May 28, 2020

Beavercraft DK2S Review Drawknife in Leather Sheath Review [UPDATED]

Are you looking for a great drawknife?  It is quite an important tool for every woodworker to have. Choosing the right one for you depends on your preference and also what you will need it to do. The Beavercraft DK2S drawknife is quite a small knife. It is smaller than its competitors and aptly nicknamed the woodworkers pocket saw. 

The blade measures 4.72 inches. It is 0.08 inches thick, while the handle is 4.13inches. This is considerably smaller than other draw knives which can be as long as 12 inches. This is the knife you need when working on something that will need you to have more control and well-thought-out precision. 

Beavercraft DK2S drawknife

This blade is extremely durable, a welcome feature, especially when dealing with planning wood. This knife will help you get rid of unwanted shavings. It has two handles with a blade in between, similar to a saw. 

It is also known as a wood splitter and has a razor-sharp cutting edge to effectively shave off what you do not need on your carving. This knife makes shaping wood much easier. 

Beavercraft DK2S Aesthetics

As with all draw knives, this knife looks like a saw. However, you do not use it the same way you use a saw. Instead, you use it as a planning tool to get rid of unwanted shavings. The knife has two handles, which hold together a blade that is not too thick or too long. 

The handle is made of ashwood and covered in the linseed oil used in gunstock refinishing. The oil serves to protect the wood from any damage, be it due to weather, water, or anything else in the vicinity. The oil also gives the handle a glossy and clean look. Because of the nature of the wood used, the handle is a light brown. 

It also has straight grain lines running down the handle, another characteristic of ashwood. The shape has no fancy design but rather looks very simple and basic. Like the other knives from beaver craft, the handle has an ergonomic design. 

The Blade is made of high-carbon steel. It has the Beaver craft logo etched onto it. It is a clean-looking blade and looks very sharp. But don’t be deceived by looks and think that it is all bark and no bite. This is a very sharp knife. 

It comes with a protective leather sheath, which fastens using press studs. The sheath also has the manufacturer’s logo etched on it. It is durable and is sure to keep the blade safe and your hands when not in use. 

It’s the perfect way to shield the blade. You know that there will be no accidents, and since durability is a crucial feature of leather, the sheath should last you a while. 

The packaging itself is fundamental and lets you know what you are getting—a simple brown box, just big enough to fit the knife. Unboxing is easy, and you quickly get to the product.

Beavercraft DK2S Performance Review

It is important to know what you can expect from your drawknife when you buy it. The blade on this knife is very sharp and will allow you to shave off wood from many different types of wood.

However, the blade does not curve as the blades on competitor knives do, and this can be a problem in getting the optimal shave. It is very strong and durable, which also allows you to use it on various types of wood. 

If you think you will be working on your project for long hours, this knife has a design that will allow this. It is comfortable and sturdy. The handle feels great in hand and is very pleased, making it the best option for effective wood carving. 

The Beavercraft DK2S draw knife is an effective tool used on thick wood, getting rid of waste material. It also works well on hard and softwood, something you can not say about many knives. 

When you first buy the blade, it is already sharpened. However, as time goes by and you work on more projects, the blade can get dull. However, it is more than necessary always to make sure that your blade is adequately sharpened to enable this.


The first thing that this knife has that is an absolute advantage is the leather sheath that it comes with. The sheath will keep you from cutting your fingers when you pull the knife out of the box. It also makes it easier to travel with. 

The portability of this knife may mean that you would want to put it in your knife, and the only way to do this without hurting yourself is to make sure that the blade is covered up. 

The blade comes sharpened right out of the box, which means that even when you remove the sheath, you will still need to be careful around the blade. The cutting edge is extremely sharp and can cut through thick pieces of wood, so your fingers will not be too much of a mammoth task.

Who is this product ideal for?

This is a good knife for both beginners and professionals. One of the main reasons for this is that this knife is easy to use. Also, there are numerous tutorials on how to use it. 


  • It gives you more control than using other knives
  • It is easy to use
  • It is portable, and you can take it with you. 
  • It is sharp
  • The blade is durable


  • The small size of the knife means that it can take longer to finish some projects. 
  • Also, the blade lacks a slight curve which means that it is not versatile

Our Verdict

The Beavercraft DK2S drawknife is an excellent knife for detail edging on wood carving projects. It comes already sharpened and has a sturdy construction. It is one of the best bets for a drawknife, and we recommend it. Happy shopping! See the Beavercraft C11 Review Knife for Geometric Woodcarving Review.

David D. Hughes

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