March 12, 2021

Shop Fox W1837 VS Grizzly G0771Z: Which One is the Better Hybrid Table Saw?

When choosing between Shop Fox W1837 vs Grizzly G0771Z, it may come down to which of the two machines gives you the features you need for your project. They are quite similar in price and features, but some differences exist.

The differences are in safety features, base, blade size, portability and mobility, cutting power, motor and dust control system. I’ll walk you through the cutting experience both offer as you weigh the drawbacks you can do without and the advantages that suit your preferences.

Overview of the Shop Fox W1837

It is a hybrid table saw that comes with an open stand. It is lightweight, which makes it convenient to move around. It weighs up to 243 lbs. The rip capacity is 15 inches to the left and 30 inches to the right. The blade is 10 inches, the standard size for a heavy-duty saw. 

The blade guard is very easy to change, and the kickback pawls protect you. The base is mobile and strong. The saw rises as soon as you push down the levers. The powerful, two-horsepower motor makes the tool. It needs 120V/240Volts. It neither makes noise nor vibrates since it is of solid cast iron. It has built-in caster wheels, and it is adjustable. 


  • Convenient
  • Precise cut into plywood
  • Lasts longer
  • Well-aligned miter gauge
  • Anti-kickback pawls


  • The start button requires more effort.
  • Difficult to use on thick pieces of wood

Key Features of the Shop Fox W1837

Dust port

An enclosed stand seals the tool, which reduces inhaling dust. The blade guard has wings that are flexible enough to prevent the leaking of dust from both sides. It has a vacuum system paired with any of the four dust ports.

Safety features

The riving knife protects you from the blade. It comes with thermal protection that prevents thermal overload protection. The chances are low that there will be a fluctuating current. 

Belt system

It has a Poly-V serpentine belt system that is efficient in distributing power. It does not make noise when in use as the standard V-belts. 


The table is more durable as it is of heated iron. That makes it solid. It is flat and gives a beautiful finish that looks like a mirror. The table has T-slots that keep your miter in place. 


It comes with a 2-HP motor. It is easy to use on softwood and works better on hardwood. 


The blade is a 10-inch diameter blade with 40 teeth that are efficient on hardwood and softwood. It tilts up to 45 degrees. The height of the blade is adjustable, and the angle. That makes it convenient. The blade makes the 3450 rotations per minute possible.  

Overview of the Grizzly G0771Z

The Grizzly G0771Z is a hybrid saw with a 14Amp, 240V motor that makes 3450 rotations per minute. The table of solid cast iron is heated for durability. It is flat and gives a mirror-like finish. The table has more working space. It comes in a T-shape that keeps the miter gauge in place. 

It is compatible with dado blades that are up to 13/16inches. The diameter of the arbor is 5/8 inches in diameter. It has a 4-inch dust port and cast iron trunnions. It also comes with a two-horsepower motor that can rip through hardwoods. It makes straight lines and accurate cuts. The performance is exceptional. It would help if you had an additional blade for crosscutting and ripping. The machine makes a bit of noise.


  • Easy to mount
  • Customizable T-shaped fence
  • Accurate dial indicator
  • Great construction
  • Attractive price


  • Fixed wheelbase
  • Slow on the thick oak

Key Features of the Grizzly G0771Z


The saw makes 3450 rotations per minute. That increases the speed of the machine. It means that the capacity also increases. Cutting through hardwood is made easy. Soft materials are easy to cut. The power cable is short. 

Max depth

The maximum depth cut at 90 degrees is 3.25 inches; at 45 degrees, it goes down to 2.25 inches.

Safety features

The two safety features that the machine comes with are a riving knife and blade guard. The riving knife prevents kickbacks. The blade guard protects your fingers from getting cut. It makes you see the cutting activity.

Dust collection

The dust collection system is efficient. Sawdust is collected due to the 4inch dust collector that is highly effective. 

Similarities between Shop Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z

  • They fall into the same category, a combination of the contractor and the cabinet table saw.
  • They are lightweight, which makes them convenient to use.
  • The table saws have potent motors.
  • They are under 1000, which is a reasonable price considering the designs and efficiency in performance.
  • The Shop Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z use a two-horsepower motor system. They can be wired to the 120-volt and 240-volt circuits. That means they can draw to sockets that range between 18 to 24 amps with ease.
  • They are fitted with a 4-inch dust port that keeps your workshop clean of scattered wood chips when working.
  • They both use a 10-inch carbide-tipped blade with 40 teeth. It can rip hardwoods. The edges are adjustable up to 45 degrees to the left, and the blades can send a quick release and accurate rip.
  • Effortless miters and beveled angles
  • Both products have safety features. That includes a quick-release blade guard and a riving knife that prevents small wood chips from getting at the backside of the blade, resulting in a kickback.  
  • Their fence system comes with rear and front locking capability.
  • They can make Dado cuts when you replace the blade with a dado blade.
  • They come with a T-slot miter gauge for blade alignment.

Differences between Shop Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z


The Shop Fox W1837N has a kickstand and a wheelbase below. The features make the user drag them both forward and backwards with ease. However, the Grizzly G0771Z does not come with a built-in mobile base. 

Safety features

The Shop Fox W1837 has a paddle safety switch and a split blade guard that protects you from cutting, whereas the Grizzly G0771Z has a safety switch with a removable start key. The Shop fox w1837 has a transparent blade guard. The Grizzly g0771z does not have anti-kickback pawls. 


The Fox w1837 has a blade that tilts when making bevel and miter cuts, whereas the Grizzly G0771Z does not tilt.

Cost Comparison Shop Fox W1837 vs Grizzly G0771Z

Considering the design and performance, the products are under 1000 is a reasonable price. However, The Shop fox W1837 costs more than 800. 


The Grizzly g0771z is easy to assemble mount, and has an adjustable T-shaped fence, an accurate dial indicator, and excellent construction. It does not have anti-kickback devices. It does not have an integrated mobile base.

The Shop Fox w1837 is lightweight and portable. The tiltable blade has a transparent blade guard. The Shop Fox W1837 has a paddle safety switch and a split blade guard that protects you from the cutting blade. The Shop Fox w1837 has a tiltable blade for mitre and bevel cuts, while the Grizzly G0771Z does not. The Shop Fox W1837 is the best choice if you have a small budget.

David D. Hughes

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