February 15, 2022

Using Circular Saw as Table Saw

How does a circular saw work?

Many carpenters’ first instrument of choice when working is a circular saw. A circular saw is a power saw that cuts various materials. It uses a rotary motion spinning around an arbor and a toothed or abrasive disc or blade. It’s great for making long, straight cuts and shaping and sizing store-bought lumber to fit the job. It’s also known as a skill saw and is one of the most user-friendly woodworking power tools for novices.

Please choose the right blade for the job, secure it with the arbor nut, and adjust the soleplate for the right height and bevel. When you’re ready to cut, plug the Saw into an outlet, grip the handle tightly, align the blade close (but not touching) the mark to be cut. Press the safety switch, and then press the trigger switch.

Follow the cut line slowly. When done, make sure the end of the wood you’re cutting is retained and won’t split owing to the weight. Remember that the teeth are sharp and are not ideal on surfaces they could harm for safety reasons.

What is a circular saw good for?

Circular saws are great for making long, straight cuts and shaping and sizing store-bought lumber to fit the job. It can cut both curved and straight lines. Because of its high sawing capacity and precision, it is trendy among DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Large chunks of wood, plastic, metals, concrete, and other materials like tiles and bricks shopped for DIY projects. It is a valuable tool for carrying out numerous activities, whether in a workshop or building.

How does a table saw work?

Here are general steps on how to use a table saw:

  • Remove the plug from the Saw
  • Make the area as straightforward as possible
  • Set the blade height to 34 inches above the size of your workpiece
  • Make any necessary mitre angler or rip fence modifications
  • Fill the workpiece with materials
  • Please turn on the Saw after plugging it in
  • Using your hand or a push stick, run the component through the blade
  • Turn the Saw off and unplug it once the item has been entirely cut.

What is a table saw mainly used for?

Table saws are ideal for DIY projects that demand a more precise cut than handheld or machine saws. Both serious woodworkers and craftspeople may use this flexible power tool.

A table saw helps cut vast amounts of wood quickly and when you need to cut many parts for a large job. On small and longboards, table saws provide straighter lines and cleaner slices. A table saw is always better, even if you only need a fast square cut on a 24″ you’re using to replace a fence piece.

How do a table saw and a circular saw vary?

The critical distinction is each’s mobility. Table saws are large, heavy, and difficult to maneuver.

Circular saws are smaller, lighter, and more portable than other saws. If necessary, they may also be helpful as a table saw, although table saws are not ideal as circular versions.

Cutting capacity

The cutting capacity of both table saws and circular saws is nearly limitless. If a piece is longer to cut, a table saw might become challenging to handle. You’ll also need a tracking guide, such as a long piece of plywood or a circular saw if you need to rip a part of the board accurately.


Circular saws are less expensive than table saws, but they do not last as long. Nonetheless, both tools should last a long period if adequately maintained.


Table saws are superior at cutting perfectly straight lines. Its circular blade makes it easy to control the Saw and judge the depth and length of the cuts you want to make. Circular saws can become shaky in your hands, increasing your chances of making mistakes.

Can a circular saw do what a table saw does?

A circular saw can cut almost as precisely as a table saw, but it won’t cut as smoothly. You can cut almost as correctly as a table saw with a few skills, a little finesse, and some practice. Circular saws have rapid blade movements and spin faster than table saws. It may provide a greater risk, particularly for those who have never used a circular saw before.

How to utilise a circular saw as a table saw

With your workpiece securely in place, reduce the depth until at least one blade tooth is fully embedded in the workpiece. Put the edges of the track guide on your marks if you’re using one. Make sure you’re looking at the right one. Line it up with the gauge on the front of your Saw if you’re cutting freehand. There should be a mark for a 90-degree cut and a 45-degree cut.

Pull the cord out of the way and any other obstructions in the cut’s path, then get your body in the proper position to move through the entire cut. Press the safety and trigger together to get the blade up to speed, then push the cut at a steady, even rate. DDon’tpush yourself too much. If you have to force it, your blade is probably dull and needs replacement.

Making a table saw from a circular saw

Make a table out of some relatively flat lumber. If you like, you can add legs to it.

Make a removable panel.

In the middle of the table, make a hole. The removable panel makes mounting the saw much more accessible and allows you to utilize the table for other purposes. To mount a router, create a new board and place the router on it.

Make a fence with a flat edge.

Depending on the lumber you started with and the final shape of the table, you may need to add a genuine piece of wood to the edge where the fence rides.

Make the fence.

The fence is a piece of wood that serves as a cutting guide. It must be flexible while still being stiff enough to allow uniform cuts.

Install the Saw on the table.

Make a slot in the panel and plan to install your circular Saw on the bottom.

The fence must be proper to the blade.

The blade and the wall must be parallel. Align the fence with the edge. Make sure the Saw isn’t plugged in because you’ll probably have to pull back the guard. Then, with a single screw, square the T of the fence with the table’s end. To set the angle, add at least one screw.

Make a cut using your new table saw:

  • Try it out once the fence is square to the blade
  • Set the blade depth and the distance to the fence
  • Cut something with it.

Which is the safer circular Saw or table saw?

Circular saws have rapid blade movements and spin faster than table saws. It may provide a greater risk, particularly for those who have never used a circular saw before.

Is there a difference between table saw blades and circular saw blades?

Metal-cutting chop saws (also known as abrasive saws or cut-off saws). In circular saw blades, they use 14-inch silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive blades. The blades are commonly carbide-tipped, just like those for portable saws. Table saws use blades with a diameter of 10 or 12 inches.

Does a homeowner need a circular saw?

Most new homeowners will need some form of a power saw. A circular saw is an excellent place to start because it can withstand more cuts. ItIt’she most notable first power saw for a homeowner. With or without a cutting guide, circular saws are frequently preferable for making lengthy and straight cuts.

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