November 14, 2022

Mirka 2.5 vs 5

Mirka 2.5

The direct, electric, random, orbital sander is for effective and dust-free sanding of all surfaces. It is an upgraded version, featuring an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low-energy technology. 

It is one of the smallest and most ergonomic sanders on the market, equipped with a brushless motor, which maintains constant speed even under heavy load. It has the lowest vibration values in its class and a unique symmetrical design, guaranteeing the tool to be used for long periods without fatigue. 

Mirka 2.5 direct electric random orbital sander is equipped with a 2.5 mm oscillation. Its details make it an efficient and effective sanding tool for professional operators. Mirka 2.5 has a 2,5-millimetre orbit for maximum dust extraction even at low suction power. 

What makes it possible is a wider, more efficient dust suction outlet in the machine housing. Mirka 2.5 is in a high-quality plastic case. That way, all the accessories become safe. Mirka 2.5 has a soft start function, a built-in electronic motor brake, and a smooth, easy-to-operate lever to control motor speed.

The variable speed control with the lever is for optimal control when working. It has a separate on/off switch for easy and safe handling and a patented motor controller. Due to its brushless motor, there is no need to change brushes, reducing working time. 

There is constant speed under load, meaning no loss in efficiency under heavy pressure. The soft start of the motor protects the surface. Its continuous temperature monitoring in the motor and the controller card prolongs the lifetime of the tool. It features an electric brake motor and pad brake for easy and safe usage. The vibration reduction system minimizes the vibrations for your application.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Efficient
  • High quality
  • Constant speed
  • Minimal vibration


  • No abrasive paper

Features of the Mirka 2.5


The voltage is 120V. Mirka D2.5 is suitable for sanding purposes on almost all surfaces. 

Brushless motor

Its high-efficiency brushless motor gives this electric sander plenty of power to do the job quickly. Its performance is comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine, ensuring it maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. 


The unique symmetrical design makes it comfortable to use. It does not matter if used in the left hand, or right hand. Its body provides the option of a two-hand grip. Its low profile and low weight make it convenient to use.

The symmetrical machine is easy to switch between the right and left hand. There is more space for the ring finger and little finger, making it a more relaxed and controlled grip. The longer body enables an optional two-hand grip. It features an easy start/stop function with lever-controlled operation.

Backing pad

Mirka 2.5mm features a new type of backing pad, which has a central air inlet. That results in improved air flow and helps extract dust away from the center of the tool even faster ( 

Mirka 5

Although sanding drywall is tough, the Mirka 5 is a worthy adversary as a random orbital sander. The design makes your life easier. No other electric orbital sander offers this level of technology, advanced efficiency, and value for money. You should also see how to cover nail holes in drywall without paint.

Its innovative features allow you to finish your job in no time. The design allows you to leave the place with the best finish. It is better, faster, and cleaner. You do not have to worry about getting dust on the furniture because the vacuum attached gets rid of dust behind. That is also made possible due to its high-efficiency patented brushless motor.

The Mirka 5 has plenty of power to get the job done quickly. The innovative design of the brushless motor gives low sanding machines low maintenance, a long lifespan, and high speed. When it comes to dust, the Mirka 5 is a random orbital sander that keeps a clean workspace. 

The Mirka DEROS also has your health in mind looking at its design and low vibration level. Be aware of the harmful vibrations generated when working with electric sanders and the toll they can have on your arms.

There is a variety of selections to choose from. Minimal vibration help users avoid harmful vibrations. Mirka 5 is well equipped with an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low-energy technology for immediate calibration and smooth handling.


  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Ease of use
  • Smooth 
  • Minimal vibration 


  • Poor build quality 

Features of the Mirka 5

Dust extraction system

Since it connects to a dust extractor, the design has been optimized for airflow to absorb many sanding particles. The quality random orbital sander comes with an efficient vacuum extraction system.


Mirka orbital sander 5 features a unique, lightweight, ergonomic design that reduces vibration, and dust.  The sander’s ergonomic design allows either right or left-handed use, and the longer body provides the option of a two-hand grip.

Brushless motor

It also features a brushless motor, and the voltage is 120V. Its performance is comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine as it ensures it maintains a constant speed even under heavy load.  Designed for the professional woodworker, or enthusiast that sands many hours at a time (  

Backing pad

The backing pad features a central air inlet giving you improved airflow and helping extract dust away from the centre of the tool faster. 

Main differences

  • Mirka 2.5 is a smaller version of the Mirka 5.
  • The 5mm sander is more versatile than the 2.5mm.
  • The 2.5 mm orbit model is for finishing purposes, whereas the 5mm is for all stages.


  • Both sanders have a brushless motor.
  • They have the same design.
  • They are effective when it comes to dust collection.
  • Both sanding tools are easy to use.
  • They are orbital sanders.
  • The feature backing pads.

Price Comparison

Mirka 5mm is more affordable than 2.5mm.

What we like about the Mirka 2.5

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Speed

What could be better

  • More accessories would be beneficial.

Is the Mirk 2.5 better than the Mirka 5

Yes, due to the quality.

When to use the Mirka 5 instead of the 2.5

The Mirka 5 should be used in the initial stages of sanding. 

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