April 27, 2021

Ridgid r4514 vs r4518 | Which Table Saw to Buy?

Finding the right table saw is not easy. I had to do a lot of research before deciding which model would work best in my shop. The Ridgid R4514 vs r4518 are two popular options that many people like, but they differ in features and price – which will affect your decision to afford one or both models.

The first thing to consider when comparing these saws is their dust collection system. Next, we have the speed: the blade spins faster and has more power.

Overview of the Ridgid r4514

It is a heavy-duty saw with a 5000RPM motor. That does not make it heavy. It has an improved folding stand that makes it portable. The set-up is easy and quick. It has a single-point release for complete mounting. It is easy to use on multiple tasks. 

You have additional blades and the rip fence that comes inside the package. The 10-inch blade is a standard blade that even cuts through hardwood. It gives storage to the miter gauge. A blade guard ensures your safety and keeps the material sturdy. A manual provides you with instructions on features you do not understand. However, the instructions are not so clear that you spend hours assembling the stand. 

It is fast and accurate as it can easily rip through a 4×4 inch material. The front and back clamping fence has T-slots holding your tools. The maximum cut depth is 2-1/4inch at an angle of 45 degrees. At 90 degrees, it goes down to 3-1/2 inches. 


  • Powerful
  • Portable
  • Ease of use
  • Safe
  • Fast and accurate


  • Instructions could be clearer
  • It does not come with the SoftStart system

Key Features of the Ridgid r4514

RIP Capacity

The rip capacity is 25 inches and rips through a 4-inch by 4-inch material. The blade is dangerous if not protected.

10-inch blade

The 10-inch blade can withstand the pressure that comes with hardwood. A blade guard encloses the saw blade. 

Max cutting depth

The maximum cutting depth depends on the angle the machine is operating under. At the depth cut of 90 degrees, it runs down to 3-1/2 inches; at 45 degrees, it goes as deep as 2-1/4 inches.

AMP Motor and Speed

What makes the machine powerful is the 15amp motor. It is a heavy-duty machine that rips through thick material without compromising the performance of the saw machine. The motor rotates 5000 times per minute. That means that the saw machine is powerful to be used by a professional user in a big workshop. The saw machine easily tackles demanding tasks. 

Pinion fence rails

It uses a pinion fence that is quick to adjust. It aligns well on the rails, supporting the workpiece not to slip off the fence. It holds in place better. That ensures that you have a sturdy machine.

Push stick

The push stick is inside the package. You can even replace it with a handmade push stick if it gets broken.

Blade angle

It operates on an angle that is below 90 degrees. At an angle of 45 degrees, it goes as deep as 2-1/4 inches, increasing to 3-1/4 inches at 90 degrees. The depth of the cut between 45 and 90 degrees is not the same.

Overview of the Ridgid r4518 

The Ridgid r4518 is a 15Amp table saw with a 10-inch blade. It has a steel roll cage frame that makes the table saw last longer. It has a 21inch rip capacity with a tape measure rip scale. The table saw is fast and accurate. It cuts through large and wide materials. 

It has SoftStart technology that allows the saw machine to change the speed of the blade. As much as the saw blade is faster, the table machine is quiet and smooth when running. That does not consume more time when you are working. The storage allows you to keep your accessories and extra blades readily accessible. 

Other accessories include the rip fence, miter gauge, and blade guard. The stand has an easy setup and a stable saw machine. The saw stand is foldable, and that makes it portable. It does not occupy more storage space than your workshop. There is a blade brake that has a stopping power of four seconds.


  • Durable
  • SoftStart technology
  • No noise
  • On-board storage
  • Easy setup


  • It comes at a steeper price
  • A weak dust collection system

Key features of the Ridgid r4518 

Blade brake

The blade brake stops the motor from running in less than four seconds. That maintains accuracy when cutting different materials. You control the machine for adjustments and amendments. The chances of making mistakes are low. 

Blade size

The SoftStart technology equips the saw machine with a quick change of saw blades. The table saw comes with a 10inch carbide-tipped blade that rips through large, wide, and thick workpieces. Although the saw blade is fast, the table saw does not produce loud vibrations. 


The stand keeps the table saw sturdy, even if it runs through thick materials. It helps you to have an easy setup of the saw tool. The folding stand is detachable. It becomes easy to store the table saw with the folding saw stand, and it does not take up more space. It becomes easy to carry around. 

Blade guard

The blade guard is a safety feature that has to be mounted properly. If you notice that it is damaged, you need to replace or repair it. It is for cutting operations. It covers the blade to avoid contact between the blade and your fingers. That reduces the risk of injury. Ensure you attach them properly after running them for cuts that do not require a blade guard. 

Riving knife

A riving knife needs correct spacing, positioning, and alignment for maximum and accurate performance. It reduces the chances of experiencing kickbacks. The diameter of the blade has to match the correct riving knife. The blade should be thinner than the riving knife. The cutting width of the saw blade has to be wider than the riving knife.

Anti-kickback pawls

The function of anti-kickback pawls is to prevent harmful, backward movement of the material when cutting a wood piece that is dangerous to the user. It is effective on longer materials.  

Motor and speed

The Ridgid r4518 makes 5,000 rotations per minute. The table saw has to be connected to a 120Volt power supply. The motor does not overheat like standard motors. The electronic engine has the SoftStart system that reduces the load. 


  • They both have a fixed speed of 5,000 rotations per minute.
  • They come with a folding stand that makes the table saws portable. 
  • The table saws use 10-inch saw blades. 
  • They both come with a blade guard and anti-kickback pawls. 

Differences between Ridgid R4514 and r4518

  • The Ridgid r4518 has a rip capacity of 27 inches, whereas the Ridgid r4514 has 25inch.
  • The Ridgid r4514 cuts 12 inches to the left and 30 inches to the right, whereas the r4518 cuts 8 inches to the left and 28 inches to the right. 
  • The Ridgid r4518 has a SoftStart that the Ridgid r4514 does not have. 


The difference between the two in prices determines your pick. The Ridgid r4514 is around 700+/-, whereas the Ridgid r4518 is under 400. That makes the Ridgid r4514 more affordable.

Verdict Ridgid R4514 vs r4518

The Rigid r4514 offers an attractive warranty, rugged construction, and numerous accessories. The folding stand makes it portable, and the powerful motor is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. It’s easy to set up, precise and accurate. It is suitable for professionals and is the perfect choice if you are on a tight budget. However, the r4518 has a SoftStart system and a higher ripping capacity. Consider the comparison above, and you’ll know what’s best for you. Find out How to Measure Band Saw Blades.

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I believe you have the prices backwards “The Ridgid r4514 is under 400, whereas the Ridgid r4518 is under 700.” HD has R4518 for $349 and the R4514 for $549.

David D. Hughes

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