May 21, 2021

Shinwa – Carving Tool Power Grip Full Size Set 7 piece

Shinwa – Carving Tool Power Grip Full Size Set 7 piece power grip tools are made from laminated steel and offer excellent precision to the user. 

They have been designed to fill the gap in the market between traditional ‘big’ carving tools and palm tools. This gap is where you often find the beginners who are not sure of the methods and techniques required to handle various materials. The handle on this product has been made from durable hardwood. 

This will ensure that the wood does not split when you apply force to it. The wood has also been varnished to keep it looking brand new. The size of this handle is like that of a pencil, meaning that it allows the user to have a carving experience similar to drawing. This makes the switch easier for artists who want to become woodcarvers. 

Carving Tool Power Grip Full Size Set 7 piece

To find out more about the main features of this product, i.e., the handle and the blade, then continue reading. At the end of the article, we shall also give our verdict on whether this product is worth purchasing.

Pencil Handle

The handle on this blade has been designed for people who consider themselves artists. If you are used to drawing on a piece of paper, then you will appreciate these handles. The blades have a natural look and feel to them that it is pretty impressive. The shape of the handle puts these right in the middle of what you find on the market today. 

They are what you would refer to as ‘gap fillers’. This is because they are not like your traditional palm handles or full-size carving tools. These are beginner handles that will do most of the work for you. 

Therefore, they are suited for people who do not have the large arm strength to command great carving tools. These are for more intricate and delicate beginner carvers who want to draw on wood. The blades have been varnished to keep them looking shiny and brand new for a very long time. 

It will also help to prevent any splitting from occurring. Splitting can be pretty dangerous because splinters can penetrate the palm of your hand. It is also essential that these handles will be able to survive even in damp environments without rotting.

Storage Container 

It is always essential that the manufacturers include a storage container to keep safe track of the knives you have purchased. This is even more important given the high price that you will pay to acquire a set of these knives. 

This will allow you to safely transport these knives without any potential harm to yourself or your backpack. It will also allow you to store these knives once you are done with them safely away from children. 

Having this option will also protect the blades from being consistently exposed to the weather elements. The case included is fully weatherproof and comes with a slot for every single knife available in the set.

Precision Blades

These are laminated steel blades that will undoubtedly offer you a high level of intricacy and precision in your art. These blades are much shorter than the standard blades that you find out there on the market. This is because they have tried to make the tip as sharp as possible with minimal vibration. 

This means that as you are carving out, would you not feel any pain in your fingertips because of the resistance from the wood. It is also doubtful that the blade will begin to split the handle. This is because the edge is very long, even though we can only see the tip. The manufacturer has included a wide range of options in this set to get your woodcarving going. It comes with a gouge, skew, chisel, and a parting tool. 


There is no warranty provided for this product.


The price is relatively affordable for the quality and precision that it offers the consumer. If you compare it to many other power grip tools in this market, you will find that this product provides more durability. The handle is very sturdy and designed to allow people without a large amount of hand strength to power through carving. 

The blades are made from laminated steel that will not rust or corrode over time. All the edges have been pre-sharpened and come within a weatherproof storage container. This should allow you to take care of them and avoid any loss safely. 


In conclusion, this is an excellent product to purchase if you are looking for a budgetary option to get your carving journey started. It offers the user a substantial pencil-like group that would allow you to execute precise drawings. 

I would recommend this for beginners because the blades are very sharp and easy to handle. This means that you do not have to be fully aware of the techniques required to perform intricate carvings. The blades are made from laminated steel, which means that they are safe from rust. You will be able to rest easy at night, knowing that these blades will last you for quite a considerable amount of time. 

The wooden handles on this blade have been preserved to keep them looking shiny and brand new for an extended period. What is also quite exciting about this blade is that it will not split even if you apply a lot of pressure. 

Splitting can be pretty dangerous, and therefore for beginners, this is quite a good feature. It comes with seven pieces which is quite a lot for the price charged. Consequently, it is a product that we would recommend to someone based on the ease of use available and precision offered.

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