June 19, 2020

Flexcut KN15 Chip Carving Knife Review [UPDATED]

Are you considering the Flexcut KN15 Chip Carving Knife? Chip carving is removing wood from a flat surface to create a specific shape. It’s not any knife that can do this, you need to make sure you have the right tools.

Otherwise, you can either hurt yourself or damage the wood entirely, so you do not have the carving you set out to do. The art form of chip carving dates back many years, and in this way, many decorative, detailed patterns are made.

Some of the most intricate designs on items like doors, coasters, or chairs are carved with a chip carving knife. It’s an art form that takes a long time to perfect because of the precision and accuracy required.

Flexcut KN15

There are different types of chip carving and tools too. You can either do triangle chip carving, which is when you carve out triangles. It serves as a guideline for a lot of other basic shapes. 

The other type of chip carving is free-form chip carving, and this is where you make fine lines from different directions. Both kinds of chip carving are how you get beautiful intricate details. The tools often used for this art can make or break your work. 

The Flexcut KN15 chip carving knife is one of the best tools on the market. The blade is short and specially made for chip carving. It gives you great control and accuracy. 

The design is intentional and specific to get just as particular shapes. Let us look at all that you can look forward to when you set out to buy the KN15 chip carving knife. 


The KN15 chip carving knife has a very short blade. The blade bevel length is 1 inch, which is more than enough to work with. The design is specially made to carefully chip wood off a flat surface and give you the shapes you want to carve out. 

The blade is straight and has a dark color synonymous with high carbon steel. The blade is razor-sharp, and you can see it as it glistens silver. It looks very clean. It gives you a satisfying feeling of using a sterilized blade. 

Flexcut KN15 Chip Carving Knife

The whole knife is 1.25 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. It is also 9 inches high and weighs 1.9 ounces. It is quite a petite tool, and it fits nicely in hand. The handle has many different points at which you can hold it and manipulate the amount of control over the knife. 

The handle is made of ashwood. This wood is from the ash tree and is known for its great qualities of being durable and aesthetically pleasing. It has a light beige color and is covered in finishing oil to give it a clean glossy look. 

The wood’s straight grain comes through and creates a pretty pattern that is also very natural. You will love looking at the knife as part of your collection. 

The Flexcut logo goes across the knife’s handle and gives it a bold look. The shape of the handle is hook-like, making it easier to hold and use.

Performance Review

This is a very sharp knife. Do not be fooled by the short straight blade. It still packs quite a punch. The blade on the KN15 is made of high carbon steel, which is a very durable type of steel. This is so that it can nicely carve the desired shapes out of the wood. 

This is a necessary feature to comfortably chip away at the wood, knowing that the blade is sturdy and will not give in on you. The razor-sharp edge also makes it easy for you to get the shapes you want to form in the carving. 

A blunt blade will cause you more headaches than it is worth. Flexcut blades are known for being very sharp and staying that way long. When you need to sharpen it, it is also still straightforward. Either way, you will be good. 

The ergonomic handle makes your life easy as you chip away. It keeps your hand relaxed and calm so that you can carve for longer periods. It avoids hand fatigue. This is something that not every knife can boast about.


The first and obvious thing you need to look out for is the razor-sharp blade. It is small, but it can pack quite a punch. Ir easily slices through the wood. Imagine what it can do to your skin. 

Make sure to be careful when you are working. You can protect your fingers and hands by wearing whittling gloves. Thumb guards also add extra protection. 

Also, make sure that you are fully focused and sober when you handle the blade. On the flip side, it is important to make sure that the blade is sharpened. A blunt blade can be dangerous.

Who is this product ideal for?

This is a good knife for both amateurs and professional chip carvers. It is fairly easy to learn how to use, yet it can also deliver amazing intricate designs in the right hands. You will not regret using this knife on any of your projects as long as you know what to do.


  • It is very strong
  • It is easy to use
  • It is durable
  • It feels great in the hands
  • The blade is flexible


  • It does not have a protective sheath for the blade, so you must be extra careful when moving it around.

Our Verdict

The KN15 chip carving knife gives you excellent control. This is an essential feature for chip carving, which requires excellent control and accuracy for the best designs.

It is a knife that you can grow from beginner level to amateur level. We recommend this knife for all your chip carving needs. Happy shopping! See the Flexcut KNL26 Left-Handed Hook Knife Review.

David D. Hughes

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