April 13, 2022

Delta wood lathes

Delta lathes

The Delta lathe provides what you need to achieve your turning masterpiece. This powerful horsepower workhorse produces 1,750 rpm for enough torque and speed to handle even highly figured woods. You can slow it down to 250 rpm for your large creations.

The reversible electronic variable speed with a pulley system minimizes vibration and chatter. The patented belt tensioning system allows easy and quick speed changes and sets the belt at the correct tension for maximum power transfer and longer tool life.

The indexing pin locks the headstock spindle in 24 locations for fluting and other decorative applications.

Delta lathe models

Various Delta wood lathe models are available, such as the 46-455 and 46-460. The company now only produces midi lathes. A midi lathe has several advantages over a full-sized lathe. It offers most of the capabilities of a full-sized machine when an extension bed is added and takes up less floor space. It is portable without the extension and more affordable than a full-size woodworking lathe.

The midi lathe models on the market today offer many of the features that used to only be available on full-sized models. Jet mini-lathe has been a benchmark in the market for several years. The newest versions of the Delta wood lathe give them a run for their money. 

Delta mini-lathe

It features a 1-HP max, 1,725-RPM Motor, and a sizeable 12-1/2inch swing capacity that provides the largest capacity in its class. The electronic variable speed with three-pulley speed ranges provide the required speeds to turn a project without changing the belt position.

The forward and reversing function allows the turner to achieve a superior finish. Sanding a turned piece with the grain causes the wood fibers to lay down and remain rough. Sanding a turned piece against the grain will cut the wood fibers smoothly. Rotating the turned workpiece in both directions to achieve this super smooth finish.

When using other models, the turner must remount the workpiece backward to achieve this dual rotation. With the Delta midi lathe, it is a simple flip of the switch. The patented belt tensioning system is for easy and quick speed changes and sets the belt at the correct tension for maximum power transfer and longer tool life. Turning long spindles require either a longer tool rest.

Delta 12-1/2″ 1 hp variable speed midi-lathe delta-46-460

It is powered by a 1-horsepower max, 1,725-rpm motor, and the Delta 46-460 industrial 12-1/2-inch variable-speed midi lathe provides a 12-1/2-inch swing capacity. The forward and reverse feature provides a superior finish.

Sanding a turned piece with the grain causes the wood fibers to lie down and remain rough, while sanding a turned piece against the grain shaves the wood fibers smoothly. Rotating the turned workpiece in both directions achieves a smooth finish. It involves remounting the workpiece backward, which is time-consuming.

A patented belt-tensioning system makes quick speed changes and sets the belt at the correct tension for maximum power transfer and longer tool life. Large objects work with the six-groove belt, providing superior power for effortless turning.

An all-cast-iron construction makes it durable and stable. The package includes a 12-1/2-inch variable-speed midi lathe, 6-inch and 10-inch tool rests, chrome 3-inch face plate, tool rest base, knockout bar, live center, wrenches, and manual.

Delta 46-460 review

The 46-460 by Delta is a lathe that handles adjustability and maximum performance in one design. It is a smaller build than other lathes, although from sturdy cast iron.

That makes it stable for the overall design of the lathe. Heavier lathes minimize vibration. That works well for the quality of a turner’s work. The cast-iron design, with regular maintenance, makes the lathe serve your wood needs for many years. The straightforward design makes it simple for users to understand and use.

The belt-tensioning system automatically adjusts. Changing speeds using the variable speed function is made using the rotating dial. That means no more manual work for you.

Bench grinder delta

It has a variable speed control for convenience and versatility in grinding, sharpening, buffing, and polishing operations. It allows you to control speeds. It features a 5 Amp induction-type motor for powerful performance.

The left-hand tool rest has a drill bit rest milled into the surface, so you always get the correct angle on the tip. The tool rests are adjustable, and the water tray helps keep the workpiece cool while grinding. Work light with a separate on/off switch and flexible gooseneck illuminate setting up and grinding. The cast iron base is for durability and reduces vibration during operation.

Delta 8 bench grinder

The DELTA bench grinder is a variable-speed grinder with a toolless wheel-changing system. The powerful five Amp, 60 Hz single-phase motor features variable speed capabilities of between 1,725 and 3,450 RPM. The grinder easily takes care of grinding jobs, buffing, and sharpening duties. 

Its cast-iron construction ensures minimal vibration while operating, and the built-in eye shields and spark deflectors ensure safe operation every time. DELTA has a lamp to help get a clear view of the workpiece and grinding wheels.

Delta wood lathe tailstock

It fits the tailstock on Delta 46-270 wood lathe. It is a standard drill press size chuck. Support your work at the tailstock end of your lathe when turning wood workpieces. Precise ball bearing design allows smooth turning and offers the chisel more range of motion.

Delta wood lathe 46-700

Experience wood turning on your wood lathe with no messy lubricants to stain or burn your project using this Delta model. It is for starting with, but it does have its limitations. The bronze bearing easily breaks, but you can make your own instead of replacing it with the factory parts. The speed control is not that great, but it is effective when everything is working right.

Where are delta wood lathes made?

Delta wood lathes are made in the USA.

Delta wood lathe parts

  • Bearing cap
  • Pulley assembly 
  • Set screw 
  • Cap screw
  • Switch
  • Key washer
  • Headstock

Delta wood lathe 46-715

The Delta 3/4-horsepower lathe package includes ten speeds to suit your projects. The headstock rotates at 45, 90, and 180-degree angles. The 24-position index on the pulley allows you to create ornamental detailing. It has a cast-iron tool rest measuring 12 inches, a convenient on/off switch positioned above the motor, and a durable steel stand. It measures 62.6- by 22.4- by 18.4 inches and weighs 338 pounds.

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