June 13, 2021

Best Solid Deck Stain | 14 Contenders You Must Check Out

Solid wood is the most commonly used wood in decking. However, solid wood is much softer than super hardwoods used for furniture. Trying to paint a softwood deck requires a different technique than solid wood. So what is the best stain for solid wood decking? We will introduce you to some incredible products to make an informed decision.

Round Up of the Best Solid Deck Stain

Deck wood sealer

Deck wood sealer hides the wood grain, unlike some stains that make the grain visible. The process gives maximum protection against fading and graying. 

UV chemicals are part of the wood stain to make the material resistant. Versatility comes in a package of both a wood stain and sealer. You can use it on existing colors and wood stain without effects. 

It has six color finishes that dry to a natural finish. Multiple color options lead to your desired finish. It works on both horizontal and vertical wood surfaces. It is also compatible with pressure-treated lumber and hardwoods.

Olympic Elite Color Stain

It is an advanced stain and sealant with comprehensive coverage. It offers self-priming, and that makes it a budget-friendly wood stain. It works on both bare and previously coated surfaces. Protection and beauty come in one package from the seal.

The color brings natural beauty. It has richness and depth. The seal covers the grain. It improves the wood texture. Two thin coats are applied with a high-quality paintbrush. That guarantees you a durable coat. 

It takes 30 minutes to dry. Avoid making coats in areas with high humidity and temperature below 10 degrees. It is easy to clean on brushes. Use warm water and soap. 

Thompsons WaterSeal

Thompsons water seal prevents wood from water damage. The wood stain gives a fade-resistant color to your furniture. The coating is resistant to mildew and UV damage. That makes your wood items safe in areas with water and during rainy seasons. 

Wood surfaces are resistant to water damage. You are allowed to apply the wood stain to clean dry wood. The waterproofing standards are excellent. There is consistency in how the wood stain protects the wood. 

It is easy to apply. It works just like water. That makes it easy for the user to use the wood stain in complex spaces and corners. It spreads easily and quickly. 

Storm System Sealer

Storm system sealer is a wood deck protector that is oil-based. It is semi-transparent. That makes it a beautiful highlighter that maintains the wood’s original color and enhances it. It offers both protection and beauty. 

The wood stain penetrates deep inside the wood. That is maximum protection for the wood from natural substances and insects. It works well with multiple types of wood. That includes hardwood such as mahogany, cedar, redwood, and pine wood. 

It works well as a wood fence protector. It is easy to apply using a brush, roller, or spray. It protects your wood from UV light. 

DeckWise Ipe Oil Deck Seal

The oil seal works on exterior hardwood and thermal wood surfaces. That includes decking and fences. It contains trans oxide pigments that give a brown tint that defends your wood from UV light. 

The oil limits odor. It penetrates through wood as it protects you from mold and mildew. It also beautifies the natural color of your wood. The coating process is easy. It does not dry as you coat it. 

The wood surface does not crack as you apply. It does not select wood. Even on dense wood materials, it still performs well. However, you still have to keep it under good conditions.  


Sealer Water Based Quart

Nano-guard is a sealer that does not change the natural color and texture of the wood as it ages. It is resistant to decay. It makes a deep penetration inside as it gives maximum protection. It adds stability to the wood as it fights harsh weather conditions. 

The preservation from Nano guard comes from the coat that resists decay, rot, and mold. It coats wood at the cellular level. The seal eliminates warping and cupping as it forms a breathable barrier. 

The protection comes from the inside out. The barrier allows the wood to expand. It also contracts, and water vapor is allowed to escape. 

Exterior 450 Gloss Varnish

Gloss Exterior 450 Varnish Water Based Quart

The Exterior 450 Gloss varnish gives your wood a protective wood finish that withstands the sun, rain, and wind. The protection comes from the interior to the exterior in the deck finish.

 It comes with UV absorbers that minimize fading. The maximum performance gives maximum performance to the wood. It is built-in and resists the expansion and contraction of the wood during summer and winter. 

