September 26, 2020

BeaverCraft S03 Review | Spoon Carving Tool Set for Beginners [UPDATED]

Are you starting your wood carving journey and wondering if the Beavercraft S03 is right for you? One of the first things that you will need to keep in mind is the type of projects you intend to be working on to get the right knives for the job. 

Spoons need a tool to create the initial shape and another tool to create the hollow parts of the spoon. Beavercraft has one of the best tool sets for beginners, and this is the Beavercraft S03 – Spoon Carving Tool Set for Beginners. 

Spoon Carving Tool Set
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This set has two basic knives for you to start with: the whittling knife and the hook knife. You will use the whittling knife to create the shape of the spoon from the block of wood, while the hook knife is what you use to hollow out the spoon.  

BeaverCraft S03 Aesthetics

The two knives in the kit have different dimensions as they serve other purposes. The look of both knives is similar except for the blades.

Spoon Carving Tool Set

The whittling knife has a longer blade. The blade is made of carbon steel and is a glistening silver. At the same time, both handles are made of ashwood which is synonymous with being durable and nice to look at, with a light brown color. 


The whittling knife measures a total length of 185 mm. This includes the handle, which is 105mm, and the blade, which is 80mm. The blade is also 17 mm, which gives you more of it to work with, but this can be a disadvantage when you want to get into tight spaces. 

The hook knife is 155mm long, with a rounding diameter of 25mm, and the handle is 105mm.


The handles are made of ashwood, perfect for avoiding splinters. The wood is treated with linseed oil. The dimensions of the handles make them an easy fit in your hand, giving you better control. 


As a beginner, you need a knife that can handle any mistakes or unskilled artistry, and these knives do that for you. Both the handle and the blade are made of very durable material. Ashwood is commonly used for furniture because of its durable nature. The carbon steel also holds its own when pressure is applied to it. 


The price depends on where you buy them from. However, Beavercraft is generally quite affordable, so the retailer that will sell you yours shouldn’t be too far off the mark. 


Beavercraft understands the beauty of getting a knife that you can grow with as a woodcarver and this one, in particular, does that. The BeaverCraft S03 Spoon Carving Tool Set for Beginners is easy to use, affordable, durable, and comes already sharpened. The kit also comes with a leather strop with a polishing compound for you to sharpen it when need be. Happy shopping! We recommend this set for anyone starting.

David D. Hughes

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