July 28, 2020

Flexcut KN17 1″ Mini-Draw Knife Review [UPDATED]

Are you thinking about getting the Flexcut KN17 1-inch mini draw knife?  A draw knife will help you remove excess stock and shape the wood better. General carving knives can do many things, but the precision they give you is not the same as specialized knives. Draw knives are designed for carving out the excess wood and give you a more defined shape. 

The KN17 1-inch mini-draw knife is a miniature draw knife, making it easier to work on smaller projects. It is made to fit in otherwise hard-to-reach areas, and this knife is how you get contoured, detailed cuts. 

Flexcut KN17


It has a long extended shaft that lets you reach down and remove stock easily from hard-to-reach places. Unlike other larger draw knives, the KN17 only has one handle, which means that you will not need to use two hands to remove the stock. 

The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel and has a hooked end. This is what you will be using to remove stock. The handle is made of ashwood, and it is a light-colored brown hue that is synonymous with this type of wood.

Performance Review

The blade is small, which makes it portable and perfect to use to refine. The long shaft of the blade makes it easy to get to hidden places and remove stock there. The length of the shaft also allows you to change the cutting angle to make contoured cuts.

The blade is very sharp, and it will easily slice through just about any wood. You will enjoy using this knife and keep the blade sharp. You can use it with just one hand, and the knife is easy to use as you pull the stock towards yourself.


The blade on this draw knife is very sharp, and it is important to be careful when you are using it. The long shaft enables you to reach certain places and remove the stock from it. 

Make sure to keep it sharp so that you do not put yourself at risk. Using a blunt blade is dangerous, and it is also essential that you use the correct technique.  

Who is this product ideal for?

This is an easy knife to use and can easily be used by a beginner. The sharp blade will make removing stock with one hand very easy, and you will not need much technical know-how to do this. The great thing about this knife is that you can transcend skill level. 


  • Flexible  blade
  • You will have to clean up less
  • You can contour hard to reach places
  • It is great for one-handed use
  • The blade is strong


  • It is a small tool. Make sure that you are not getting it to work on large pieces of wood.

Our Verdict

This is the best knife to use, especially when drawing action is what is needed to get the right product. The blade has a special thin design that lets you reach tricky places and remove stock. We love its flexible nature and efficiency, and we think it is a great addition to your tool chest. Happy shopping! You should also check out our Flexcut KN25 3″ Draw Knife Review.

David D. Hughes

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