March 23, 2021

Grizzly G0858 vs G0490x | Which Jointer Is The Better One?

Wondering which to get when considering Grizzly g0858 VS g0490x? The g0858 and g0490x are almost identical jointers that have brought innovation into the woodwork world. They have defied the traditional way of changing and replacing blades due to the carbide inserts that are ever-ready to get a shift when the other one wears off. However, some differences separate the two that I am going to note below as I review each product.

Overview of the Grizzly g0858

It is a jointer with a 3horsepower motor and weighs up to 470lbs. The 4-row helical cutter head comes with 36 indexable carbide inserts. The carbide inserts are durable as it reduces tearing out. It is 10 times durable than the standard jointer. The indexable inserts substitute the traditional way of changing blades. 

What makes this possible is that the insert rotates up to three times when the one in use gets worn or torn out. The rotations expose a sharp blade to the machine. The tool is noise-free. The table setup has four contacts that allow you to make easy adjustments. 

The precision-ground cast iron table is durable and strong enough to handle tough and wide wood. It has more space that accommodates long wood pieces. The arched table is safe for the user as it keeps the blade away from you. It has one dust port which is 4inches in diameter.


  • Mobile base
  • Cast iron table
  • It comes with carbide inserts
  • Noise-free
  • Adjustable
  • Precision ground cast iron


  • The cost is not ideal for users with a tight budget
  • The rotations per minute could have been more

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Key Features of the Grizzly g0858 


The 230 Volt machine has a 3horsepower motor and a cord and plug power system. It has a push-button magnetic On/Off button that is clearly defined. The motor has the capacity of producing 3450 rotations per minute. The power transfers through a belt. The bearings are enclosed, and you do not have to lubricate them. They are permanently lubricated. 


The Grizzly g0858 has a precision ground cast iron table. It is 76inches in length, 8inches in width and 1-3/4 inches in thickness. The table is adjustable using the lever, and it moves in a parallel manner. It is long enough to accommodate long wood pieces.


It has a Helical cutter head that has a diameter of 3-1/16inches. The cutter head has a diameter of 3-1/16inches. It has four cutter rows, 36 indexable cutters. The cutter head speed is 5500 rotations per minute. 

Max depth of cut

The maximum depth of cut is 1/8inches. That makes it perfect for thick wood pieces.

Dust port

The tool has a 4inch dust port that traps the sawdust from your workspace. You have a clean working environment during and after the process. The dust port has a built-in dust chute.

Overview of the  Grizzly  g0490x 1800

It is a 4-row spiral cutter head jointer that efficiently deals with dull edges. You only have to loosen the screws and turn one of the carbide inserts. You have a sharp and new insert that will speed up your cutting process. The process takes away the strain that comes with blade replacement or swap. 

You will not have a worn-out blade that needs sharpening. The surface that comes with the jointer is large for large wood pieces. The table setup is a parallelogram setup that has four points of contact. The points allow you to adjust the table to achieve a perfect alignment. The table is adjusted using an easy lever that controls the height. 

The table is 5inches tall. The tool comes with a center-mounted fence that is great for material. The built-in base makes the tool sturdy and it is durable. It is mobile and you move it around the shop with ease. It weighs up to 556 lbs. You do not have to apply lubricant since it is permanently lubricated. 


  • Affordable
  • Ease of use
  • The large surface area on the table
  • Durable base
  • Permanent lubrication


  • A bit heavy
  • The price could have been more affordable

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Key features of the Grizzly g0490x

Safety features

There is a start and stop button that sets the tool in motion or stops the activity. You only have to push the stop button when you want to stop the motor from functioning. When you twist the Stop button in a clockwise motion, the motor starts running.


The spacious table gives you enough space for your long wood piece. The type of table you have is a precision ground cast iron. It helps you make accurate cuts and it is durable. The table is adjustable as it is in a parallelogram form. 

Fence system

The fence stops at 45, 90 and 135 degrees. To secure the fence, you need to lock it by tilting it. You can lock it along with the available range. 

Dust collection port

It has a 4inch dust port that easily connects to your tool. It takes care of the sawdust that is neither good for you or the environment. It is easy to connect. You fit the dust hose over the dust port on the left side of the stand. Securing the hose clamp in place is key. Make sure that the hose does not come off. 

Max depth of cut 

The maximum depth of cut is 1/8inches. That is perfect for wide material. The machine withstands the pressure that comes with tough wood.

Powerful motor and speed

The 240Volt motor has a 3horsepower feature. The motor produces 4800 rotations per minute. It has more speed that rips through tough wood. 


  • Both products have a 3 horsepower feature
  • They both use carbide inserts.
  • They both come with dust ports.
  • The products have precision ground cast iron.


  • The Grizzly g0858 up to 470lbs whereas the g0490x weighs up to 556lbs meaning it is heavier than the g0858. 
  • The Grizzly g0858 has a 230 Volt motor, whereas the g0490x has a 240Volt motor.
  • The Grizzly g0858 produces 3450 rotations per minute, whereas the g0490x makes 4800 rotations per minute.


The Grizzly g0490x and the g0858 are both under 2000. However, there is a difference of 195 between the two leaving the  Grizzly g0490x with an affordable price.


If you want to save some extra bucks, the Grizzly g0490x is the ideal tool for you. However, the Grizzly g0858 is lighter and uses less power. These are positive features that you might not want to miss although they might not be worth prioritizing. In terms of speed, the g0490x is faster. That makes it an ideal tool for professionals bound to work on a large load.

David D. Hughes

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