August 26, 2021

Can you cut glass with a Dremel? | Yes, Methods and Tips

Yes, you can cut glass with a Dremel. The Dremel tool also cuts fiberglass and plexiglass. Fiberglass is more robust than steel, and that makes it impact-resistant. Plexiglass is hard to shutter, making it a strong glass type. It is quick and efficient, working at high speeds ranging from 10,000 to 35,000rpm. That makes it make high-quality cuts. 

As much as the Dremel tool is efficient, keep your hand steady to avoid compromising the quality of cuts. Satisfactory results are what you get from the Dremel tool. Glass cutting includes reshaping mirrors, shaping windowpane, and craft projects. 

Here are Dremel bits for cutting glass. The Dremel tool comes with multiple attachments that help you meet your glass cutting needs. The type of bit you need depends on the hole size you are working on. The one you choose depends on the cuts you want to make. Selecting the right Dremel bit helps you complete your task with ease. 

Seal the tape against the glass, dry the marking line, run the piece underwater and start cutting. Below are steps to follow when cutting glass using the Dremel tool.

How to cut glass with a Dremel tool

Step 1

Insert a multifunction cutting bit.

As you prepare to insert the bit, make sure that you switch off and unplug the Dremel. Tighten the collet using a wrench. Once the attachments are done, plug in a Dremel tool and start working. Put masking tape along the line you wish to cut. The masking tape gives you a guide to follow. Masking tape sticks better on the glass; when you take it out, it does not leave a sticky residue. 

Step 2

Mark the glass

Before cutting, mark the glass in the places where you want to cut. The marks are guidelines so that you do not cut points that are not supposed to be cut. When making straight cuts, use a straight edge as a guide. 

Clamp the guide onto the glass to prevent it from moving. Do not use cutting guidelines if you want to cut the glass freehand. The marker you choose has to be waterproof since there is water involved. Allow the ink to dry properly. Permanent markers do not wash off under the water and dry quickly. 

Step 3


Turn the Dremel to a power setting between six and eight and start cutting the glass. Start at an angle of 45 degrees as you expose the glass to the blade. Keep cutting until you get the desired shape of the cut. 

Always read the instructions, even when you are an experienced user. The instructions keep you safe and help you make accurate cuts. All the bits are for a specific task. Remove the bit from the Dremel tool when you finish cutting. 

The rotary tool uses a long, thin, and conical Dremel bit to shape the glass in corners and carve small details. Be aware of how you take care of each bit as it cuts the material. There are multi-purpose bits that cut through multiple materials. 

Refine and smoothen the glass since cutting leaves the glass with rough edges. Use a grinding or sanding Dremel bit. Use the tool according to the hardness or softness of the glass. That is why you must know the type of glass you are cutting. 

The grinding bit is ideal for hard materials, and the sanding bit for soft materials. Water helps you maintain temperatures while cutting. It also allows the cutting task to go smoother and faster. When using a corded Dremel, keep the tool at an angle that does not allow water to drip onto the cord. 

Step 4

When done cutting, the tool leaves rough edges. Sharp edges are harmful. A slight mistake leaves you bleeding. Use an 80-grit sandpaper bit to smooth the cut edges on the glass. Do not press the glass firmly since that leads to breaking the glass. Be gentle with the tool.

What Dremel bit will cut glass?

Dremel Glass Drilling Bit (662)

Are you cutting glass tile with Dremel? The Dremel glass drilling bit is thin and durable. It is a versatile tool that works on glass, ceramic tiles, bottles, and jewelry. It is an ideal tool for drilling holes in flat and contoured surfaces. The grit is 360 degrees around the circumference of the bit. That makes it possible for the Dremel tool to enlarge a hole if needed on your project. 

Know what your project requires before you start working on it. Make sure that your glass is well-secured before you cut the hole. More pressure causes cracks in the glass. That is why you need enough pressure to guide the tool, not to move it. 

The bit does all the work needed. Cracks cause the glass to break, which means buying a new one. Apply a cooling liquid or water to the glass as you hold the Dremel tool at a 45-degree angle into the material. Lift your Dremel tool as you make a 90-degree drill. 

Apply drops of water to make-shift clean drill operations successful. You can then take the accessory out of the material to apply water. Although there are multi-purpose bits, the Dremel glass drilling bit is for glass. The advantage of using the glass bit is the ease of use and production of better results. The bit is only compatible with cordless tools. 

(662 Drilling Bit Price)

545 Diamond wheel

The 545 diamond wheel is an excellent Dremel glass cutter. It performs better when cutting a straight line. It comes with a thickness of 0.6mm and 22.2mm. The wheel is diamond, making it ideal for cu22.2mm through the glass. The projects covered by the wheel involve bathroom installations, creating DIY mosaics, and shaping mirrors. 

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663DR Glass Drilling Bit

The bit drills holes in the glass of multiple types. The bits come in various sizes. The type of bit you need depends on the hole size you are working on. However, some bit sizes perform better, such as the 1/4inch or the 1/8 inch size. 

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Safety precautions for Dremel glass cutting

  • Put on eye protection when cutting glass. They protect your eyes from flying dust from the material at high speed.
  • Wear a dust mask to protect your mouth. The glass is hazardous to your health.
  • Your workspace has to be free from debris.
  • Secure the glass for precision before cutting.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands from glass in case of breakages.
  • Mind the direction that the glass-cutting bit is spinning.

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