Dust Collector

Fein vacuum VS Festool

Fein and Festool are two competing shop vacuums. Choosing one between the two can be difficult. However, it depends on your budget and needs. Woodworking creates a lot of sawdust; you need a dust extractor that deals away with the sawdust can quickly in your workshop. Below is an overview of each brand and its…

Six Reasons You Need an Air Filter In Your Wood Workshop

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 12:20 pmAn air filter is a valuable addition to any workshop that requires mechanical production and materials that produce sediments or dust. It is a machine with filters made of fibrous or sponge-like materials that remove solid particulates from the air. Usually, these particulate matters include dust, pollen,…

Can you use a dust collector as a vacuum?

What does a dust collector do? A dust collector offers more than one way to handle dust and prevent fires. The first option works at the source to combine similar features to a shop vac. The second option available uses an air filter/purifier to filter an entire space or room. A dust collector is quite…

Do dust collectors need to be grounded

What is grounding? Grounding is the act of adding a low resistance connection to an electrical system, to limit the voltage that appears on that system. A dust collector can be grounded by grounding rods. These are attached to the building’s electrical ground wire and extend deep into the earth. Grounding is required for safety….

Can you use a wood dust collector for metal?

If you spend a lot of time metalworking, you should know the importance of safe dust collection. Dust explosions are common and can cause unnecessary harm to employees and costly equipment. The metal contaminants released have a very hazardous nature. They can pollute the air and make your shop unpleasant and dirty. The extreme side…

What size pipe for harbor freight dust collector

Last updated on February 9th, 2022 at 06:33 pmDust collection systems often fail because of poorly designed ductwork designs. It is tough to find the correct information surrounding proper pipe sizes. This makes beginners more likely to choose the wrong pipe to run. Using proper pipe sizing can result in complex calculations involving many variables….

Can a furnace blower be used as a dust collector?

What is a furnace blower? A furnace motor is a mechanism that operates within a typical home HVAC system. The engine is designed to push hot air through vents. It comes online mainly while the heating system in the home is in use. These versatile fans can also blow cold air through the same ducts….

Can I vent my dust collector outside?

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 10:45 amWhat is venting a dust collector? Venting your dust collector helps create negative pressure inside of it, which pulls the dust and debris out of the machine. Negative pressure in a dust collector causes suction at the machine’s outlet. This can cause difficulties by pulling more dust…