June 17, 2021

Best Deck Paint for Old Wood | 11 Products You Should Check Out

There is a lot of confusion about what the best deck paint for old wood is. Many of the products listed in the store are not the best choices if you have old decking. That’s because the older the wood, the more it tends to fade over time, and changing the color does nothing to prevent that from happening.

If you’ve ever been on a DIY project, you’ve most likely had to deal with the topic of paint, either on the wall, deck, or something else. Although there are many products on the market, the one you use will depend on the type of wood you’re working with. We will review some top products to help you pick the best. 

Ready Seal Stain and Sealer

Ready seal stain and sealer is self-priming. The first application produces a darker color. With time it changes to its color. That takes about 14 days. Since sealed surfaces inhibit penetration, avoid applying the seal over painted or newly stained surfaces. 

Use a sprayer, roller, or brush for perfect paint. No back brushing is required since there are no runs or laps left. The seal blends itself. There is no wet-line application. A temperature range is for the process. 

No diluting or thinning is needed. It is not demanding when it comes to maintenance. For re-application, you do not sand or strip off old paint.

INSL-X Acrylic coating

The coating contains 100% Acrylic enamel formula. It has impressive wearing qualities that make it last longer. It is resistant to abrasion and ideal for interior and exterior use. 

The formula makes a smooth and durable coverage. It is an excellent product for professional use. The convenience that lies in the coating is easy cleaning. The process requires soap and water. 

You are allowed to use it on floors, patios, and other outdoor furniture. It comes in brown color and one-gallon size. The gallon has the capacity of covering 350 square feet. 

Seal-Once Marine Wood Sealer

The paint is a 2-in-1 product that consists of a sealer and stain. It is waterproof, and that prolongs its life on wood surfaces. The VOC formula is for high-moisture areas that protect your decks and walls. 

Applying it over fresh and saltwater does not change its performance. It is safe for your environment. It does not contain harmful chemicals that are toxic to pets, people, and plants. It is the same as an oil-based sealer. 

Nanotechnology allows it to penetrate deep. It operates at the cellular level. There is a flexible barrier that prevents warping, rot, and cupping. 

Varathane 269394 Wood Stain

Varathane wood stain is ideal for all interior wood projects such as outdoor furniture, cabinets, and doors. One coat is enough for your wood surface. It dries quickly, and it is oil-based. 

The formula dries within an hour. The container covers up to 275 square feet. Its maximum performance has a stain system that contains nano pigment particles. The pigments do not change the natural color of the wood surface. 

Instead, it enhances the beauty of the natural color. It comes in 26 colors. As it penetrates deep inside, the stain seals the wood pores. No wood conditioner is needed. Sanding in the direction of the grain is considered the perfect way. 

KILZ Exterior Paint

KILZ paint is self-priming. That makes it budget-friendly. It is resistant to cracking, peeling, and fading. The coverage protects the wood from natural disasters. The exterior paint is oil/water-based that protects it from adhesion and prolongs its life. 

It is considered the perfect paint for vertical exterior wood surfaces. Remove peeling paint, dirt, and debris before painting. It dries in 2-3 hours and before you make a second coating, give the surface 6 to 8 hours to dry. 

One gallon covers 200 square feet. For a smooth and non-porous surface on your wood, the gallon covers 500 square feet per gallon.  A wet edge makes the application even. No matter the application method you choose, back-brush and back-roll are required. 

Jetcoat Exterior Paint

The waterproof paint is a water-based formula. It is fade-resistant and contains UV inhibitors that make it last longer. It is easy to apply using a spray, brush, and roller. The finish is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

It resists fading, peeling, and weathering. One coat is considered enough for complete coverage. Consider the porosity of the wood surface furniture so that you know the quantity of paint you need. 

It is ideal for multiple surfaces. It protects and enhances the natural beauty of wood. For quick fixes, it gives a matte finish. It is easy to apply.

Deck Wood Stain

The finish hides the wood grain and gives maximum protection to the wood surface. It neither fades nor peels with time. It does not gray. It is protected from UV rays. It is a 2-in-1 product that contains a stain and a sealer. 

It is a perfect product for an existing wood stain. It has good adhesion. It comes in six beautiful colors, and the solid color dries to a flat, natural look. There is no odor.

The cleaning process is easy since the paint is water-based. It works perfectly on both horizontal and vertical wood surfaces. The performance remains the same for pressure-treated lumber. 

#1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain for Decks

The transparent wood stain preserves the natural color of the wood surface. It protects the old wood from fading and graying. Applying the wood stain on hardwood does not require multiple, frequent coats. 

However, softwood needs multiple coatings. It also adds color to your surface. It comes in five beautiful colors. The exterior wood surface has a natural-looking finish. The cleaning process is easy. 

You are required to use soap and water. It works on damp wood. You do not have a long waiting period when you are cleaning. The old wood deck becomes dry so that it becomes ready to stain

CABOT SAMUEL 25200-07 Stain

The stain is easy to use. It lasts long. It covers old wood and corrects the wood. The weathered exterior wood is rejuvenated when using the wood stain. The stain contains polycarbonate that fills cracks. 

It prevents splinters and gives a skid-resistant wood surface. That makes it friendly for barefoot users. It is ideal for worn-out wood. The stain is easy to apply. It does not come tinted. 

If you do not know how to mix it, ask for advice from the manufacturer. The wood surface becomes brand new. The coverage is thick hence maximum protection.

Storm system Sealer and Stain Protector

The protector is oil-based that adds beauty to the wood grain. The sealer penetrates deep into the wood. That protects the surface from natural elements. It is compatible with multiple wood types

 such as mahogany, cedar, and redwood. 

It is ideal for decks, fences, and sliding. It is better as a wood fence protector. It is easy to apply using a brush, roller, or spray. 

It contains UV protectors that protect your wood from the sun’s rays. It is considered a good deck stain. The thick coat does not leave the surface with drips. 

Durabak 18 Non-slip coating

Durabak 18 has a protective coating that contains polyurethane. It protects your old wood from moisture. It is ideal for outdoor use since it protects wood from direct sunlight. 

It is tough and flexible at the same time. The chances of having your wood attacked by water are slim. You can safely walk over the surface since it is slip-resistant. DIY enthusiasts have an easy coating that gives a professional finish. 

You are allowed to choose between a roller, brush, and spray for easy application. It bonds to concrete, wood, and pre-coated surfaces. It is also easy to repair. Stir and apply the coat on a prepared surface. 


The best deck paint for old wood is a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider, such as the type of wood and your budget. We hope this post has helped you narrow down what might be the best option for your home or business needs. If you still have questions about which product will work best on any given surface, feel free to reach out!

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