That means the wood does not experience cracking and peeling. It flows well and dries quickly. It becomes ready to sand in an hour. 

CrystaLac-CrabCoat Marine Finish

CrabCoat Marine Finish Satin Gallon

The Crystalac marine finish is strong enough to withstand the pressure that comes with marine conditions. It is resistant to mold and mildew. It gives a beautiful finish to the exterior of your wood. 

The marine finish is safe. It is self-curing oil and improved polyurethane. It is easy to brush or use as a spray. A maximum of five coats brings a protective and beautiful layer to the wood. The finish takes one to two hours to dry. 

It is ideal for boats and crafts. It is easy to brush, and it builds up a high-quality coat. The coat is thick and solid. Even if it runs, the drippy edge result is pleasing. It gives a smooth finish that is appealing to the eye.

Java Gel Stain

Java Gel Stain Solvent Based Pint

Gel stain is easy to apply. It gives you a hand-rubbed look without putting much effort. The application is processed using a foam brush or lint-free cloth. The gel is thick enough to flow evenly on the wood surface. 

You can choose to sand or not; otherwise, the process is unnecessary between coats. You do not experience drips and runs. That prevents random penetration Consistency in color control is achieved by using the gel stain.,u 

You have a quick recoat time. Better results do not require much effort with Java gel stain. You do not wash the wood, but wiping does the trick and saves time. The finishing feel is pleasing. The final product consists of a beautiful finish.

Java Gel Stain Quart

Java Gel Stain Solvent Based Quart

Java Gel stain Quart is an easy finish coat that requires less effort. It is easy to apply using a foam brush or a cloth free of lint. The gel neither runs nor drips. It flows out evenly on the surface. 

Choosing sand will not harm the wood, but it is not necessary. There is consistency in color control. It does not quickly dry, preventing it from penetrating inside the wood. 

You are allowed to apply several coats without sanding between. That does not affect the performance of the product.

Mocha Oil Stain Qt

Mocha Oil Stain Qt

The General finish comes with oils, resins, and pigments. It is easy to use on wood. The wood stain is so rich in color that it does not fade away. The wood stain is applied using a clean cloth, spray, or brush. 

Stir the mixture well so that the wood stain is well dispersed. The liquid has to cover the whole surface and the drips. It is easy to clean. Use mineral spirits to clean the surface. The pre-stain wood conditioner before the gel stain is considered a good idea. 

The wood stain prevents streaking and blotching. It allows the wood surface to penetrate the wood grain and blends the wood stain. That ensures a beautiful finish with an even wood stain.  

General finishes-expresso Wood Stain

Expresso Stain Water Based Pint

The General-expresso wood stain is easy to use. It contains fine ingredients that produce rich colors. There is consistency as it gives an even finish on difficult woods such as maple and pine. 

The pigment is non-flammable and blends well with water-based stains. The formula lasts longer and is easy to control. The depth and evenness of color are easy to maintain. 

The stain enhances the beauty of the wood. You are allowed to dilute it with other colors.

Goodfilla Clear Stain

The Goodfilla clear stain gives you control as it takes the foam you want. It is a water-based stain that is not quick to dry. That makes it easier to work with. The gel is innovative as it gives you a 15-minute open time. 

No lap marks or drip marks are part of the coating process. It adheres to multiple surfaces. You are allowed to apply between coats of finish. It is reversible until the finish coat is applied. 

That gives you enough room to perfect your surface till it reaches your desired level. It is budget-friendly and environmentally friendly. 


Watco-natural Oil Quart

Natural Oil Exterior Solvent Based Quart

It allows you to make a coating to new, old, and pressure-treated exterior wood surfaces. The brand is trustable and protects your wood surface from UV radiation. It is water-resistant. That prevents it from warping and swelling in places the weather is changing. 

It is for decks, fences, and outdoor furniture. It neither cracks nor chips. Use a brush or a spray.  

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