you a good sawdust collection. Less space is used from your cabinet. The trunnion assembly has more material than the one that comes with the f1. The frame is rigid and stays in place. You can lock it down.  


  • Precise
  • Versatile
  • Mounted trunnion
  • Mechanical blade movements
  • Trunnion that rides on two posts
  • Solid steel posts
  • Cast iron tabletop
  • Excellent cooling system


  • You will experience some vibrations
  • It needs some changes for maximum performance

Key features of the Laguna Fusion F2 table saw

Safety features

The stop button is easy to access, and it is magnetic. You can reposition it to your convenience. The riving knife is very easy to install and uninstall. You line it up with the blade, slide it in, push down the lock, and ensure it locks in place. The switch is easy to position. You loosen the bolts, slide it to your convenient position and lock it in place. 

Dust collection port

The dust port is 3-7/8 inches. The bottom is enclosed, so all the dust goes inside the collector. 

Rack and pinion

The fence system has a double rail. The 30-inch rip fence allows you to do a wide variety of activities. The T-square design of the fence has a steel front with a magnified readout. The handle is magnetic. You can slide it with one finger as it is smooth. 

Accurate cutting

The rip capacity is 36 inches. That makes it a beast since it is more than what the f1 offers. The blade type, powerful motor, and upgraded fence system determine accuracy.

Powerful motor and Speed

The 110Volt motor has 1.75 horsepower and a Poly-V Belt drive. The drive produces power and torque, resulting in excellent cutting depth. The motor speed makes 3450 rotations per minute. It has a magnetic switch that makes it more responsive. 

Blade size and Blade guard

Laguna table saw f2 comes with a 10-inch blade that tilts from 0 to 45 degrees. You tilt using the blade handle. As you tilt, the guard splits into two, preparing the machine to run the task.  It is compatible with the 13/16inch dado blade. The blade tilts smoothly from 45 to 90 degrees. The blade guard is transparent and safe. The plastic material allows you to work with caution. Chances are very slim that you will hurt your fingers.


  • They both have wing extensions.
  • They both come with wheels for easy movement.
  • Both have an adjustable fence system.
  • They have similar safety features.
  • They use 10-inch carbide-tipped blades.
  • They both come with transparent blade guards.
  • They connect to a 110V power source.

Differences between Grizzly g0899 and Laguna F2

  • The Grizzly has a 4-inch dust port, whereas the Laguna has a 3-7/8inch dust port.
  • The Grizzly has a 31-1/2 inch rip capacity, whereas the Laguna F2 table saw has 36 inches.
  • The Grizzly connects to 110V and 220V, whereas the Laguna connects to a 110V power source.
  • The Grizzly produces 4,000 rotations per minute, whereas the Laguna produces 3,450 rotations per minute.


The Grizzly g0899 ranges from 600 to 1,400, whereas the Laguna ranges from 1400 to 2200. That makes the price a bit steeper than the Grizzly. You shouldn’t spare cost if it meets your needs.

Verdict on Grizzly g0899 vs Laguna F2

Both range below 2000, but the Grizzly g0899 is more affordable than the Laguna F2. The Grizzly g0899 is more comfortable on power outlets. It has a wider dust port and is faster than Laguna. However, it has less rip capacity.

As another reader, Bryan Eshenbaugh, rightly pointed out, the Grizzly g0889 doesn’t have wheels. You will need to pay extra to get a mobile base with wheels. Thinking of reselling when you upgrade? The Laguna f2 table saw has a great sell-on value. Having the differences laid out for you, you have made your choice in loyalty to your needs and budget. I would personally recommend the Laguna F2.

David D. Hughes


Bryan Eshenbaugh

Grizzly saw does not come with wheels. A mobile base is $100.00 extra. Grizzly is $100.00 more for shipping. Laguna commands a higher resale value. Grizzly shipping and customer service is Sub-Par.

David D. Hughes

Absolutely right, Bryan. We have added that to the post! Thanks

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