February 3, 2022

Dremel vs Milwaukee Rotary Tool

Milwaukee Tools have a cordless M12 rotary tool like the cordless Dremel rotary tool. The Milwaukee rotary tool kit comes with a red lithium battery. Unlike the cordless Dremel tool, Milwaukee has more RPM speed. Neither tool gives a power or torque rating. The Milwaukee tool can use the larger M12 XC Red Lithium Battery. Milwaukee M12 has a wide range of tool options that keeps growing.

What is a Dremel

Dremel is a rotary tool that cuts, sands, polishes, restores, engraves, and carves materials. What makes it versatile are its many applications and the ability to work on several materials. These materials include wood, metal, ceramic, and plastic.

What makes it possible for the tool to complete the tasks are the features that accommodate several materials. Amongst the features is the speed variance that allows you to match speed with the material. A rotary tool is a valuable tool that makes you easily and comfortably complete projects in a short space. I will thoroughly discuss what you can do with a Dremel so that when you buy the tool, you know its value.

The tool is appropriate for both homes and workshops. When purchasing the rotary tool for removing excess material on your tabletop, that does not mean its use ends there. You still use it for other purposes. With the right accessories and the rotary tool, you have a lot of activities to complete. Remember to put on your safety gear before powering the rotary tool.

What Milwaukee Rotary Tools are like Dremels

The Milwaukee M12 Rotary Tool is similar to Dremels. What makes it similar are the features that appear in both rotary Tools. The Milwaukee is a small, cordless tool that features a Lithium-Ion battery. Its functionality allows it to work well in tight spaces. It also has a metal construction that makes it durable.

The rubber grasps on the handle makes it comfortable to hold for a long time. It features advanced engineering that goes into making this rotary tool functional. It works for long periods without compromising quality, and its build makes it easy to use in tight spaces.

It comes with a 5-year warranty guaranteeing an extended period of maximum performance. The battery charges faster and lasts a long time, depending on the application. The long battery life makes this tool ideal for demanding tasks.

The batteries work efficiently regardless of the weather conditions. They are compact and portable. That is how finishing the task is made faster and less tiring. The Milwaukee M12 also comes with a fuel gauge showing the runtime left before the battery dies.

The battery needs to be monitored. It requires a temperature management mechanism for top performance. It has a feature known as Redland, which provides overload shielding. This prevents the user from spoiling it when working on demanding projects. It comprises a flathead screwdriver which comes in handy in detaching the cutting wheels.

Features of a Dremel


A bit is a tool that changes the function of the Dremel tool and gives it a chance to run various tasks. Bits come in different types. There are:

  • sanding bits,
  • cutting bits,
  • etching and engraving bits,
  • routing and drilling bits,
  • grinding and sharpening bits.

Each Dremel bit has its specific function. There are bits for wood cutting, metalwork, and glass cutting.


Dremel comes with a comfortable hand-held tool. It still needs a Flex-Shaft attachment for polishing, glass etching, engraving, and wood carving. As soon as you attach the rotary tool, it gives you a proper bend radius and more flexibility.

Fewer vibrations allow you to operate far away from the motor. The tool has easy access to tighter spots, and you have more control over the rotary tool.

Speed variance

The variable-speed motor makes the tool fast. You have control over the rotary tool since you can adjust the speed. Precision and top performance are what you get from the Dremel tool.

Features of a Milwaukee rotary tool


The battery charges faster and takes longer to use without running low. The powerful motor is unmatched when it comes to performance. The battery charges in less than an hour.


The speed ranges from 5,000 to 32 000rpm and is way faster than Dremel. That makes it ideal for tough applications that involve hard materials. You do not struggle to work them out. It becomes easier than expected. Do not take more time on your projects. Great performance comes from the speed at which the tool runs. The speed dial makes the operation easy.


The collet is compatible with 1/32 to 18-inch shank accessories. That gives you a wide range of accessories to work with. If one goes missing, that does not stop progress; take another.

Battery indicator

This feature notifies you when power is going down.

On/Off switch

It is easy to operate, and those are speed control buttons. Use the button to increase and decrease speed depending on the task.

Key differences

  • Dremel is not as fast-charging as Milwaukee.
  • Milwaukee features a soft carrying case, while Dremel has a hard one.
  • Dremel has a higher speed than Milwaukee.
  • Dremel is more flexible than Milwaukee.
  • Milwaukee is not compatible with as many tools as Dremel.

Key Similarities

  • They both have Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • They are cordless.
  • They both feature variable speed.
  • Both batteries last a long time.

Price Comparison

Milwaukee is more affordable than Dremel. The extra features of the Dremel make it worth the price.


Dremel has a hard case that makes it more durable than Milwaukee. Fewer vibrations make Dremel more durable.


Milwaukee comes with fewer accessories than Dremel.


Dremel comes with a 2-year warranty, while Milwaukee has a 5-year warranty.

Which is better?

It depends on the features you prefer. For an affordable option, Milwaukee is the ideal tool. While it is affordable, it does not compromise functionality. It is compact and charges faster. In contrast, Dremel has a higher speed than Milwaukee and comes with more accessories. It is more versatile, but pay attention to your budget and preferences. Dremel is better than Milwaukee, but it might not be favorable to your budget.

How long does a Dremel battery last?

The battery lasted about 35 minutes, with breaks to change cutting materials or attachments. The Dremel battery stays up to 6 years of intermittent and three years of constant usage.

Is a rotary tool the same as a drill?

Rotary tools are not the same as drills. They are smaller and rotate about 10x faster than a drill. Rotary tools have less torque but make up for that with their faster RPMs. Rotary tools are for carving, engravings, and precision work. Drills are better for drilling holes and driving screws.

Can I use my drill as a rotary tool?

You can, as long as the rotary-tool head you use does not require high RPMs. The drill has more torque than a Dremel but lower RPMs.

Can you use Dremel bits in a regular drill?

You can use Dremel bits in a regular drill if your rotary tool head does not require high speeds. Due to their small diameters, Dremel bits need high speeds to work well. Using them in a drill on hard materials gets them shattered due to the high torque.

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