April 14, 2022

WeCheer 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Carver Kit Review


WeCheer 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Carver Kit tackles a complete range of projects with this heavy-duty Power Carving Kit. That is from fine detail work with smaller burrs to roughing out much faster than you could with less powerful motors. 

This carver has a super flexible 42inch shaft that does not require lubrication, eliminating the messy chore of disassembling and greasing the shaft. It features a powerful 1/4 hp motor that is reversible. That makes it ideal for left-handed carvers. 

The carve provides a higher level of control for detail work and makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach areas. The kit includes:1/4 HP, 120v, 20,000 rpm motor, variable speed heavy-duty foot control pedal, standard rotary handpiece, three collets (3/32″, 1/8″, 1/4″), wrench, and tool hanger. The standard handpiece fits comfortably in your hand because of its tapered end.



The product comes with a lot of accessories. With the bits, it will meet almost any power carving need. 

 Reversible motor

You save yourself from buying a different motor when you have a reversing switch. No modification to the current wiring is required. Never change motor direction while the WeCheer motor is running. While running, changing motor direction can damage the motor and flexible shaft or lead to premature wear.

To turn the motor off, remove the foot from the foot pedal. You can also turn the dial speed control to the off position and set the rocker switch to the “off” (center) position. Wait for the motor to stop rotating, and then put the rocker switch into the forward or reverse position.

Always tighten the chuck nut or chuck jaws of a handpiece with a wrench or chuck key so that it will not come loose in reverse or forward operating directions. Also, be sure to insert the shank of the accessory as far as possible into the collet or chuck to give it maximum support.

Use the forward motor direction for fluted burs and cutters. Most will cut efficiently only when turning in this direction. In either direction, mounted abrasive points, sanding bands, tungsten carbide burs, buffs, and brushes are used. 

For added safety and comfort, wear a heavy canvas or leather apron. It will protect you from dust, debris, and chips and help prevent injury if the handpiece slips off the workpiece. It will also help prevent loose clothing from getting caught in a rotating cutter, bur, or another accessory.

Look for books on wood carving and power carving techniques and accessories from your dealer, woodcarving clubs, and your local library, or request a catalog. The reverse feature is particularly useful in wood carving techniques. The reversing motor option is a handy feature for left-handed carvers.

Flexible Shaft

A flexible shaft machine is perfect for cleaning, polishing, sanding, and drilling—a fully interchangeable unit with a standard style handpiece. A flexible shaft transmits rotary motion like a solid steel shaft, but it can be routed over, under, and around obstacles that would make using a solid shaft impractical. 

A Flexible Shaft Assembly consists of a rotating shaft known as a core, with end fittings for attachment to the driving and driven mating parts. Use a protective outer casing when necessary. This casing has its fittings, called ferrules, which keep it stationary during use.

A flexible shaft is a means of transmitting rotary motion. It is more efficient than universal joints, gears, sprockets, chains, belts, and pulleys. It is more affordable than other devices and offers the added benefit of compensating for misalignments in your system. That reduces cost and assembly time.

The shaft eliminates alignment problems since it does not need the tight tolerances that solid shafts require. It increases design freedom due to infinite possibilities in positioning motor and drive components. Higher efficiency comes in flexible shafts. They are 85-95% efficient. Gears, U-Joints, Belts and Pulleys give lower performance due to frictional losses.

It allows large bending offsets as it permits a full 180-degree offset while maintaining high efficiency. Flexible couplings only allow 5 degrees of offset and U-Joints only 30 degrees with a 40-50% decrease in inefficiency.

A flexible shaft features a lower installation cost. The installation takes a few minutes and does not need special tools or skills. Solid Shafts, Gears, Pulleys, and Universal Joints require precise alignment and skilled mechanics for their installations.

Parts’ costs are low. Bearings and housings for Solid Shafts and Gears require precise machining operations, while flexible Shafts eliminate the need for such tolerances and their costs. The shaft is not affected by vibrations.

Rotary Action

The rotary action makes the carver an ultimate tool for detail work in wood, metal, and plastic, generating more speed. As much as it makes the tool work as a grinder, it remains sturdy. 

Foot pedal

It allows you to vary the speed with an easy-to-press foot pedal, leaving your hands free to hold the tool and your work without interruptions. From off to maximum speed and everything between, it is surprising how often you change your carving speed from moment to moment. 

With a change in foot pressure, you can change the speed to carve intricate details or press down for fast carving. The foot pedal includes two 1/8-27 NPT brass hose barbs.

Technical Specification

  • 1/4 Horsepower
  • 42inch shaft
  • 120v
  • 20,000 rpm motor
  • Variable speed heavy-duty foot control pedal


  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Sanding
  • Drilling


Follow the instructions to keep sharp bends out of the cable. Getting to a difficult area requires a six-inch bend, but it tends to heat up and break after a short time. It comes with plenty of power with a weak transfer to the handpiece. It is weak for detailed work requiring anything other than a straight-on approach. 

Within five months of using this tool, you can break two outer shafts and two inner shafts carving in woodturning. The handpiece heats up too. It is difficult to get any parts to replace the shafts, although you can avoid that.

Follow the directions. The directions say, “Do not oil the shaft. You can run it for hours without heating problems. Complaints of the shaft getting hot are a result of not following instructions. 


  • Powerful 
  • Flexible 
  • Comfortable 
  • Great control
  • Versatile 


  • Heating


It is an economical alternative to high-end brands. You may go for it if you do not mind replacing the flex shaft frequently at 15.99. 


WeCheer 1/4 HP Flexible Shaft Carver Kit is a versatile tool with convenient parts for your projects. However, using it for prolonged periods leads to heating. You need a low budget for that.

David D. Hughes

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