May 28, 2021

A Few More Wood Lathe Projects for Beginners

Woodturning projects for beginners

If you want something to start a woodturning project with, you have come to the right place. We have a great collection of woodturning projects for beginners, and this post will show you how to make one of these projects yourself. We have already written about this in this post post.

You can make wood-turning tools and furnish your workshop with hardwood furniture. Everyday woodworking tasks include turning bowls and dishes and cutting wood into boards. One of the woodturning tools is the wood lathe. The lathe shapes the wood into various bowls, chisels, and other woodworking tools.

Wooden bowl

Making a bowl is satisfying if you do it right. As a beginner, start with small and shallow bowls 8 inches in diameter. A large opening is not a challenge because it will give you easy access when you start designing the inside of the bowl. In this case, you will have time to focus on mastering the cuts. Solid sharpening techniques are needed for the project (4.6). It is ideal to start with softwood.

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Handles of Kitchen Tools

Design the handles that you want to make. You have to glue up some of the parts to achieve some designs. Turn the wood following the steps that make the design. If you are making handles for kitchen tools with holes, I advise you to add some hooks on a horizontal piece of wood (4.7). 

Tea Light Holder

Gather your materials and the equipment needed. In this case, you need a wood lathe. Rough out the wood and start shaping the top and sides, creating a hollow for the light. Flip it over as you shape and finish the bottom (4.5). The holder needs sanding and finishing, leaving it with a beautiful and delicate touch.

Wooden Rings

Making rings is similar to making bangles. However, wooden rings are more petite than bangles, making them intricate. Wooden rings work best with hardwoods. For a beginner, that is challenging since hardwood is difficult to turn. Wooden rings and wooden bangles work hand in hand. Walnut and hickory are the best wood for wooden rings. Be attentive to the size of the rings before you make them bigger into bangles (4.8).

Rolling Pin

There is a wide range of styles and shapes. The rolling pin is a good starting point for a beginner. Know how to use the roughing gouge and the skew chisel. I encourage you to try different lengths and diameters. That broadens up your market and sharpens your skills at the same time. That is how the level of your creativity is shown (4.7).

Candle Stools/Doll Furniture

A candle stool is functional enough to make on a wood lathe and is quick and easy to make. Even a kid can make a candle stool. It consists of four parts. You are allowed to make candle stands of various sizes. Use it as a doll stool or as an elevated weed pot stand. It is a versatile item. I give it a rating of 4.9.

Staved Goblets

Goblets are a bit challenging (4.1). The process involves a block of wood shaped into a goblet. A beginner should not go for a staved goblet. As you progress, it will be a good idea, and it is ideal for an intermediate user. 

Wooden Bangles

Making a bangle requires basic skills. These are movements and techniques of turning. The chances are high that you will make attempts before you produce a perfect bangle. You have to make bangles that you wax and buff up. The size of the wood piece you need for a bangle depends on the size of the bangle and the quantity. Flattening and roughing the block of wood is part of the process. Smoothen the outside and sand for finishing. Wooden bangles are easy for starters (4.8).

Weed Pots

Weed pots are economical. The hole inside the pot is drilled, and it has to be wide enough to accommodate the stems of weeds. That does not mean it holds water for a long time. However, the plants survive for a day or two. Pots are easy to create, and it sharpens your skills. Standard pots are easy to make and help you master smoothening skills. You have the chance to practice creativity since the variations do not limit you. I give the pots a rating of 4.6. 

Pepper Grinders

It is a beautiful wood piece that comes in different shapes and sizes. The lathe requirements limit the size of the pepper grinder, and your choice of wood has to be perfect for a fine piece of work. The process includes drilling the interior of the grinder. Pepper grinders require some skill, so I tag them to the 4.6 ratings.

Wood Trivets

You make your wood trivet using scrap wood. The skills to be applied to the task are similar to bowl making. The face of the trivet has to be flat and the edge profile shaped. Trivets protect surfaces from pots and dishes. Look for multiple designs so that you choose the best. Wood trivets are on a 4.3 rating.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are popular in multiple households. They are a necessity since you have to use them on your bottle. Bottle openers allow you to design what you want. You have various designs to choose from when you want to make one. If you are creative, you can create dozens of ideas and shapes. I give it a 4.6.

Honey Dippers

Gather your materials and equipment for a honey dipper. Oakwood is ideal for the grinder. I urge you to do research and design. Use a table saw to cut the wood to an octagon shape. Turn, sanded, and saw the dipper. The wood is secured onto the lathe machine. If you are not sure about your equipment, do tests. The octagon shape to a beginner is complex, which is why it is on 4.2.

Bottle Stoppers

A bottle opener is an advanced item in woodwork. However, the complications are bearable for first-time woodworkers. Making a bottle opener sharpens your skills in the woodwork industry. You need to be patient, and you need a bottle opener kit. The hand-made gift is quick to turn and uses a small square of wood. That is an economic woodwork project that helps you master spindle turning techniques. I rate bottle stoppers on 4.5.

Bud Vase

A wooden vase has a beautiful effect on your home decoration. It holds flowers, and the project is different from other items. What makes it a vase is hollowing out of the middle portion, and drilling a hole cannot substitute for the hollowing process. You are allowed to custom-make your vase in any size of your choice. The rating is 4.3.

Wooden Toys

Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build 24 Cars and Trucks Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Auburn in.Boattailin. Speedster

Toys dominate the woodwork industry. There is a wood piece for your toy for every project you are running. I advise you to try making a wide range of toys and toys that you will not have to store in your workshop. If you are running out of ideas, think of your favorite toys growing up. You have a wide range of toys to make, and you can choose to stick to traditional toys. Flexibility rewards toy-making with a 4.5.

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Turned Birdhouse Ornament - Downloadable Plan

Creating a house for birds is a noble and humanitarian idea, providing shelter to stray and homeless birds. There are tools needed to ease the task for you. That includes the drill, a pine board, plywood, a saw, a dowel rod, and a PVC pipe. Cut the plywood and pine squares into appropriate sizes and drill holes on the pine board. The boards are attached to the plywood base using a hammer and nails. Since a birdhouse requires a lot of equipment, I give it a 4.2.

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Wooden Spoons

wooden spoons

Making a spoon sharpens your turning skills. Here’s a tutorial on how to make wooden spoons. It allows you to start making kitchen utensils in large quantities. You must master turning wooden spoons that impress the one who will use them. You need more equipment, such as a wood lathe chuck and a tool rest. Good quality varnish is used on the spoon and should not be exposed to food, even if the wood is safe. I rate it 4.3.

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Which is your favorite Wood Lathe Project for beginners? There are many wood lathe projects that beginners can take on. Some of these projects will be more difficult, but we have ranked them based on how challenging they are, so you know what to expect. If all this sounds overwhelming and you need help with your project or want some advice for the next one, reach out to us! We’re always happy to assist our customers in any way possible. You can get your project to a flying start by getting a Wood Project Planner.

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