September 22, 2022

Metabo sxe 450 Turbotec vs Festool

Choosing between Metabo sxe 450 turbotec and Festool can be difficult. Both are high-quality grinding tools. When comparing the two, look for design, quality, durability, speed, reliability and accuracy. Note the differences and focus on the tool that suits your interests. By the end of this article, you will have decided on your first choice.

Metabo sxe 450 turbotec

If you are looking for something professional, the Metabo sxe 450 turbotec might entice you. It is a high quality built sander for finishing any woodworking project. The device is built to be high quality and durable. The sander is not only high quality but also robust. It is ergonomic no matter what hand position it is working in. All you feel is a vibration. It has a range of power settings.

The Metabo sander has multiple sets of sanding sheets in various grits to test with the sander. They are of excellent quality, and their hole pattern works better with TurboTec’s velcro attachment base. The TurboTec is smooth in hand, and you can easily control it with one hand as it will not fight against you. Its overall weight also contributes to the ease of use. 

When operating in orbital mode at maximum speed, the sander feels underpowered. The motor distributes power well; more power is needed when rough finishing. The Turbo Boost mode performs differently when working with abrasive sanding sheets, with rough shaping work of harder materials or stock removal of rough slabs. The TurboTec takes a little longer.

The diameter of the backing pad is 6 inches, and the no-load speed ranges from 4,200 to 11,000 RPM. It weighs 5.3 Lbs, and the cable is 8.0 Ft. Long. It comes with a 3-Year Limited.


  • High-quality build
  • Durable construction 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smooth
  • Lightweight 


  • Underpowered at maximum speed


Festool is a high-quality tool that delivers better performance. Festool majors in high-performing tools that are reliable and precise. Its dust extractors and cordless options make it innovative. Festool has a range of belt sanders, which are tools for your money. What distinguishes Festool sanders is size, weight, and sanding area. Pick one that deals with a variety of applications.

You can explore your range of belt sanders with continuous precision and better results. Festool’s belt sanders are for coarse and fine sanding of workpieces with precision, parallel to the grain. These belt sanders work in one direction along the grain, preventing sanding rings from developing and saving time.

Festool is easy to guide and comfortable to use. Its belt sanders are fitted to the flat area frame, increasing the quality of your work. The bench set quickly and easily converts the belt sander to a bench-mounted unit and has clean working conditions when used with a Festool Dust Extractor.

Festool is light, powerful, and has a fine sanding pattern. It has sandpaper going around and around and back and forth to avoid swirls and marks. The scratch pattern of the sander varies, giving you a smoother finish. It features electronic speed control, making them convenient and practical for multiple sanding applications.


  • Simple
  • High performance
  • Ergonomic design  
  • Durable 
  • Quiet operation


  • It works in one direction

Features of a Metabo sxe 450 turbotec

Metabo Power Control System

That is some technology incorporated by Metabo that helps prevent swirls and marks. The power control system works like an electric brake to prevent the sander from creating unwanted surface gouges. The system is automatic when slowing down or stopping the sanding pad. That way, there are lower chances of scratches and other damage to the workpiece.

Adjustable Speeds 

The TurboTec gives six total speed settings. A rotary dial on the front of the tools to adjust the speeds. It is convenient to use due to its position. The two-mode settings include a standard orbital mode for finish sanding and a Turbo Boost for shaping or removing material.

Adjustable Orbit Diameter

Metabo allows users to select an orbit diameter that best suits their interests. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro since it does not restrict you from some material. You can still perform fine sanding or heavy stock removal without hiccups.  Adjust the sander to suit your project best. The orbit is set to 1/4″ or 1/8″ travel diameter. 


The bearing housing of the Metabo is die-cast aluminum. That is why it is strong and durable. The ball bearing system is sealed and dustproof for the extended life of the tool (Source). The upper part is plastic which fits well with no pinch points or hot posts. The rear grip, top and removable front grip have ergonomic profiles. It is rubberized, making the tool comfortable. 

Metabo features a fabric dust collection bag when not connected to a dust extraction system. The bag is easy to empty and fits in the sander’s dust port. The absence of the extractor on the TurboTec yields better results. 

Features of the Festool

Dust collection system

Festool’s unique MULTI-JETSTREAM offers a dust transport system for all machine surfacing tools with a diameter of 150mm (Source). The Jetstream technology directs dust to edges for longer abrasive life.

Internal balancing 

It is the internal balancing that makes the sander run smoothly. It becomes less fatiguing to use. 


It has a three-year warranty. What determines which sander to buy depends on what material you are sanding and how much use you see your sander gets.


The unique sanding pad shapes help you get right into corners, thereby saving time on manual finishing.


These sanders feature encapsulated bearings and dust extraction ports, which gives them an impressively long service life.

What could be better

Metabo sxe 450 turbotec 

  • At maximum speed, the motor should be strong enough not to stumble. 


  • Movement in multiple directions would have made it more versatile. 


  • Both are high-quality tools.
  • They are both orbital sanders.


  • Festool sander is more aggressive than the Metabo.
  • Metabo is more affordable than Festool.

The verdict

The Metabo sxe 450 Turbotec and the Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander ETS 125 REQ-Plus have features in common. Both sanding tools have increased durability over extended use and smooth operations. The Festool sanding tool is more effective for light sanding wood or varnished surfaces. To be more professional, you may pick the Metabo sander. By now, I assume you would have made up your mind. 

David D. Hughes

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