May 26, 2022

American made wood lathes

American made wood lathes are a good investment for anyone wanting to get into woodworking. There are many different woodturning lathes on the market. American woodturning lathes are among the best. They are built to last and can handle a wide variety of projects.

When looking for an American lathe, make sure it is the right size for your needs. There are lathes for small projects and lathes for larger projects. 

Also, make sure you find a lathe with the features you need. Lathes made in the USA have various features, so you should find one that has everything you need. Let us look at some of the companies that manufacture lathes in America.


List of American made wood lathes

  1. Seneca Falls Lathe Company
  2. South Bend Machine Tool Company
  3. LeBlond
  4. The U.S. Industrial Lathes
  5. Kent Lathes
  6. Bridgeport Mills
  7. South Bend Lathes
  8. Laguna Wood Lathes
  9. Harvey Tools
  10. Robust Lathes

Are there any lathes made in the U.S.A.?

Where are U.S. industrial lathes made?

Memphis, TN

In Memphis, TN, there is a facility where lathes are manufactured, tested, and adjusted for a premium consumer experience. 

Where are Kent lathes manufactured?

Kent U.S.A. is an American brand that produces a brand of lathes manufactured in Tustin, California. 

Are Bridgeport Mills Made in the U.S.A.?

The Bridgeport knee mill is made in the U.S.A.

Where are Acra lathes made?

Acra lathes are made in Taiwan. 

Who owns South Bend lathes?

Amsted Industries bought South bend Lathes in 1959. During that period, the company was known as American steel.

Where are LeBlond lathes manufactured?

LeBlond lathes are manufactured in Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.

Are grizzly lathes made in China?

Where are Grizzly lathes manufactured?

Grizzly lathes are manufactured in Taiwan or China. These products are often low-end and come from similar sources to other brands on the market.

Is Grizzly Industrial made in the U.S.A.?

Grizzly tools are now entirely produced and exported from China. Although production occurs in China, the United States is still a primary seller of the products. 

What company makes Grizzly tools?

Grizzly tools are famous for selling power tools used for woodworking and metalworking. The company initially started business in 1983. The owners of Grizzly tools are an organization called Grizzly Industrial. This business is based in Bellingham, Washington.

Who owns Grizzly Industrial?

Shiraz Balolia is the owner and founder of Grizzly Industrial Inc. This company has a wide variety of woodworking and metalworking machinery. His early life was spent in Kenya, with his family originally from India.

Where are jet wood lathes made?

Where are Jet table saws made?

Taiwan is a significant exporter of Jet table saws. These products are predominantly produced in Taiwan; however, some other countries also make them. The brand is known worldwide for its American roots and heritage; however, most units are not assembled locally. Many companies choose Taiwan for manufacturing because the country can produce high-end products at a lower cost. Comparing their relatively low cost of production with other countries presents more significant business advantages.

Where are Rikon wood lathes made?

Rikon wood lathes are made in a factory located in Qingdao, China.

Where are Laguna wood lathes made?

The company has been around for 36 years and is a famous consumer brand. Laguna Tools recently built and opened a new 115,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. Laguna Tools has also installed a showroom there so any consumers who visit Irvine, California, can see some of the leading woodworking innovations on the market.

Where are Harvey lathes made?

Where are Harvey tools made?

Harvey tools are manufactured in Maine. Maine is a state in the New England region of the United States.

Where are Laguna wood lathes manufactured?

Laguna wood lathes are manufactured in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Where are Baileigh wood lathes?

Baileigh wood lathes are manufactured in Taiwan. They predominantly produce their variable speed lathe in Taiwan.

Where are robust lathes made?

Robust lathes and accessories are manufactured in the city of Barneveld, Wisconsin.


American made wood lathes are available from several brands, including Kent, Bridgeport, Acra, LeBlond, South Bend, and Grizzly. Many of these brands have been in operation for decades and have built a reputation for quality products. While some American-made wood lathes are now produced overseas, many brands still maintain manufacturing facilities in the United States.

We believe in buying products from companies that bring jobs, support our communities and stimulate the economy.

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