November 4, 2022

Mirka deros vs Festool Rotex 150

When it comes to Mirka deros vs Festool Rotex 150, there are a few key differences that you should know about. Although they are sanding tools from different manufacturers, they have some features in common. One of these features is a well-placed dust extraction system. What you prefer is going to lead you to your top pick. You might change your mind after going through a detailed review of both products below.

Overview of the Mirka deros

Mirka deros is an easy-to-use sanding tool known for its compact size and ergonomic design. Its simplicity does not compromise its efficiency, and it is available with several pad sizes and orbits to suit all needs, making it an ideal sander for all professionals. 

The Mirka Deros is the strongest, smooth random orbital sander with exceptional technology, advanced efficiency, and value for money.  Innovative features allow you to finish your job in no time. The design allows you to have the best finish. It is faster and cleaner. 

The vacuum attached leaves no trace of dust.  Its ergonomic design ensures that the sander is used comfortably for long periods without fatigue (Rigalit.It). Mirka Deros fits comfortably on your palm for easy grasping, widening your range when detailing.


  • Ease of use
  • Compact size
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable
  • Innovative 


  • Build quality could be better

Overview of the Festool Rotex 150 

The Festool Rotex 150 is a smooth sanding machine featuring a 6Amp motor that produces 3,300 to 6,800 orbits per minute. The rotary speed ranges from 320 to 660 rotations per minute. It weighs up to 5lb, making it lightweight. Its ergonomic design makes it beautiful and comfortable to use. The thumb-ready controls make it convenient. It uses a pad that is 6 inches in diameter. 

The Festool Rotex 150 sander is a hybrid tool in woodwork that sands and polishes material. The size may be cumbersome looking,  but it is not heavy. The durable sander is well-balanced. The sanding machine comes in a Systainer, giving the tool storage when not in use and your accessories. That makes the tool easy to transport when working away from home. 

The manual contains a diagram that shows you how to store each part. Plug the power cord at the back of the product and lock it in a twisting mode. The switch on top of the sander has to match the sander to the application. The aggressive switch mode is for material removal, and the random orbital mode allows you to sand the material.  


  • Soft start system
  • Speed variance
  • Aggressive
  • Leaves no scratches on the material
  • Smooth


  • Less affordable

Key features of the Mirka deros

Brushless motor

The brushless motor of the Mirka DEROS gives you more power. Its high-efficiency patented brushless motor gets the job done quickly. The innovative design of the brushless motor gives you low maintenance, a long lifespan, and more speed (


The lightweight sanding tool is easy to move around. Use it with two hands for heavy sanding applications like thick paint stripping. The low design gives you reasonable control over sanding since your hand is close to the surface.

Backing pad

The backing pad, combined with Mirka’s dust-free features, makes it easier to sand without dust and to avoid extra cleaning due to dust during the painting process. It also features a closed construction which prevents dust from entering the sander motor, where it can cause wear and damage.

The backing pad helps you get the most out of your net abrasive. It is available in various levels of softness, depending on what you are sanding. The fresh air channels on the pad support an increased airflow, thereby removing dust. 

Electric brake

The electric brake of the motor and pad brake is for easy and safe usage. It takes a few seconds to stop the sanding machine from running. 

Vibration reduction system

The vibration reduction system minimizes the vibrations for your main application. That reduces fatigue on your hand, prolonging your working hours. 

Key Features of the Festool Rotex 150

Safety features

It has a brake pad that avoids set-down and start-up gouges. The auxiliary handle prevents your hand from fatigue and vibrations since the tool is aggressive. It has a soft start that prevents the sanding machine from jerking your arm. 

Dust collection system

The sander features a Dust extraction port that is easy to remove with a slight push of the green button. It keeps the machine from dust due to an enclosed gear system that does not allow dust particles to enter the gearing and bearing unit. That makes the sanding machine durable. Foreign objects have no access to the sanding machine. The dust port is located at the bottom back of the sander, which increases the life of the pads.

Power and speed

The 6Amp motor has a speed rotary motion of 320 to 660 rotations per minute. It produces 3,300 to 6,800 orbits per minute. More power for tough applications is what you get. As much as the machine is fast, it remains accurate for fine applications. The speed variance allows you to maintain a constant speed on different loads.

Sanding pad

The sanding machine uses a sanding pad that is 6 inches in diameter. The sanding pad uses the hook and loop design, making it easy to remove and replace. The Fastfix pad allows the machine to operate without additional tools to change the sanding pads when the old one gets worn out. The sanding pad makes rotational and orbital patterns.

What could be better?

Mirka deros 

  • The build and quality could have been better.

Festool Rotex 150

  • A vacuum could have been better for dust removal.


  • Both sanders are low vibration.
  • Both tools offer a variety of pad options, a dust extractor, and sandpaper.
  • They are lightweight. 

Differences between Mirka deros and Festool Rotex 150

  • Mirka deros are more lightweight than Festool.
  • Mirka deros produce less vibration than the Festool.
  • Mirka is more versatile, while Festool is more of a surface sander.


The Festool Rotex 150 ranges from 481 to 600, whereas Mirka deros darts from 663 to more than 1000.


What might make you choose the Festool Rotex is the dual-action. You are allowed to sand and polish using the same tool. The soft-start keeps you safe from the sander. It is a quality tool with a speed variance system that allows you to keep your speed constant on different applications. Mirka deros have a consistent scratch pattern. Mirka deros are the ideal tool when moving up to great heights and sand straight down the wall without adjusting your body. For a tool that sands and polishes, you may pick the Festool. I assume you already have your pick.

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