May 18, 2021

How Much is A CNC Machine | Average & Running Costs

I am often asked, “How Much is A CNC Machine?” There are several factors to look at, and we will cover them in this post. Now that you’ve decided exactly what you want, you will want to know how much the CNC machine will cost. The cost of a CNC machine varies, and it will depend on the kind of table saw you buy. The cost of your router, where you buy it from, and how much you want to spend. It is easy to forget the ongoing costs.

Factors that determine machine price

SHARK HD510 CNC Machine


Different CNC machines use different materials to make parts, and that determines the performance and durability. Steel and aluminum are materials used by several manufacturers, and they last longer than copper in machining. 

That shows there is more quality material in steel machines than in copper. That explains the cost of steel and alloy machines. Tough materials cost more than the rest. Another aspect that determines the cost is the availability of the material used. Materials that are not difficult to find are more affordable than scarce materials. 


The size of the CNC machine determines the cost. Big machines use more material hence more cost. It is also time-consuming, and that makes it cost more. Large materials also require a lot of CNC machines to be completed. 

Man standing next to a cnc cutter

That is why a smaller CNC machine is more affordable than a bigger one. The chances are high that big machines are complicated to make. To cover up the cost incurred during production time, the seller has to increase the price. The more complex the CNC machine is, the more it costs. 

Number of parts 

Bulk production is one of the factors that determine cost. If it is a small-scale machine, the machine becomes affordable. If the CNC machine produces more items simultaneously, it does not cost much, and it uses less power and less effort. 

Individual parts take time and more resources hence the cost. When working on bulk production, you put the machine on automatic, which means less labor for the user. 

Additional costs

Some users think cost comes with the amount used to purchase the CNC machine. However, they forget that you need accessories, labor, power, and material. You might be paying rentals as well if you are renting the warehouse. 

There is tax to be paid and shipping costs, and that needs consideration. That is why I recommend a budget before purchasing your machine and equipment, and it would help if you had a profit.

Hobbyist CNC machines

Upgraded Version 3018 Pro CNC Router Kit

The Upgraded Version 3018 Pro CNC Router Kit is convenient to use, and it works on plastic, wood, soft metal, and acrylic. The mechanical parts come with straightforward instructions on the manual that make it easy for beginners to assemble and use the CNC router. 

It has an offline controller option that makes it convenient. You are allowed to operate without a computer, and it comes with an SD reader. The new control board has a driver chip, fixed heat sink, and external fan makes it safe to use. 

LiFuJunDong 4 Axis USB CNC6040 Router Engraving Machine

The LiFuJunDong 4 Axis USB CNC6040 Router Engraving Machine is versatile. Hence it is a hobby machine. It works with multiple materials, and that makes it exciting to use. You are not limited to creativity. 

It is used for engraving, creating badges and plates. It is a high-speed CNC machine that has a lubrication system that makes it accurate. The cooling system cools the spindle and protects the machine from burning out, and the waterproof design makes it durable. 

CNC Piranha FX 1774

The CNC Piranha FX machine has a touch-screen interface that makes it convenient to use. The size makes it ideal for small-scale projects, and it works on wood and plastic, and it is for 3D carvings. 

You have unlimited creativity, and it is easy to operate. It uses the VCarve desktop design software and a 2.0 USB port. You save the program to the USB drive, and you plug it into the pendant. You select the file and run the machine.

Entry-level CNC Machines

BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit with the Router Included 

The Evolution 4 CNC machine is a great starter machine for beginners. It comes with a Makita RT0701C router and a microprocessor. It works with the Universal G code sender platform version, as software that runs on multiple operating systems by Microsoft. It takes you through the learning process with the help of a manual that is informative.

MYSWEETY CNC 3018PRO-M Mini DIY CNC Machine, 3 Axis PCB Milling Machine

The MySweet CNC machine has simple instructions to follow on how to use it and assemble it. It works on multiple materials such as acrylic, wood, and paper. It is a 2in1 machine that has two 5mm acrylic baffles on both sides. That allows you to monitor the engraving process. The offline controller helps you control the CNC router without connecting to the computer. 

Mcwdoit CNC 3018 Pro Router

The Mcwdoit CNC 3018 Pro Router is a budget CNC machine that is average in size and allows you to work offline. The 1GB USB drive stores multiple projects without running out of space. It is enough for personal use rather than industrial use, and that makes it ideal for beginners. 

Unexpected costs of CNC machines

There are factors to consider that cost you when using a CNC machine. These are into two. Buying the machine, materials, and serving the CNC machine are expected costs incurred using the CNC machine. However, there are unseen factors that cost you more than you can imagine. 

The flexibility of designs determines the amount you are going to spend on your CNC machine. Complex machine designs come with complex geometries. Working hours also increase, and you have to know the hourly rate on different CNC machines.

The material you are going to work on either increases or decreases the cost. You need to take into consideration if the material is easy to work on using your machine. The amount to be removed from the material determines the time you spend on the project and the cost.

The issue of labor can be underrated. Of course, the machines do not need human power, but there has to be an operator. A programmer converts CAD files into CAM files, a machinist to set up the machine before production, a quality controller, and the post-processing needs an expert. That is how labor costs you in the production industry. 

Buying used CNC equipment

Guidance is key when buying used CNC equipment. It can be again, and it can be a loss depending on the steps you followed. It helps you save your money if you buy wisely—research before you buy the machine. You need to list expectations, note differences in CNC machines, and go for your specific needs.

Run a thorough inspection before you buy the machine. Check the machine parts, functionality, movement, and tool alignment. If you do not trust yourself, look for an expert to do that for you.

Considering that the machine has been used, pay attention to the quality. Look out for the problems and check online for models that are better than second-hand machines. Do not buy from random dealers but look for recommended dealers. If they have websites, take your time going through reviews.

You need to research the cost of maintenance of the particular machine you want to buy. Avoid picking a CNC machine that is going to cost you more than expected. I advise you to buy from a dealer who provides guarantees and maintenance services. 

CNC Machine price by CNC type

Prices differ depending on the type of CNC machine and brand. The top brands are Haas, Mazak, and Okuma. CNC lathes range from 10,000 to 4300,000, CNC mills from 6,000 to 300,000, CNC VMC from 6,000 to 275,000 and HMC from 15,000 to 350,000. 

CNC Mill Price Comparison

The CNC Mill ranges from 60,000. The entry Mill machine is on 6,000 and the high end on 300,000.


The use of a CNC machine has created a lot of opportunities in the woodwork industry. You can use these machines to create several wooden products such as wooden kitchen cabinets, wooden cribs, wooden doors, wooden furniture, and much more. Now that you know how much a CNC machine costs, which price point is the most attractive to you? You may also be interested in How to Operate a CNC Lathe Machine.

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