July 28, 2020

Flexcut KN35 Fine Detail Knife Review [UPDATED]

Are you thinking about getting the Flexcut KN35 fine detail knife? The KN35 is a fine detail knife. It is designed to make fine details in woodworking projects. Knowing what the knife you want to buy is made for, will help you maximize its strengths and get the best performance from it. 

The short thin blade, helps you carve into about any wood. Its strength keeps you carving with ease and precision. The handle is designed to be held in the same way as a writing tool, giving you more control. 

Flexcut KN35 Fine Detail Knife  on a white background


It hs a short blade that may look like it will not be all that effective, but the sharpness makes up for this misconception. It measures 1/2″ and will fit in tight spaces. 

The handle is shaped like those on a general knife and allows you to hold the knife comfortably in a similar fashion. The handle has a light brown hue. It is made of ashwood, which is known for its aesthetic appeal and widely used for furniture. The straight grain comes out nicely and gives the knife a clean look.

Flexcut KN35 Performance Review

This knife features edge-holding steel. It is strong and very durable and will hold its own when you carve. This is an important feature when you are looking to make fine details ion wood. 

You hold the knife in the same way that you hold a writing tool and can carve fine details in the wood. The pointy tip has to be strong enough to not crack under this pressure as you carve. The handle is designed to prevent fatigue, helping you carve for longer without getting tired.


It would help if you thought about safety when you use Flexcut blades. They are very sharp, and care needs to be taken when you use the knife. The same goes when you apply pressure as you work. 

You can also use thumb guards to keep your thumbs safe as you work. Also, exercise caution in the way that you hold the knife as you carve. This will not only help you get the best out of the knife, but it is also safer to know how to use it. 

The direction in which to cut and the method are important factors to consider in terms of safety. The Flexcut KN35 fine detail knife is a safe knife to use, as long as you take the necessary precautions and also keep it sharp.

Who is this product ideal for?

Virtually anyone can use this knife. Flexcut makes sure that the knife is easy and comfortable to use. This is done through the unique design as well as the ease of use. It is the best knife for a beginner and works just as well for an experienced carver as well. 


  • It is excellent at making fine details in small spaces
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to use
  • The bade is very sharp


  • It does not have a safety sheath for the blade
  • The blade is short, so you can not carve out details in ridges or hard-to-reach spaces.

Our Verdict

The Flexcut KN35 is an excellent knife for fine detailing. The blade is durable and flexible. You will get intricate designs using this knife when it is properly used. It is a good buy that will be a great addition to your tool kit. Happy shopping!

David D. Hughes

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