March 26, 2021

Makita 9403 vs 9404 | Is The Newer Sander Better Than The Older One

The Makita 9404 is the improved version of the 9403 model. That automatically shows a lot in common between the two products. However, the later model has additional features that the predecessor does not have. In this case, I am not insinuating that the Makita 9404 is better than the Makita 9403. That is up to you when you go through this article, packed with reviews of each product, pros and cons.

Overview of the Makita 9403

The Makita 9403 is a single belt sander that runs at 1640 feet per minute. That ensures a fast removal of unwanted material. The maximum speed is excellent and ideal for an effective and highly efficient machine. The overall performance is excellent.

It comes with a 4x 24inch belt that makes the machine spacious enough to accommodate large items. You may choose this product due to the fast removal rate it operates on, and you hardly hear sound when in use. The sound is rated 84 decibels which is close to total silence. The high-quality construction is impressive. 

It gives protection and seals the bearings and the motor. That makes it last longer. The front handle makes it comfortable and secure to use the tool without fear of damaging it. The 360-degree rotating dust bag makes the tool user-friendly. It becomes convenient since you do not turn it the traditional way. 


  • Heavy duty (no noise)
  • Comfortable grip
  • 360-degree rotating dust bag
  • Bearing and motor protection
  • Long power cord and wide belt size


  • It is not affordable
  • Heaviness after a long time in use

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Key Features of the Makita 9403 

Amp motor

The 11 amp motor comes with great power and speed. The electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load. That makes the removal of material faster. The motor is ideal for high production use. It comes with a cord that is on top of the machine. That makes it convenient.

Dust collection system

The dust bag that comes with the machine rotates up to 360 degrees. That makes the operation convenient. You do not have to use the dust collection bag manually but automatically. That saves time and allows you to multi-task hence accuracy.

Rotations per minute

The sander runs at a speed of 1,640 feet per minute. That is ideal for the fast removal of material. The 4inch belt makes the process faster and smoother. You will not spend more time on a simple task. 

Safety features

The dust collection system keeps you safe from diseases caused by sawdust. The front grip is large, and the position allows you to operate the machine efficiently.

Overview of the Makita 9404

The Makita 9404 belt sander is an improved version of the 9403 as it comes compact and has an excellent speed variance. The speed ranges from 690 to 1440 feet per minute. The 8.8 amp motor is fast and efficient on tough materials. The dust bag operates from a fixed position. 

The machine weighs up to 10.3lbs. It is easy to use and ideal for DIY projects. The belt sander makes sure that you have improved products on the market. The product is more affordable, considering what it offers. It has a long cord that makes the tool convenient in spaces where the power source is a bit far. The power system has an impressive battery backup. 

The powerful motor runs with the amp function. The tool is also ideal for users who take sanding as a hobby. That means the machine will produce a heavy-duty task, different from a less demanding task. However, that does not mean it will not succeed in completing the task.  


  • Ease of use
  • Excellent speed variance
  • Great backup system
  • Powerful motor
  • Ideal for hobbyists and passionate woodworkers


  • A bit slow
  • The sander motor tends to stop running occasionally

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Key features of the Makita 9404

Safety features

The cloth dust bag it comes with ensures you are safe from the dust saw and the environment. It traps the dust as you work, and you need to empty it when it is full.

RPM Speed

The powerful motor produces a speed variance that ranges from 690 to 1440 feet per minute. That is ideal for tough materials. A fast removal process is what you have.

Accurate cutting

The adjustable speed, powerful motor, and adjustable belt make the cutting accurate. 

Powerful motor

The 8.8 amp motor is faster and smoother but does not make noise. The way it combines speed and power makes the removal of materials faster. The constant speed control makes the completed tasks accurate.

Belt system

The auto-tracking belt system makes the tool easy to use. You track the belt without adjustments. With the front grip on the front of the tool, the machine becomes easy to operate.

Dust collecting system

The sander comes with an efficient dust collector that protects you from sawdust. Your working environment is kept clean during and after the task.


  • Both machines do not make noise when in use. 
  • They have variance in speed.
  • They have effective dust collection systems.
  • Both machines have a fast removal rate


  • The Makita 9403 is a heavy-duty sander, whereas the 9404 is a compact-sized sander.
  • Makita 9403 runs at a single speed of 1640 ft/min, whereas the 9404 has a speed variance from 690 to 1440 ft/min.
  • The Makita 9403 has an 11 amp motor, whereas the 9404 has an 8.8 amp motor.
  • The dust bag with the Makita 9403 is rotational up to 360 degrees, whereas the one that comes with the 9404 is fixed in one position.
  • The Makita 9403 weighs up to 12.6lbs. It is heavier than the 9404, which is 10.3lbs.
  • The Makita 9404 is more affordable than the 9403.
  • The Makita 9403 has a 4×24 belt conveyor, whereas the 9404 has a 4inch wide belt conveyor.


The Makita 9404 is more affordable than the 9403. However, both products range below 300. 

Verdict on the Makita belt sander 9403 vs 9404

The difference between the two is in speed variance and size. However, that does not create many gaps between the two since they have much in common. They do not produce sound when in use, have the same safety features, and have a fast material removal rate. However, in terms of noise, the 9403 is better. Makita 9403 vs 9404, which one will it be for you?

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