April 13, 2022

Can a Dremel cut tile?

Can you cut tile with a Dremel?

The Dremel tool makes cutting tile easy. It opens holes as the tile is already on the wall or floor, allowing you to cut tiles before installation. Minimal preparation is needed. Choose the correct diamond tile bit for the Dremel tool so you don’t take long. 

Use both hands as you guide the Dremel tool. That keeps it steady as you cut your desired shape and gives you control over the Dremel tool. Start lightly as you plunge your Dremel tool onto the tile at a 45-degree angle. Slowly switch the Dremel tool to a 90-degree angle. Apply pressure enough to guide the Dremel tool not to move it. Allow the cutting bit to do the rest of the job. 

Dremel porcelain tile cutting bit

Dremel is a powerful tile cutting tool ideal for shaping ceramic wall tile around bathroom or kitchen fixtures or plumbing. Diamond blades are great for cutting porcelain tile, but there are some of the sharpest Dremel blades in the industry.

Using manual hand tools is better when cutting porcelain tile without chipping when you cannot afford fancy tools. You may apply multiple hand tools to cut the tile, but the best way is to use a tile nipper.

Cutting backsplash tile with Dremel

  1. Take a piece of tile for depth sizing. Measure the backsplash area where the tiles are installed. Divide the backsplash into sections or straight runs and measure the height and length of each section. 
  2. Mark off an area on the floor nearby that duplicates the size and shape of the backsplash. Make sure to include the positions of any outlets on the wall.
  3. Layout the tiles on the floor, starting with a full tile in the bottom center of each wall. Lay the tiles up and out from here for a balanced installation. 
  4. Mark the tiles on the edges of the installation that need to be cut and the tiles that need to be cut to fit the outlets with a grease pencil.
  5. Get box extensions for your outlets. Or use rubber washers when reinstalling your outlets to build them out with the tile.
  6. Start planning your layout. Consider how they line up with the outlets to minimize cutting slivers of tile.
  7. For the corner cuts, mark them with templates and have Lowe’s cut them for me.
  8. Cut tile sheets to the nearest row to fit around outlets, then fill the gaps with tiles cut on a wet saw. You can fit the tile sheets under upper cabinets and outlets by cutting the mesh backing with a utility knife. If not, you will have to cut the tile with a wet saw.
  9. You may opt for something like the IQ Power Tools dry-cut tile saw. That is the more expensive way to go, but it makes the cleanest and dust-free cuts. If you have a lot of cutting to do, a wet saw is a preferred method.
  10. Cut through the tile using a rotary tool.
  11. Start at one end of the cut line and run the blade along the tile surface to the other end. 
  12. Spray water onto the tile when needed to keep the surface wet. 
  13. Make multiple passes with the blade, when necessary, to cut through the tile and to the subsurface.

Dremel diamond bit for tile

Use the 562 Tile Cutting Bit. It is an easy screw-on mounting to rotary tool. It features a large window for excellent visibility for better control and allows for sturdy, controlled cuts in wall tile. The depth adjustment quickly sets the correct cutting depth up to 3/4 inches.

Shape ceramic wall tile like a pro with your tile cutting tool. You can cut tiles to fit around fixtures and even easily design decorative tiles.

Best Dremel for cutting tile

The Dremel Spiral Tile Cutting Bit 3.2mm (562) is ideal for cutting and shaping ceramic wall tiles, cement boards, and plaster around the bathroom, kitchen fixtures, or plumbing pipes. You can use the Dremel Spiral Tile Cutting Bit 3.2mm (562) to create a decorative design in your tiles by using the Spiral Tile Cutting Bit to carve your design, then fill the grooves with colored grout. 

For better results, use the Dremel Wall Tile Cutting Kit (566) to help you maintain depth during the application.

Dremel diamond tile cutter ez545

The EZ545 has the patented EZ Lock system making accessory changes six times faster than a standard mandrel. It is the diamond-coated wheel for increased durability and low wear and cuts 1/2-Inch thick floor tile and ceramic materials. The cutter allows precise straight cuts with little dust.

Cutting glass tile with Dremel

To cut glass with a Dremel, use a Dremel bit for cutting glass. Before cutting the glass, place tape along where you want to cut, draw an outline, and run the piece underwater as you cut. The 545 Diamond Wheel is for straight lines, and the 663DR bit is for drilling holes in glass.

Dremel rotary tools come with multiple attachments to help you with your glass cutting needs. You do not risk shattering it and can complete your project.

Cutting ceramic tile with Dremel

  1. Place a Dremel tile cutting bit into the tool collet. 
  2. Tighten the collet securely. 
  3. Plug the tool into a power supply. Mark the tile where the cut needs to be made.
  4. Turn the tool to the 10-inch setting (25,000 to 35,000 RPM). Hold the tile securely. Use the cutting bit to drill a hole into the tile, and follow the cut marking until the cut is finished.
  5. Turn the Dremel tool off. Unplug the Dremel tool. Apply adhesive to the tile and put it into place.

Cutting mosaic tile with Dremel

Cut with a bigger wheel and the tile against a fence that doesn’t move. A sheet’s tiles must also be held down if you want a straight clean cut. Dremel is the same as trying to plane a table with a chisel.

Cutting glass mosaic tile with Dremel

Make plunge cuts through the glass tile. Your choice of tools depends on what tools you already own; you can get a diamond blade or what Dremel tool you find most reasonable to purchase for the job, considering your other uses.

Cutting hole in ceramic tile with Dremel

Start by tracing the line with the diamond blade cutting through the tile. You do not have to cut all the way since you will finish the cut from the backside. Plunge the Dremel bit into the tile. Turn on the Dremel tool and plunge the bit into the tile with both hands.

Dremel multi max tile cutter

The cutting blade is the first oscillating cutting blade with high-performance carbide teeth. It enhances and expands the performance of your Dremel.

Cutting porcelain tile with Dremel

A Dremel tool makes cutting tile much easier than it looks. Whether you want to open a hole in a tile already fixed to a wall or floor or cut tiles to fit before installing them, a Dremel tool will make any tile cutting job easy. A diamond wheel cuts a variety of tiles, including porcelain.

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