January 24, 2022

Where to buy used CNC machines

Buying used CNC Machines

Buying second-hand CNC machines has advantages and disadvantages. Second-hand machines are affordable,  have more disadvantages than advantages. The problem comes with the warranty and guarantees on a used machine. 

These are limited and sometimes have no warranty. When spoiled, the repair can be more costly than buying a new machine and does not confirm how long it will work.

Updates and upgrades are not available to a second-hand used machine buyer. Continuous up-gradation in machinery increases durability, cost-effectiveness, working, and efficiency. CNC machines continuously need up-gradation in their tools such as spindles, monitors, cooling fans, wiring, control board, linear guide systems, tool changer, etc.

There are always chances of changing inside parts for an old machine. This can spoil its work in the long term. Once opened, CNC machines create problems after some time. Even when repaired,  there are higher chances for trouble in the future. 

However, used CNC machines have the quality of function. They are tried and tested and have easier machine maintenance and increased productivity. A new CNC machine comes with a warranty and guarantee and has a longer life than a used machine.

Ask the seller how often the CNC machine has received cleaning and routine maintenance and if possible, ask to see the proof of services performed. Like mileage on a used car, check the machine hours. They represent the amount of time spent by a machine working. 

How to find used CNC machines

If you are looking to purchase a CNC machine, finding a used model could save you a fortune, and often it’s a more economical choice. There are some important considerations to make before going ahead with your purchase. Below is a quick guide to help you in making your decision.


Craiglist is an American classified advertisements website with sections that also sell CNC machines, amongst other items. You are allowed to bid as CNC machines are for auction. There is a price already for the machine but due to competition, sometimes you have to bid well. The Maslow M2 CNC router is going for 1,100 (Source). 

The BobsCNC machine is going for 845. Craiglist uses multiple sellers, and they have their terms and conditions (Source). 


Gumtree gives you the search option to find a CNC machine of your choice. CNC ads in the Industrial Machinery section keep on popping so that you do not struggle to pick one. Gumtree for free online classified ads is for CNC machines. Both used and new machines are on Gumtree, and the choice is yours. Choose what suits your budget. Amongst the machines are DIY CNC machines such as the Sainsmart CNC engraver and laser for 848 (Source). You are allowed to make an offer.


eBay offers competitive prices for CNC machines. It offers low-budget machines for a slim budget. The CNC Nesting Machine CR1325ATC is one of the machines (Source). You need to contact them for a quote. It ensures maximum production and high accuracy.


Amazon has a DIY CNC Hardware that sells the machine for as little as 1000. The shipping price of the CNC Router Machine 4040-XE is 444.20, and it takes 14 to 28 days to deliver. 

That means you should order in time to avoid missing deadlines. The CNC machine is quite versatile as it engraves, cuts, and drills multiple materials such as wood, metal, MDF, acrylic, foam, resin, nylon, carbon fiber, and PC.


Look for quality used CNC milling machines on sale on the website and you can find used CNC milling machines from the most reliable suppliers in China. You have a wide range of CNC machines to choose from, from standard to more advanced machines, and pick what suits your needs and budget. 

When it comes to used machines such as MORI SEIKI NH 4000DCG CNC HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTER, you request a quote (Source). The response is quick, but it can be annoying to some clients. Take a look at the machine, get information on the features and specifications. Sometimes you would have wanted to check the price first to avoid wasting time on a product you do not afford.


The CNC machines come with precision, efficiency, and effectiveness. Do not settle for less, and your suppliers should be reliable. Do not accept anything less from the partners you rely on. Resell CNC sells used CNC machines you depend on every day. 

The purchasing process is made simple by removing the guesswork and giving you every detail. 1999 Miyano BNE-51S CNC Lathe is also available on the website (Source). Choose to make an offer or request a price. 


Before you choose to buy from certain suppliers, go through reviews. PremierEquipment.com is one of the well-known suppliers of quality CNC machines that gives you over 1000 options to choose from. It gives you all the available CNC machines and also uses other brands. The machine should be delivered as advertised. For the AGIECHARMILLES FORM 2000 VHP DIE-SINKING EDM – 2015,  you are required to ask for a quote (Source).


You have over 300 CNC machines on the platform and look at recent machines. CNC machines are into types depending on their area of specialty. These are lathes, grinders, and centers. BR16054 Haas VR-11 (5) Axis CNC Vertical Machining Centre is detailed and specific, but you need to ask for a quote (Source). 


Iy buys and sells a large variety of Industrial Machinery and Equipment. It focuses on CNC, fabrication, and process equipment. 10 KW JORDI LUX 6020 FIBRE LASER, 2021- 6′ X 20′, BRAND NEW is one of the products available at the moment (Source). Ask for a quote.

CNC forums

It is one of the largest selling platforms for CNC machinery, that focuses on hobbyist and professional machinery. The machinist offers CNC, wood router, metalworking, woodworking, cad, lathe machining, and manufacturing forum. Forums include Reddit, MYCNCUK, CNCdot.com, and many more. 

Facebook Marketplace

Multiple online marketplaces sell CNC machines. When looking for one, look for excellent service and high-quality CNC machines. The market has to provide technically-excellent products. The supplier has to offer full-service support in terms of parts and product warranties. Best performance should be your end goal.

Factors to consider before purchasing include delivery times, prices, guarantees, and warranties. Reliability and efficiency are qualities of a trustworthy supplier. For heads-up, go through reviews because numbers do not lie. Pure CNC Direct has high-end machines that cost as much as 47,000.

Make sure you watch out for scams.

Not all online sellers are legit, so watch out for scammers. Go through their pages and do not take too good to be true offers. Go through reviews and buy from reputable suppliers. Avoid buying from individuals. Do not entertain pop-up adverts with no business history. 

Make sure you get the right CNC machine

As you look for a machine, pay attention to detail, to avoid buying the wrong machine. Online shopping comes with its disadvantages and once you pick an item, you get what you chose, unlike in-store where you get to see the machine before buying. Pay attention to features, use, right name, and specifications. 

Test the machine before you buy it

When buying in-store, run a test of the machine. Test a few options to see if it is working. You cannot just take a word, and when not satisfied, you send it back for a more satisfactory machine.

Test the machine again before you take it home

Test the machine when you are still in the shop before they blade you for something. Some companies do not accept returns. Be safe than sorry and save your time as you avoid coming back.

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