January 9, 2023

Powermatic pm 1000 VS pm2000

Choosing between Powermatic pm 1000 and pm2000 can be a headache since they have similar features. However, with enough information, you will not struggle. Compare power, weight, design, and fence system to see what serves your interests better. Below is a comparison between the two. 

Overview of the Powermatic Pm1000

The PM1000 is one of the most affordable cabinet saws. It is ideal for smaller hobbyist wood shops, and you do not spend a fortune on the machine. However, that does not compromise the quality and features of the cabinet saw.

The table top is cast iron and has a rip capacity of 30 inches, extendable up to 50 inches. The PM1000 accepts blades up to 10 inches, giving you a maximum cutting height of over 3 inches. 

It comes with two riving knives for safety. The saw blade guard can be mounted, and a low-profile one. They rise and fall, and tilt according to the blade.

These riving knives can be removed and attached without tools, making them each to use and reducing your work time. An arbor lock allows for one-handed blade changes using minimal tools. Its precision-ground cast iron work surface features a beveled edge for smoother operation. It has a toolless guard assembly with independent side leaves, which is easy to use. 


  • Ease of use
  • No vibration
  • Precise
  • Smooth
  • Durability
  • Cost-Effective Motor
  • Safe


  • Less cutting capacity
  • Shorter Fence

Powermatic pm2000

The powermatic model 2000 table saw is a 3-horsepower, 230-volt saw with a 50-inch ACCU-FENCE. It is a left tilting saw with an arbor lock. The lock permits faster and safer blade changes using only one wrench, allowing you to finish your project quickly. 

It is accompanied by a riving knife, with a quick release for consistent and safer cuts. What separates this cabinet saw from the rest is the cast iron base. It has a stable foundation and integrated retractable casters, making the absence of a mobile base unnecessary. 

The retractable casters are cranked up or down by the two-stage handwheel on the side of the cabinet. What determines the cost of your cabinet saw is the type of base. 

Power to the blade is delivered through a Poly–volt belt, an efficient method of transferring power. The saw features a micro-adjust miter gauge with 10-inch cast iron extension wings for a large work surface. There is a cast iron trunnion for a more stable system with no vibration.


  • Durability
  • Efficient 
  • Ease of use
  • Stable 
  • Adjustability
  • Safe
  • Sturdy Design


  • Heavy 
  • Not affordable 

Features of pm1000


It features a 1.75HP motor, wired standard at 115V but can be rewired for 230V. Follow the instructions provided in the manual. 


The Accu-Fence features HDPE sides, a steel center, riding on a steel extrusion mounted to the side of the tabletop.

Riving knives

The PM1000 has two riving knives, one which can fit the blade guard, and has a low profile. It works on through cuts, dados and grooves. 

Closed base and  dust collection

The PM1000 has a closed stand which helps to add rigidity and stability. An improved dust collection system is what you get (Bobvila.com).


The blade on the PM1000 has a dust shroud that catches most dust falling underneath the saw blade. That is how high-quality dust collection is.


The PM1000 has an easy-to-reach, hands-free emergency off-switch. Turn it off by pressing the big red switch with your sides. It becomes handy if your hands are on top of the table,  holding a workpiece. It keeps your fingers safe by turning the machine off in time.

Features of pm2000


Powermatic pm2000 has a rugged design for smooth operation, giving you quality, efficient functionality, and long-term durability. The trunnion mechanism makes this possible, featuring a rigid, box-style cast-iron construction, high-end bearings, and a conical-shaped worm gear drive. It gives you a solid feel of the tilt and height adjustment.

A large spinner handle makes blade height and bevel adjustments effortless. You can hardly have the loosening of the hand wheels on their shafts since they are locked in place with machined grooves and keys.

Poly-V Drive Belt System

The 5/8-inch diameter arbor is precision machined from stress-proof steel for accuracy. It accepts stacked dado sets up to 13/16-inch wide. The push-button arbor lock makes for rapid blade changes, while a high-quality poly-V drive belt system transmits more power without slippage (Felder-group.com).

Tables and Extensions

The cast-iron surfaces ensure a smooth, mar-free work surface that provides more support for big projects. They have both a front- and rear-edge bevel for hassle-free workpiece positioning. The cast-iron tabletop expands to 42 inches long when the standard cast-iron extension wings are bolted up, giving you more space for even large workpieces.

On/Off switch

The PM2000 also features a newly designed magnetic On/Off switch for safety. A removable key disables the switch when not in place to prevent accidental start-ups. A quick-release riving knife reduces kickback risk.

High-Tech Guard System

The PM2000’s blade guard and riving knife system can be adjusted tool-free for the job. Since the riving knife is on the blade mechanism, the gap between it and the blade never changes during height or angle adjustments. That maintains its safety in all cutting situations.

Accu-Fence System

An industrial-duty 50-inch Accu-Fence System gives you accurate cuts, and adjustable angle indicators on the blade bevel scale are for repeatable bevel cuts. Its micro-adjust miter gauge with a 13-inch extension fence ensures a stable workpiece. support and easy fine-angle adjustments.


Its cast-iron base has a built-in retractable, four-wheel caster system to facilitate movement in and around the shop.

What could have been better 

Powermatic Pm1000

  • Alignment could have been better.
  • The fence could have been longer.

Powermatic Pm2000

  • It could have been lighter.
  • More models would have been more affordable.


  • Both saws are large-sized machines.
  • Both have an increased cutting capacity.
  • Both are high-end saws.


  • Powermatic PM1000 weighs 450 pounds with a smaller dimension, while the PM2000 is much heavier at 600 pounds.
  • Powermatic PM2000 features a 3-horsepower, 1 ph, 15 Amp, and 230V motor that promotes the blade’s rotation at 4200 rpm, whereas a powermatic PM1000 runs on a less powerful motor with 1.75-horsepower and 115V usage.
  • Powermatic PM2000 has a 50-inch fence, whereas PM1000 has a fence system at 30 inches. 
  • Powermatic PM2000 is nearly twice the price of Powermatic PM1000.

The verdict

In summation, the above cabinet saws are almost similar but also have unique features. For a durable saw machine, Powermatic pm2000 may be your ideal tool. If you are a small hobbyist, you may go for the pm1000, also for users running under a slum budget. I assume you have made your pick already.

David D. Hughes

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