March 23, 2022

What can you make with a mini lathe?

Simple mini metal lathe projects

  1. Captive Nut

This project is known as the children’s puzzle. It involves placing a bolt in a screw and then turning the rod with a captive ring. It is an excellent project for amateur metalworkers because the resources required are easy to get. It is a collaborative project that can even be done with children. Your children can try to figure out how the ring gets into the rod?

Here’s the secret: the ring is secured on a threaded core so that it is trapped, and the separate ends of your rod are designed so that they’re more significant than the ring. Once it is on, you will have to remove the nut while moving in different directions.

  1. Jewelry Box

Are you in the market for a special gift to give to someone? The jewelry box idea is a great option to gift a lady. Making a jewelry box from scratch will not be quick, but many consumers say it’s well worth it. It is relatively simple and can be made from steel or easily available material. Many amateurs take this because the dimensions do not need to be highly accurate for the project to succeed.

Mini Woodworking Lathe
  1. Hammer

Paulding hammer is an easy project to build that is also useful in the workshop. When you use a lathe machine to perform this task, you can shape the metal and make the shape symmetric. Many beginners like to try out this project because the process is relatively simple. It will also save you some money on purchasing a mallet. 

To get started, you have to create two parts. A mallet combines the cylinder’s bottom and top horizontal elements. The last feature you need to think about is the handle because this will help you demonstrate your woodworking skills. The project is best performed by a knurling tool. If you have the ability, adding a spin design at the handle will be an excellent addition. You are free to go wild with this idea and make the project your own. If you enjoy it a lot, you can also create a set of hammers of different sizes and styles.  

4. Bullets

An exciting metal lathe project idea that you can try is building your metal bullets! Metalworkers often enjoy this project because it teaches you how to use the lathe better. You will need to form the shape of the bullet into a cone, and this is done by handling the core while spinning it. The ease of operation involved makes it an excellent option for people who want to practice. Usually, people will create an entire round of bullets which means you have to repeat the process multiple times, and this is how you practice.   

As you become more advanced in your craftmanship, you may try out more advanced processes. It can become tiresome to do the same activity repeatedly; you can try different shapes and sizes. You can also try small bullets to large ones.

  1. Bangles

Many women and girls around the world like bangles as a gift. Bangles are a straightforward form of jewelry for manufacturing. These can be made to be very elegant and durable. It is excellent for practicing because you can try different shapes and designs to create unique pieces. Making a metal bangle on your lathe is a fun activity that can help you to get creative. The whole family can join in and make specific requests. 

What size is a mini lathe

You will find mini-lathes in up to 7 different sizes. These vary by mere inches and allow you to choose the best option for yourself. The different sizes are 7×10, 7×12, 7×14, and 7×16. Each mini lathe will have different dimensions that match its other features.

How does it compare to a regular lathe?

The majority of lathes are made with the same basic design. The main differences stem from size and quality. As the lathe moves to turn a piece of metal, it creates an asymmetrical shape. The dimensions of a regular lathe are based on the length and diameter of stock that can be handled. A lathe of standard size can be more significant than a mini lathe. Sizes available to buy on a lathe can range from “mini” 10-inch models right up to 40-inch models. You will note that the “swing” has a much bigger stock diameter to see the difference physically. Regular Lathes are commonly available with a swing ranging from 10 to 17 inches. The size of the swing is most important in a bowl and other oversized diameter turnings.

How do you make money on a mini lathe?

Many consumers may seek out money-making activities they can do on their mini-lathe. It is an excellent way to justify the expensive costs of purchasing a mini-lathe. To make money on a mini lathe, you need to create a helpful product and market it well. There is a big market for decently produced metal items at a low cost. Selling your completed metal projects will help you make some money off your hobby.

Things to make on a metal lathe and sell

  1. Wedding Rings

This project is one of the simplest that you can undertake as a beginner. Rings can be created with pretty much any metal. This flexibility makes them great to consider when making some quick cash. The rings can be made quickly and for a significant profit margin.

  1. Candle Holder

These small household convenience items can be designed with exciting patterns to excite your customers. You can make these with almost any kind of material. A candle holder can sell for a good profit margin.

  1. Cups

Metal cups are pretty durable and used by people who spend a lot of time outdoor. The cylindrical nature of cups makes them an excellent option to consider when doing a metal lathe project for money. Cups can be made to be unique and customized to your customer’s liking.

Can mini lathes cut steel?

Mini Lathe can cut steel without much of a challenge. 

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