July 26, 2022

Apps for Woodworking and Carpentry

There are many different apps, plans and tutorials for woodworkers, ranging from simple apps that can help with measurements and conversions to more complex ones that can provide step-by-step instructions for projects. No matter your skill level or experience, there is an app out there that can help you with your woodworking needs. Here are some of the best apps for woodworkers, regardless of your experience level.


Woodmaster is an all-rounder woodworking app with all the needed tools to help craftspeople level, measure, and conduct length conversions and many more tasks. Woodmaster app sends a PDF project planner via email during the fieldwork, making it convenient to use.

The app is for Woodworkers with an Android, iPhone, or iPad. It is for both beginners and advanced Woodworkers and is filled with time-saving features. Each new version comes with additional features. 

Planner 5D Interior Design

Planner 5D is a woodworking app used for remodeling, renovating, and building your home. You can create 2D and 3D floor plans and get a catalog of 3000+ items as you browse furniture, appliances, and other household items.

If your focus is on detailed items, the interior or exterior of your home, the app does it. Your home looks real as you get the chance to add lighting, textures, and shadows to your design. When using the app on an iPad, you have support for Apple Pencil for an artistic touch. Use Planner 5D on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for free. Your data gets saved.

Ruler App

Talk of a unique app for woodwork, Ruler App is the one.  It is a tape measure tool backed by Augmented Reality. It features an AR technology that allows you to measure tape using your smartphone camera, making it an innovative tool that detects planes to activate the tape measurement tool.

You are allowed to tape measure in different sizes, including m, cm, and yd, and it also works on 3D corner planes. What makes the app efficient is its accuracy. It measures the size of any object in two ways, on the screen or by taking a picture of it. It is as convenient as the standard ruler.

Metal Detector

As the name suggests, a Metal Detector is a woodworking app that measures the magnetic field using a magnetic sensor. For a first-timer, the app is not friendly, but with time it becomes easy as you get used to it. 

All you do is open the app and move it around. It features a magnetic field level. Use it when searching for electrical wires in the walls and iron pipes (Wizzardproducts.com).  . There is only one downfall regarding the Metal Detector. 

Its accuracy depends on your magnetic sensor, which gets affected by electronic equipment such as TV or PC, due to electromagnetic waves. It has some additional features like a compass and sharing GPS location.

Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator features tools like calculation and conversion tools. Simplicity describes the app as it comes with simple unit conversions, fractional calculators, density calculators, and arc length. You are allowed to change its font, color, and text size. A good calculator helps you solve complex construction-related maths problems on your projects (Blog.capterra.com).

It also includes Air Conditioning, Concrete Steps, Curbs, and Gutters, Deck Board calculators. The Calculator works on the number of boards required. You can complete any construction projects around the farm by tracking costs, materials needed, invoices, and time spent on a project. Chances of running loss are low. It has four apps on Google play. 

Smart Ruler

Unlike a standard ruler app, it is for measuring small objects which can fit within your display. It measures tiny objects like screws or coins. To start the measuring process, put a small object, like a coin or bolt, and adjust it to the left of your screen. Touch the screen and expect a red line to appear. Adjust that red line for accurate measurements.

You can gauge the size of objects, detect the dimensions of rectangular objects, and save a photo of the measurement. You have all your data saved for future use or reference. Use the unit converter so you will not spend more time on a single project. 

This app measures the distance and height of a target using trigonometry. It converts meters into feet or vice versa. Take a screen capture while taking measurements. It features sound effects, but you can turn them off if you feel like they are a distraction.


CalKit is a simple woodworking app with a collection of calculators and converters for finance, electronics, and math. For starters, it is not a hustle using the app. The app solves all kinds of woodwork problems.

Use CalcKit for simple calculations, currency conversions, proportions, percentages, areas, volumes, and many more functions. A notable feature is the 150 free unit converters and calculators. You are not listed when it comes to creativity since you have a customizable scientific calculator.

Its simplicity does not compromise the efficiency of a collection of calculators and converters for math, electronics, and finance. Its calculations start from the unit and currency conversions, percentages, proportions, and areas to volumes. The customizable Scientific Calculator makes it user-friendly.

Homestyle Interior Design

Homestyle Interior Design is one of the most efficient apps in the woodwork market for remodeling homes. The app is free and ideal for decorating your house and the interiors. Homestyle Interior Design app allows you to create your home project, strengthening your innovative capabilities.

The app is for starters and experts as you can use it to complete your DIY design projects, remodel your room, build your interior design profile, and rebuild other people’s homes. It helps you get new home design ideas from the home design community.

Feet & Inches Construction Calculator

Feet &Amp; Inches Construction Calculator helps you calculate floor plans. The calculator is always accurate and allows you to measure any item related to your construction project. For first-timers, it is easy to handle. It features a user-friendly interface that permits the use of the app for your calculation.

Drill Calc App

It determines the correct drill bit size. Without the app, the process can be time-consuming. There won’t be any need to employ a universal calculator. Woodworkers can use the Drill Calc app for that purpose. Unlike the free Homestyle Interior Design app, the iOS app costs 2.99 in the App Store.

It helps you calculate the correct drill bit size for threaded holes. These measurements are based on the bolt diameter, thread pitch, and percentage in metric and imperial sizes.

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