April 19, 2022

Grizzly g0842 Review

The Grizzly G0842 Wood Lathe has a copy attachment that allows you to reproduce stair spindles or chair and table legs up to 32inch long using a template or master workpiece. The copying attachment also drops out of the way for typical turning operations.

It is powered by a 3/4 HP motor with a variable-speed spindle. The G0842 allows for 37 inches of turning between 600–2400 RPM centers. It turns bowls or plates by mounting a workpiece to the 6inch faceplate. The adjustable 12inch comprehensive tool rest slides along the length of the lathe bed and locks in a position where you want it

The lathe motor hangs over the back and makes this top-heavy. However, the legs are very flimsy and narrow-spaced. It is bound to flip, so mount it on a 2ft wide wooden workbench to make it sturdy and safer.

The other drawback is that the tailstock mounting and clamping make it impossible to align the headstock and tailstock centers. Finding the right spot where the centers are aligned takes a lot of trial and error so the workpiece does not wobble and vibrate. The tailstock clamping requires that you grab a wrench to loosen and tighten the clamp. Look for a quick clamping design to make operation easier.

The tool rest clamping is poor. During turning operations, the tool rest is moved and adjusted frequently. The tool rest design also requires the user to grab a wrench to loosen, adjust and retighten the rest.

Grizzly g0842


  • Speed variance 
  • Versatile
  • Adjustability 
  • Durable
  • Powerful


  • Poor design



Grizzly g0842 features a 3/4 Horsepower with a copy attachment. That makes it ideal for the hobby furniture maker. With a 110V, 3/4 HP motor and variable-speed spindle, this machine will allow you to reproduce stair spindles or chair and table legs up to 32inch long using a template or master. The copying attachment also drops out of the way for turning new spindles.

The full-load current is not the maximum amount of amps that the lathe machine draws. If the lathe machine is overloaded, it will draw additional amps beyond the full-load rating.

If the machine is for a sufficient time, damage, overheating, or fire may result if connected to an undersized circuit. To reduce the risk of these hazards, avoid overloading the machine during operation and connect to a power supply circuit that meets the specified circuit requirements. A 2hp lathe is a heavy-duty machine for professionals (Awwforum.com

Adjusting Tool Rest

Tighten all tool rest locks before beginning. The tool rest is equipped with a cam-action clamping system to secure it. When the base lock lever is tightened, a clamping plate lifts and secures the tool rest to the bed. If the tool rest moves unexpectedly during operation.

The Grizzly G0842 comes with a three-way adjustable tool rest. It is a 12inch Tool Rest with a 20mm Post. Use the base lock lever to secure the tool rest along the length of the bed, the pivot arm lock lever to secure the tool rest at a working distance from the workpiece, or the tool rest lock lever to adjust the height and angle of the tool rest relative to the workpiece. 

Spindle Turning 

When turning the lathe ON, stand outside the path of the rotating workpiece until the lathe reaches full speed. Select the correct speed for the size of the workpiece you are turning. Use the slowest speed when starting or stopping the lathe and rough cutting. 

Keep the turning tool on the rest the whole time it gets to the workpiece and is in contact with it. Learn the correct techniques for each lathe tool you will use.


Copy attachment 

The G0842 Wood Lathe with Copy Attachment allows you to reproduce stair spindles or chair and table legs up to 32inch long using a template or master workpiece. The copying attachment also drops out of the way for typical turning operations.

The copying attachment needs installation for copy operations. Once these are complete, remove the copying attachment since it can interfere with typical turning operations. 

Follow the instructions to install the copying attachment onto the copy attachment bracket. To remove the copying attachment, repeat the installation process in reverse, and move the bracket against the headstock so it does not interfere with the positioning of the tool rest. 

The copying attachment can also be at the right end of the bed so it does not interfere with the tool rest or tailstock during turning operations. That reduces the maximum workpiece size due to the shorter distance between centers.


The powerful machines come with a 2-horsepower motor that runs at 110 Volts. 


The machine operates from 600–2400 RPM. That gives you more control over the bandsaw machine as you can adjust it. The quick-release blade tension lever and the fence scale give you more control. That amounts to precision over cuts.

Select a speed within the set range by pulling out the speed control lever and turning it to the right to increase RPM or to the left to decrease the  RPM. Due to the design of the pulley system, RPMs outside this range are unattainable. Use the digital readout as a guide.

Always choose the correct spindle speed for your operation. Using the wrong speed may lead to the workpiece breaking loose or being thrown from the lathe at a high rate of speed, causing fatal injuries. Use the speed lever to adjust the spindle speed within each range.


Use the two included 32mm flat wrenches to tighten the 6inch faceplate. Use the faceplate when you need to remove material from the face of the workpiece, such as during hollowing operations. Install the faceplate if the spur center is absent from the spindle.

When installing, make sure the internal threads of the faceplate and the threads are free of any debris, then wipe the threads with an oiled rag to aid in the installation and removal. It protects and enhances the design and appearance of the device (Techopedia.com).


A sturdy cast iron construction makes the machine durable and worth the investment. 


The G0842 comes with a 1-year warranty, covering parts and assuring the unit is free from factory defects. That appears to all the Grizzly models.


Grizzly g0842 is one of the best professional lathes that you might go for. What makes it a competing machine is the copy attachment feature. The price is affordable, and you can still use it as an amateur or for your professional projects. However, you can still have quality work without some features. Pay attention to the needs of your projects before you make a decision.

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