May 7, 2021

MDF Wood Disadvantages | What You Should Be Aware Of

I often get the question, “What are some MDF wood disadvantages?” MDF wood, or Medium Density Fiber, is popular with consumers who do not have a very high budget, and is ideal for those looking for something on the lower end of the price scale. You will find that MDF wood is a popular option.

Medium-Density Fibreboard MDF 3/4

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This material serves a wide range of purposes and can handle the numerous tasks you can assign. It is prevalent for people who intend to design furniture meant for use in the home. The price attached to this product is what makes it quite attractive to a large number of people worldwide. 

You might be thinking that this is all sweets and cakes so far and ask yourself what the point of reading further is? You might want to take a breath and read the rest of this article. We will be looking at some of the key disadvantages of this material. Some of the problems are pretty bare to see, such as it is weaker than many materials. 

Not Very Sturdy

This word is not particularly useful if you plan on engaging in any load-bearing activities. It is uncommonly weak when it comes to such things despite its heavy nature. If you compare this to wood such as plywood, you will notice that it is more severe but less durable. 

Please consider this because it is quite an essential facet of any piece of wood. The main thing to take away from this is the strength is relatively low but not low. You can still do stuff with this type of wood that would not be hindered by its inability to handle heavy loads based on the standard set by other Woods within this range. 

It is not probable that you shall have this wood for an extended period. It does not do very well when it comes to survival. The main issue that you will be experiencing here is that it is easily damaged. These are those types of Woods that can be broken by accident quite easily. 

The follow-up problem to this is that it is also challenging for you to repair. This type of wood that is difficult to improve becomes more of a cost than a benefit when looking at it in the long term. 

If you combine all these problems, issues such as drilling become very common. You will find that it becomes tough for you to add screws to this type of wood because the holes become loose quickly. This is because the internal integrity of this structure is not solid enough. Instead, it is a hollow wood that often comes with light layers filled with air. 

Absorbs Water Faster

If you have not already, you must run to the local store to buy as much sealant as possible. This is because this word is particularly very good at absorbing water; therefore, you must preserve it well before you can plan to use it in any way. 

Even a droplet or two becomes a severe problem because it results in consistent wood swelling. The swelling of wood can be pretty dangerous because it leaves holes in different places that allow creatures and air to come through. 

What usually happens is that there is swelling and compression that occurs, which can result in cracks. When insects enter the wood during the swelling and compression, it becomes a home for numerous creatures. Once they start easing through the wood, it will begin to lose more of its structure, and therefore it is not very durable. This is even worse if you have painted over this because your paint begins to lose its flair.

It cannot Be Drilled

If you cannot drill on a piece of wood, what is the point you cannot use screws or nails. This could very well be the nail in the coffin for many woodworkers worldwide. It cannot operate well with nails or screws since it is made from beautiful particles. 

Therefore, there is very little room and space within the structure of the screw to grip onto. Many people who buy cheap furniture often find that the nails that hold the system together often become loose and shaky. This can be dangerous because the items it might be holding are expensive, or there is a chance of falling onto somebody.


Yes, the word above is accurate and problematic. For those unaware, Formaldehyde is the type of chemical that can cause breathing problems if inhaled for an extended period. That is another mdf disadvantage. Generally, in the industrial sector, it is used as an adhesive. It is known to cause certain cancers within humans and is heavily discouraged for use by authorities.


Now that we have covered the main disadvantages of mdf, let’s summarise. Before you buy mdf wood because of its attractive price, you should know what you are going to use it for. Be sure to pay attention to the critical considerations of the disadvantages it brings to the work you want to do.

It would be helpful if you do not forget that it has a low durability. Therefore, it is not a good choice for load-bearing activities. It has a very high tendency to absorb water; therefore, it should not be used for outdoor use. Also, you can not drill holes for nails or screws in the material.

The last point you have to deal with when buying this wood is health related and as important a drawback as any other. It is known to contain the chemical formaldehyde, which causes certain types of cancer in humans. This means that building furniture can become quite a challenge for you. Do you need a reciprocating saw? See our Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide.

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