April 13, 2022

Which Dremel bit cuts glass

DREMEL Glass Drilling Bit (662)

The Dremel Glass Drilling Bit 662 is ideal for cutting holes in glass. It is a thin, glass drilling bit that works on straight or curved material. It allows you to drill 3.2mm diameter holes with DREMEL cordless tools.

This diamond-impregnated core-style bit features superior long life. It is for drilling holes in flat and contoured surfaces such as glass or ceramic walls. It features a diamond grit that is full 360 degrees around the bit’s circumference, allowing it to be used in a rasping action to enlarge a hole if needed.

When cutting a hole, ensure your workpiece is well secured and not apply excessive pressure to avoid cracking the glass. Apply cooling liquid or water to the material. Hold your tool at a 45-degree angle to go into the material.

Gradually lift your tool to make a 90-degree drill. Apply drops of water or cooling liquid to the workpiece for a clean drill operation. You can remove the material’s accessory to apply water or cooling liquid. It is for use with cordless tools only. 

Best Dremel bit for cutting glass

Diamond Drill Bit Set

It is a glass drill bit made of industrial-grade carbon steel with a nickel-plated coated body to resist corrosion. The fine quality is super wear-resistant and sharp. Each hole has a smooth and accurate surface treatment, and the top of the hole is thickened to achieve excellent cutting strength. That makes it a high-quality bit. 

The Tile Hole Saw ranges from size 6 to 50 mm to meet various demands. It is also used on Drill Glass, Wood, Tile Bottles, Blocks Jars, Ceramic, Slate Mable, Granite Light Stone, and other hard surfaces. Keep adding water when the diamond drill bits work on the glass or ceramics. Low drill pressure and increased water lubrication will extend drill bit life.

The edge of the hole is thick enough to cut the strongest surfaces. The saws can form a precise size of holes in your projects according to your choice. This tool is made with a premium level of carbon steel, meaning the glass will not get damaged if you use this unit to drill the surface. That avoids chemical reactions with the glass.

The unit is covered with nickel so that it can be waterproof. If the diamond bit is exposed to water, this will not shred the unit’s lifespan. Each application from this tool will pierce the surface due to its superior handiwork form.

However, using drill bits for glass or other surfaces may require practice beforehand, so you do not cut yourself. You can use this on a scrap piece to avoid uncertainty.

You have to drill by creating low pressure to ensure longevity with this unit. This device is also for surfaces such as glass, ceramic, porcelain tiles, slate marble, etc.

Dremel glass and stone kit

This Dremel Rotary Tool Accessory Kit performs all glass and stone applications, making it a flexible addition to your gear. It provides the organized storage of popular Dremel accessories. This Dremel glass and stone kit offers a reusable storage case with a clear lid and lift-out tray to organize the included bits easily. 

The kit consists of diamond wheel points, silicon carbide grinding stones, a diamond drill flip bit, a mandrel, emery-impregnated discs, and a diamond wheel. The woodworking tool kit fits smoothly in a compact case so that you can easily carry it with you. 

The Dremel has a part number of 736-01. It is simple to use, ensuring you can get your projects working as desired. The case is easy to open and close. The Dremel Rotary Tool Accessory Kit will make a handy gift for a friend or loved one who enjoys working on projects.

Dremel diamond bits for glass

You must use a diamond drill bit if you want to drill through hard materials such as glass. Diamond Core Drills allow good water circulation and stay cooler while drilling. The diamond drill bits range from 0.75mm to 60mm, which are premium quality drills.

For very small precision holes for jewelry-making purposes and precision holes in all glass, precious stone, or porcelain tile. The small diamond drill bits have a solid, flat end or tip. These are available in sizes as small as 0.75mm – 3mm. Take a look at the below picture.

Diamond Tipped Drill Bits 

DO NOT use diamond drill bits on metal, softwood, plaster, or soft plastic. These materials are too soft and will cause the diamonds on your drill bit to clog up. When drilling holes in soft metals, plastics, and wood, use High-Speed Steel drill bits (HSS), and for drilling holes in hard metals, use Carbide Drill Bits.

Diamond is the hardest material; therefore, anything else can be cut or drilled with it. If you are cutting or drilling through tough materials such as Sapphire, you need a lot of patience and perhaps more drill bits than you would if you were drilling a hole through the glass.

Glass cutting rotary bit

The diamond-impregnated cutting bit is for long life. It features a diamond grit around the circumference of the bit that allows it to rasp a larger hole if needed. It drills holes in both flat and contoured glass. The holes on the side of the bit allow the removal of material.

1/8″ Spiral

This spiral 1/8″ spiral uncut straight bit is perfect for making very small precise finger joints on the router table. 

1/4″ Straight

The 1/4″ up-cut bit is excellent for routing dados and grooves in particleboard, plywood, and laminate. It ensures consistently smooth finish cuts with superior wear resistance.

1/4″ Hex

The hex bits are solid tool steel, and the part attached to the bit itself is strong.

1/4″ Diamond

It drills 1/4 in. holes in ceramic/porcelain tile and glass · Diamond-welded tip offers long life and durability ·

1/4″ Ball Nose

The small round nose allows for both detail and stock removal. The two-flute, up-cut spiral design keeps debris away from the cutting edge for clean results.

1/4″ Spiral

It is for use on CNC, other automatic routers, and hand-held and table-mounted portable routers. This bit is excellent for grooves and dadoes in composite materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods.

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