July 28, 2020

Bandsaw vs Scroll saw | Features & Capability Comparison

Are you trying to decide between a bandsaw vs scroll saw? Woodworking is an art that has come through many generations and continues to be refined. Machines have continued to be used and developed to make better wooden products. 

Even though they are similar, they are also different, and that is what we will discuss in this post.

Bandsaw highlights

Dewalt bandsaw

A bandsaw is one of the first saws you will probably buy for your workshop. It is a staple in most lightweight industries because it can see larger wood pieces than hand tools can. 

By definition, a bandsaw is a powerful tool with a long-toothed blade rotated between two or more wheels. An electric motor often powers it. The exact components differ according to the brand that makes the saw. However, the general components are the same. 

A band saw has a band of saw blades rotating around its wheels. That is why it is called a band saw. This blade moves continuously and therefore makes more even cuts. This is the biggest advantage it has over hand tools. The saw blade is guided down to the table evenly and stably. This helps you to cut precisely and with more control.

This shows how versatile a bandsaw is and can be used on wood, metal, and meat! You can use a bandsaw for cutting curves, circles, and other shapes. You can also use it for resawing, making veneers, rip cutting, metal cutting, and meat cutting.

Bandsaws also consist of a table where you will be feeding the stock. You must find out how big or small the table is and what type of table it is. This helps to determine the size of the wood you can work on on the saw. Think about the amount of space you have to spare. Bandsaws are available in benchtop models and also floor versions. 

Pros of the Bandsaw

  • it makes uniform cuts 
  • it is steady
  • it is a fast saw
  • it is versatile
  • it does a great job of making circular and curved cuts. 
  • They operate quieter.

Scroll saw highlights

Scroll saw

A scroll saw is a small power tool operated by pushing a pedal or powered by electricity. While it may be similar to a hand saw such as a jigsaw, the scroll saw is different. It is more significant than a jigsaw but smaller than a bandsaw. It has a super-fine blade that cuts through various materials with a more delicate and refined touch than in tools such as powered jigsaws.

With this saw, you can make curved shapes alongside various other cuts. It uses a reciprocating blade rather than a continuous loop like what you find on the handsaws. 

The scroll saw features a table that tilts, allowing you to work at different angles with increased precision. It also has a variable speed control. This lets you change the speed settings and also gives you more control over your work. 

A scroll saw is used to cut intricate and delicate designs. The blade is short and thin and does not run continuously as the bandsaw blade does. With a scroll saw, you will be able to drill a starting hole and also make cuts that let you work your way inward.  

This saw has a flat work table with a column protruding from the back. The blade runs from an arm extended from the column and parallel to the table. This blade runs through the table and is attached to another mechanism. 

You must know the size of the wood that you can work on when using this saw. You check on this by asking about the throat size on the scroll saw. The throat size is the distance between the blade and the column. 

Pros of the scrollsaw

  • it is small enough to fit in a small workshop.
  • it makes precise cuts
  • it has variable speed support

What we didn’t like in each saw

Both the band saw and the scroll saw are great saws to have in your workshop, but they have their drawbacks. If you force something, the blade can wear out faster than it should. You can not cut into thick pieces of wood with the scroll saw.

You can use a band saw to make various cuts, but it is not suitable for refining or smooth cuts. Band saws can tend to make the workpiece rough around the edges.

Conclusion Bandsaw vs Scroll Saw

If you buy a saw, be sure you know what you want from your end product. Knowing this will make it easier for you to choose the right saw type.

This is a versatile saw that you will love having in your workshop. The great thing about the band saw is that you can use it for larger projects. You are guaranteed to get precise cuts.

At first glance, scroll saws and band saws look the same. However, they differ in their function. The scroll saw is a special tool rather than a general woodworker tool.

The two saws differ in their functions, which should help you decide which one to use. Think about what you want to do with the saw, and then you will know which saw to buy.

Wood that is sawn with a band saw usually needs to be resanded to smooth it out. Scroll saws, on the other hand, produce smoother products. Be sure to choose the brand and size of saw that meets your needs.

Both the band saw and the scroll saw can be purchased as tabletop versions or on a stand. Have fun shopping!

David D. Hughes

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