June 12, 2021

Dremel 3000 vs 4000 | Comparing Two Rotary Tool Kings

Dremel 4000 vs 3000

Are you spoiled for choice between the Dremel 3000 vs 4000? They are two of the most popular rotary tools for professional woodworking. They find their way onto the workbenches of experienced woodworkers and the tools of hobbyists around the world. Both the 3000 and 4000 have been selling well for years. You can also choose from a wide range of accessories and add-ons. The similarity between the two machines has led some people to claim they are identical. Others say that the differences are so significant that confusing one with the other is impossible.

Overview of the Dremel 3000

3000 Rotary Tool

The Dremel 3000 is an improved version of Dremel’s rotary tools. It is a hand-powered tool that has different tips used for craft purposes. It has the EZ Twist nose cap with a wrench that allows you to use the nose cap to function as a wrench. It tightens the parts of the rotary tool. You do not need a tool wrench when you have a nose cap. The fan design cools the rotary tool.

It comes with two vents that give the tool a cooling effect when running. When the rotary tool is running, it heats hence the need for a cooling system. It does not affect your body. The symmetrical design has a nose cap that looks like a trumpet. 

You can use the accessories and attachments that come with the rotary tool. Its features make the rotary tool efficient. You combine them using a wide range of applications. Choose applications that produce the best ability of the rotary tool. It performs tasks such as cutting, grinding, sanding, carving and polishing. That makes it versatile. 

It has a two-year warranty that ensures you have a well-functioning rotary tool. It comes with a zipper bag that carries your accessories. It has a capacity of 15 accessories, and the hard case has 25 accessories. So the chances of misplacing your accessories are low. 

The case secures the accessories as they are not exposed to damage if dropped. It is inside the collar that fits comfortably. The wrench fitment prevents your thumb and index fingers from being hurt. You can tighten and release the locking as you change the head accessories. 

Use both the wrench and the collar to tighten the collet. However, you still experience sore fingers. That is why you need a separate spanner to switch attachments. The shell of the rotary tool has a 125W to 130W motor. That increases the torque, although the speed remains at 10,000 to 32,000 rotations per minute. 

The Dremel 300 is easy to handle and quiet. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. The thumb grips take away the strain that comes with the tool. The shaft is flexible to use. 


  • Value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Improves parts
  • Easy to handle
  • It does not make noise.


  • The accessories need additional purchases.

Features of the Dremel 3000 

Nose cap

The EZ Twist nose cap has a wrench that helps you change accessories in a short space of time. 

Ventilation mechanism

The airflow system is innovative. It prevents the building up of heat when running the tool. That makes the rotary tool operate smoothly and quietly.

Motor brushes 

Motor brushes extend the life of the tool. You are allowed to replace them when they are no longer efficient due to wearing down. The speed gives maximum performance, making the motor a powerful tool. Precision describes the rotary tool. 


The Dremel 3000 has a speed variance of 5,000 to 32,000 rotations per minute. Adjust the speed depending on your applications and the material you are working on. 

Ball-bearing construction

The cool-running ball-bearing construction makes the operation smooth and quiet. 

Overview of the Dremel 4000

Dremel 4000 is a rotary tool with a cord, four attachments, and thirty-four accessories. An effective ventilation system makes the workspace conducive. It prevents heat from building up. That is why the tool has managed to be noise-free and smooth. 

The storage case protects your tool from damage. In addition, Dremel 4000 comes with electronic feedback control that gives you a signal when something is not working correctly. For example, you get a signal if your grinding becomes too hard. That includes speed and too much pressure. 

You have control over what happens with the rotary tool. Dremel 4000 introduces a speed dial feature that you turn on and off quickly with ease. In addition, you are allowed to change the speed even when operating the rotary tool without stopping it. That gives the rotary tool maximum performance. 

The separate speed controls are handy when you are completing your tasks. It comes with a beautiful ergonomic design. You do not have to strain yourself when using the tool. It feels comfortable. It comes with a cord that connects to the power. 

Dremel 400 has better attachments, although it allows some dust to get inside the rotary tool. I urge you to use compressed air to get rid of the particles. The rotary tool is solid and durable. In case of an accident, it does not break easily. 

The tool combines practicality and technology. The motor brings out maximum performance. There is an excellent balance between power and ease of manipulation. The rotary tool is ideal for professionals, and it is user-friendly. 

The rubber grip makes the operation comfortable. You hold the rotary tool in your way that makes you comfortable. You have no fear of having the tool slipping off your hands. Compatibility is one of the strengths of the rotary tool. It comes with more accessories that it works with. 


  • Versatile
  • Innovated airflow system.
  • High-performance motor.
  • Multiple accessories.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • The dust collection system could have been better.

Features of the Dremel 4000

Speed dial

The speed dial assists you in controlling and monitoring speed. The dial is positioned in an area that does not disturb your operation. It is far from the handle. A separate On/Off switch makes the process easy. 


The motor is strong enough to deliver maximum performance at all speeds. The speed varies from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm. It consists of an electronic feedback circuitry that gives you notifications of a fault or when the rotary tool is at risk. That allows consistency in performance even on challenging tasks.

EZ Twist

The nose cap allows you to change accessories quickly and easily.

Ball-bearing construction

The ball-bearing construction feature allows your rotary tool to run cool. 

Collet lock

The quick collet lock allows you to make fast accessory changes. That is time-saving for the user. 


  • They both have an innovative ventilation system.
  • They have a speed variance.
  • They both come with multiple accessories. 
  • They have powerful motors.
  • They both come with a hard carry case.
  • They are both noise-free.

Differences between Dremel 3000 and Dremel 4000

  • Dremel 3000 comes with 28 accessories, whereas Dremel 4000 comes with 30.
  • Dremel 300 has a 1.2 amp motor, whereas Dremel 4000 has a 1.6 more powerful amp motor. 
  • Dremel 3000 comes with a soft grip, whereas Dremel 400 has a total control grip with a 360-degree area. As a result, Dremel 3000 is more budget-friendly than Dremel 4000, which has a steeper price.
  • The speed variance of the Dremel 3000 is up to 32,000, whereas the Dremel 4000 rotates up to 35,000 per minute. 
  • The Dremel 3000 has no speed dial and an electronic speed control feature that the Dremel 4000 has. 


The Dremel 3000 is below 80, whereas the Dremel 4000 is below 100. Dremel 4000 comes at a steeper price and is understandable due to its improved and upgraded features. 

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