February 2, 2021

FLEXCUT MC150 Carving Chisels and Gouges for Woodworking Starter Set of 6

Considering the Flexcut MC150 carving set? Flexcut has delivered a set of six chisels and gouges that are fitted with razor-sharp, high carbon steel blades which should work to provide you with a pleasant wood carving experience. So, what can we say about the wooden toolbox and its contents? It is a very mature and honest looking product. I would recommend this product for semi-professionals and beginners. If you have been in the industry for quite some time you will most likely know what tools you are looking for. This product has been designed to fill the gap in between very professional high-quality tools and mid-range entry-level ones.

It is quite possible that you do this as a hobby and sell some of your items therefore you want tools that can produce a high-end quality product but without too much of a financial commitment. This product checks those boxes adequately. It has been made with sturdy ash handles that promotes precision and accuracy. The manufacturers have made this product ready to go. In this article, we are going to be looking at how well it performs, how safe it is and how we feel about the presentation of the product. Let’s look at this carving tool collection.

Wood Carving Tools – ✓ get:

  • MC403 #3 x 1″
  • MC305 #5 x 11/16″
  • MC208 #7 x 7/16″
  • MC311 #11 x 1/4″
  • MC411 #10 x 9/16″
  • MC360 60 deg. x 3/8″


  • Made from hard carbon.
  • Beautiful design
  • Longer blades for deeper cuts.
  • Suitable for all sorts of projects.
  • It has strong but flexible blades.


  • Wooden handles


The look and feel of this product are very honest. The handle of the product is made from a sturdy ash handle. This light brown, the glossy finish looks and feels very high class. The blade of the product comes with a matte black finish which offers the consumer something different from the regular silver steel handles.

Flexcut MC208 Mallet Sweep

This razor-sharp hard carbon steel blade looks quite dignified. I am not sure if many people out there who enjoy woodcarving would not appreciate the beauty of this product. We can assume that the reason why the product looks so good is related to the reason why it costs so much. It is quite rare to find a product this beautiful for a price lower than this. 

Performance Review

Looking at the performance of these blades I can say that I am satisfied. The hard carbon is especially well known amongst manufacturers to not bend or break easily. This means that you will have the capacity to carve out any difficulty. You will not necessarily struggle with dense or large cuts of wood. What I also appreciate about this product is the length of the blades. 

Many manufacturers make their blades smaller to generate power from the hands of the user. They often do this because they do not trust the strength of their blades to not bend or break whilst being used. With this product, we can see that the manufacturer trusts in the quality of the steel they use. Making use of longer blades will also allow the consumer to make deeper cuts in the wood they are working on. Improved versatility is a great aspect to consider when doing a performance review.

The handle of the product is made from wood and this can be both a good and bad thing. They have tried to make it more beautiful and pristine through the addition of would preserving oil, but this has also worked to make the handle quite slippery. To make this picture clearer imagine if you were using this product for a long period of time in the sun and your hands begin to sweat. It would end up making the group very slippery and dangerous to use. 


This product is a very safe option for you to buy. It comes made from very durable carbon steel that will not easily bend or break. Many consumers will tell you that they have sustained an injury through their steel breaking. This is because as the steel breaks the sharp part cannot be accounted for. The handle on this product is also very durable.

This means that you can attempt to handle hardwoods without fear of damaging the product. It comes in a box that is easily sealed and can be well hidden from young children. When discussing safety around a knife you must always consider the fact that it is still a knife at the end of the day. This means that you should treat it as though you would treat any knife in the house and keep it out of reach from children.  

Who is this product ideal for?

Looking at the quality and presentation of this product I would argue that it is well suited for semi-professionals. By semi-professionals, I mean that this is not your full-time career, but it is something you can generate an income from based on your level of skill. This is because the product is very mature.

It is almost guaranteed to offer you a high-quality experience and product. The product also looks good meaning that it is a nice thing to have in the house if you wish to show people your pieces. If you know someone who has been doing wood carving for quite some time, but their tools are old then this is a very considerate gift that you can buy for them. 

Our Verdict

In conclusion, I would recommend this product for someone looking to up their woodcarving game. If you have been practising for quite a while with a beginner set and now think that you can handle much more complicated tasks, then this is a good option to consider for your upgrade. It comes in a well-presented light Brown box with a slot for every single knife.

One might be wondering whether it is better to get a case with fewer items that are of higher quality or to buy a set of more items but of lower quality. The answer to this question lies in how good you want your product to be.

If you buy a case of low-quality knives with shorter blades, then you can expect a lower-end product. If you rather use these knives that we have written about today you can expect a more polished product. You will also be able to make deeper cuts on tougher cuts of wood. We love a package deal. Thanks to the Flexcut Tool Company, we have a wonderful mallet carving toolset.

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