March 19, 2021

Kobalt KT1015 vs KT10152 A Key Comparison of Table Saws

There are similarities and differences between the Kobalt kt1015 and kt10152 in terms of features and performance. Factors to be considered include weight, cost, fence system, accuracy, mobility, rpm, rip capacity and many more to be discussed below. The importance lies in knowing what you want first and what every product offers then you compare.

Overview of the Kobalt kt1015

Kobalt KT1015

The Kobalt kt1015 is a powerful table saw with a 10 inch Carbide tipped blade. It has a 15 Amp motor that produces 5,000 rotations per minute. That makes it easy to complete tasks. The carbide-tipped blade lasts longer regardless of the type of material. It is a lightweight machine that comes with a rolling stand. 

The rolling stand retracts when not in use. The rip capacity is 30 inches to the right and 14 inches to the left. That allows it to accommodate large pieces of wood with ease. The fence system gives accuracy, and the non-slip bevel adjustment to maintain precise angles. 

The dust collection port has a diameter of 2,5 inches. It connects to a vacuum, and your workspace stays clean. The storage that comes with the machine for keeping your accessories readily available if you need to use one quickly. You have the chance to keep your extra blade closer to you.


  • Powerful motor
  • Portable
  • Accurate
  • Additional storage
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent fence system


  • A bit heavy
  • The fence system could be perfect 

Key Features of the Kobalt kt1015

Rip capacity

The rip capacity to the right is 30inches and 14inches to the left. That makes it cut through larger pieces with ease.

10inch blade

The 10 inch carbide-tipped blade is durable and cuts through the thick wood. The Carbide saw blade is fast in cutting. It is also resistant to heat and abrasion. It is better than steel. 

Amp motor

The Kobalt 15Amp motor has the capacity of making 5,000 rotations per minute. That makes it easy for you to complete job sites and workshop activities. 

Pinion fence rails

The fence system has a locking mechanism that keeps it in place. The fence slides into place using double latches for accuracy on every cut. 

Miter gauge

The locking miter gauge allows the machine to work on multiple cuts. These include the cross, rip, miter and bevel.


The mobile stand has a way of retracting that keeps it small. It has a quick-folding feature that makes it small. You will not use much of your space from your room. It comes with wheels that make it mobile. That makes it portable and convenient if you are working away from home.

Rolling stand

It comes with a quick-folding rolling stand. It is mobile as it comes with wheels. That makes it portable and convenient to store. It will not use much of your storage space. The stand gives stability to your machine. 


The storage space that comes with the table saw accommodates your accessories. These encompass the rip fence, miter gauge, blade guard assembly, push stick, power cord and additional blades. You might be using different types of blades for material or keeping extra blades just in case the one you have wears with time.

Dust collection

The dust collection port is convenient. It connects to a vacuum that keeps your working space clean. It is 2.55inches in diameter.

Overview of the Kobalt kt10152  

Kobalt kt10152

The Kobalt kt10152 table saw comes with the 10 inch Carbide tipped blade that is durable and strong. It cuts through thick materials and is resistant to wear and tear. It comes in a compact size that makes it portable. It is ideal for both job sites and workshop tasks. The quick-folding stand makes the machine compact-sized. 

The 15 Amp motor has the capacity of generating 5,000 rotations per minute. That makes it easy to cut through large pieces of wood. The rip capacity is 30 inches to the right and 17inches to the left. The blade guard is transparent, and that makes it safe and elegant. The On/Off switch is big enough not to cause mistakes when pressing the buttons. 

A quick response is what you get when operating the machine. There is a red cover that protects the switch. The quickly adjusted fence has drawer slide rails that allow you to maintain precision adjustments. The bevel capacity is 45 degrees. The stand has a quick-folding feature that has 8-inch wheels. It weighs up to 65 lbs which are 13 pounds lighter than the kt1015.


  • Affordable
  • Powerful 15Amp motor
  • Adjustable
  • Foldable stand
  • Portable
  • The excellent sliding fence system


  • Smaller table surface
  • Curved legs perform well at the edge of the table

Key features of the Kobalt kt10152

Safety features

The kt10152 comes with a transparent blade guard that makes the whole process visible. Chances are low that you will hurt your fingers. 

RPM Speed

The speed is the same as the older model. It runs at 5,000 rotations per minute. That makes it faster when working on both hard and soft materials. The powerful motor made that possible. 

Blade guard

The blade guard is made of plastic. It is transparent, and that makes it a safety feature. You can hardly cut your fingers since you can see any activity taking place.

Dust collection port

The dust collection port has a diameter of 2.5mm. It is compatible with a vacuum that collects sawdust. Your environment is always clean when you are still working. No matter how thick or hard the material you are working on is, you control the volume of dust.

Rack and pinion

The fence system aligns itself. The sliding and locking mechanism is smooth. That is why the machine is accurate. Less effort is required to keep the fence in place.

Accurate cutting

The rip capacity is 30 inches to the right and 17inches to the left. The features that make the machine maintain accuracy in cutting. These include the sturdy stand, excellent fence system, powerful motor and the 10inch carbide-tipped blade. 

Powerful motor

The powerful 15Amp motor has the capacity of making 5,000 rotations per minute. That makes it easier for you to tackle multiple tasks.

Blade size

The blade size is 10inches. That is good for different types of materials. It rips material with ease. The blade performance complements the performance of the overall machine.


  • Both products come with 10inch Carbide-tipped blades.
  • They use a 15Amp motor.
  • They are portable.
  • The stands of both saws come with wheels and they are foldable.
  • They have 15Amp motors that make 5,000 rotations per minute. That means that the machines operate at the same speed and the overall performance is the same. 
  • The rip capacity of 30 inches is the same on both machines.
  • They both use a 2.5inch dust collection port. 
  • They come with additional storage space for accessories.
  • The locking miter gauge from both saws comes with multiple cuts.


  • The rip capacity to the left is 17inches when you are using the Kobalt kt10152 whereas it is 14 inches when it comes to the Kobalt kt1015. 
  • The sliding fence has a double latch on the Kobalt kt1015 whereas the Kobalt kt10152 has a single latch.
  • The Kobalt kt10152 is 13 pounds lighter than the kt1015.
  • The kt1015 fence is easier to lock than the kt10152.


The kt10152  is under 400 and it is ideal for users working on a tight budget. If you choose to keep another buck, the kt1015 is an option since it is under 300. 


There is not much of a difference between the Kobalt kt1015 and  kt10152 in terms of the features they are made of. However, it is a little different that matters. The Kobalt kt1015 is an older product that is lightweight, portable, accurate, and adjustable. Changes are shown through the later model that is the kt10152.  

If you want a more light table saw, then the kt10152 is the ideal table saw. The fence system becomes more accurate and efficient. It is also affordable to users who have a tight budget. The 8-inch wheels make it mobile regardless of the reduced weight. After going through the review, you now know where your choice lies.

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