Jigsaw vs Dremel

Features and functions of a jigsaw Variable speed  Of all jigsaw features, the variable speed makes projects more successful. Some jigsaws have a fixed saw speed, around 2,500 strokes per minute for woodwork. Some jigsaws have a low saw speed, suitable for metals and harder materials. Look for a cutting tool with a variable speed…

Jigsaw vs Bandsaw | Feature & Function Comparison

Bandsaw vs jigsaw Woodworking can be a rewarding hobby and profession. Using the right tools makes it even more gratifying. You must know what product you want at the end of the day. Are you wondering what type of saw to get between a bandsaw vs jigsaw?  This will help you get the right tools….

DeWalt DW331 Review [UPDATED]

Are you considering the DeWalt DW331? If you are one of those people that need quick cuts and aren’t concerned about precision. You will appreciate the DeWalt DW331. It’s beefy, so it will hold up for years and it is a powerful tool that is powerful enough to get through various types of materials with…